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【新闻】达芬奇画作《救世主》的神秘买家引发猜测  Hunt for new master of record-breaking Da Vinci   2017-11-17 15:09
  The staggering price paid for the last Leonardo da Vinci painting in private hands has sparked a fevered hunt for the buyer — but so far the new owner’s identity remains as inscrutable as the smile on one of the artist’s other canvases.
  最后一件私人收藏的莱昂纳多•达芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci)画作以惊人价格成交,引发了外界对买家身份的狂热探寻,但到目前为止新主人的身份仍像这位艺术家另一幅作品中的微笑一样神秘。

【商业】辉山乳业准备临时清盘  Huishan Dairy prepares for provisional liquidation   2017-11-17 14:53
  China Huishan Dairy, the troubled company whose shares dove 85 per cent in March, is preparing for provisional liquidation after it found net liabilities in China may have totalled Rmb10.5bn ($1.6bn) at that time.
  中国的辉山乳业(Huishan Dairy)正准备进行临时清盘。此前,该公司发现今年3月其在中国大陆的净负债有可能达105亿元人民币(合16亿美元)。

【生活】智能美容镜 诚实告诉你有多“丑”  Brutally honest 'smart' mirror tells you how UGLY you look by revealing how many   2017-11-17 14:11
  Looking in the mirror can be disconcerting at the best of times - and it's about to get a lot worse.

【经济】穆迪上调印度主权评级  Moody’s upgrades India’s sovereign credit rating   2017-11-17 12:45
  Moody’s has upgraded India’s sovereign rating on expectations of continued progress for economic and institutional reforms.

【经济】中行巴黎分行发行15亿美元“气候债券”  Bank of China Paris branch sells triple-currency ‘climate bond’   2017-11-17 10:44
  Bank of China’s Paris branch priced a triple-currency “climate bond” worth $1.5bn on Thursday, the bank’s third green bond issued to international markets over the last 18 months.

【健康】你吃的零食健康吗?来看零食健康排行榜  7 snack foods, ranked by how unhealthy they are   2017-11-17 09:00
  7. Trail mix

【生活】素食主义的谎言与真相  Myths and facts about veganism   2017-11-17 07:16
  Back in the 1940s, it was a lifestyle in search of a name. “Dairyban” did not quite cut it, neither did “vitan” or “benevore”. In the end, six early adherents, including Donald Watson, the British animal rights campaigner, settled on “vegan” to describe their philosophy — that animals should not be exploited for food or any other purpose — and founded the Vegan Society.
  上世纪40年代,对素食主义者而言,找个合适的名字不是件容易之事。“Dairyban”不太契合,“vitan”或者“benevore”也不好。最终,包括英国动物权利活动家唐纳德•沃森(Donald Watson)在内的6名早期坚持素食的人士,决定用“vegan”(纯素主义者)来形容他们的这一生活信条——不应为得到食物或其他任何目的压榨动物——并成立了“纯素食协会”(Vegan Society)。

【新闻】逾25个国家和地区承诺2030年淘汰燃煤电厂  Coal’s days numbered as countries pledge to end use   2017-11-17 07:16
  The global shift away from coal gained momentum on Thursday as more than 25 countries and regions pledged to stop using the fuel in power generation by 2030.

【新闻】沙特向腐败嫌疑人提供“交钱换自由”选项  Saudi authorities offer freedom deals to princes and businessmen   2017-11-17 07:16
  Saudi authorities are negotiating settlements with princes and businessmen held over allegations of corruption, offering deals for the detainees to pay for their freedom, say people briefed on the discussions.

【商业】融创再度向乐视输送紧急资金  Sunac throws another lifeline to cash-strapped LeEco   2017-11-17 07:16
  Sunac, the property developer, has added to worries it is overcommitting capital by extending another loan to LeEco, the struggling tech company.

【科技】谷歌们的人工智能雄心:让A.I.创造A.I.  Building A.I. That Can Build A.I.   2017-11-17 02:17
  They are a dream of researchers but perhaps a nightmare for highly skilled computer programmers: artificially intelligent machines that can build other artificially intelligent machines.

【文化】涨知识!英国法官和律师的白色假发原来大有来头  Why Do British Lawyers Still Wear Wigs?   2017-11-16 17:20
  In England wigs remain an important part of formal courtroom attire for judges and barristers — the term there for lawyers.

【商业】大众宣布将在中国投资100亿欧元生产新能源汽车  Volkswagen announces $11.8bn electric vehicle plan in China   2017-11-16 17:10
  Volkswagen will invest €10bn ($11.8bn) to develop new energy vehicles within China by 2025, its China head announced Thursday.

【经济】2017年前10个月中国对外投资同比下降近41%  China outbound investment down nearly 41% in 2017   2017-11-16 16:55
  China’s outbound non-financial investment fell 40.9 per cent during the ten months through October, according to official figures, reflecting the enduring impact of strict capital controls.

【科技】腾讯“三个百亿计划”重金打造用户内容平台  Tencent plans $3bn drive to ramp up YouTube-style content   2017-11-16 14:54
  Tencent has grown into a company with a stock market capitalisation of $470bn by building a social media platform that combines messaging, payments and other apps. Now it is taking a step into the world of YouTube, earmarking billions of dollars to amass a catalogue of user-generated content.

【生活】尴尬了!库克祝贺澳大利亚同性婚姻公投 却错用新西兰国旗     2017-11-16 13:54
  Australians have overwhelmingly voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage in a historic poll.

【新闻】达芬奇画作《救世主》售出4.5亿美元创拍卖纪录  Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi sells for $450m   2017-11-16 12:02
  The last Da Vinci in private hands sold for $450m on Wednesday evening after a fevered, 19-minute long round of bidding at Christie’s in Manhattan. It is believed to be the most expensive piece of art ever sold.

【新闻】德里受雾霾重击 连抗霾直升机也被打败  Delhi's smog-fighting helicopters can't fly – because of smog   2017-11-16 09:01
  An ambitious plan to use helicopters to fight Delhi’s air pollution has been grounded because the aircraft cannot operate in the thick smog, underscoring growing frustration at authorities’ inability to address the toxic haze engulfing the city.

【经济】量化宽松没错  Unusual times call for unusual strategies from central banks   2017-11-16 07:14
  A war is being waged against the central banks. Its focus is the policies they adopted in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2007-09 and the eurozone crisis that followed, especially quantitative easing or “large-scale asset purchases”. But complaints are also made against negative interest rates and even just low rates. These protests could cripple the ability of central banks to respond effectively to the next recession, let alone another crisis.

【经济】别让全球复苏夭折  Act now to protect the recovery   2017-11-16 07:14
  Sometimes a few fractions of one percentage point make all the difference.

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