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【教育】清华这条宣传片火了!家里第一个大学生,意味着什么?     2019-06-15 09:00
  What does it mean to become the first university student in your family in China? In its 2019 promo video From One to Infinity, Tsinghua University answered this question by gathering its students who happened to be the first university student in their families.

【新闻】全球交通拥堵排行榜出炉 北京排第三十位  The World's Worst Cities For Traffic Congestion   2019-06-14 13:46
  Dutch navigation technology company TomTom has released the results of its latest Traffic Index which provides statistics and information about congestion levels in 403 cities across 56 countries and regions.

【新闻】菲律宾指中国船只撞沉其渔船,南海争端再起波澜  Sinking of Philippine Boat Puts South China Sea Back at Issue   2019-06-14 10:31
  MANILA — Tensions in the disputed South China Sea ratcheted up on Thursday as the Philippine government protested the sinking of a Filipino boat by a Chinese fishing vessel, which left 22 Filipino fishermen floating at sea before they were rescued by a Vietnamese boat.

【教育】对于大学生活你最怀念的是什么?来看看网友的真实想法  Adults reveal what they miss the most about college   2019-06-14 08:52
  Being able to sleep at all hours of the day.

【新闻】反“送中”抗议与一场“猫抓老鼠”的信息战  A Digital Cat-and-Mouse Battle Between Police and Protesters in Hong Kong   2019-06-14 05:27
  SHANGHAI — As protesters in Hong Kong retreated from police lines in the heart of the city’s business district, a new assault quietly began.

【新闻】香港警方被批对抗议者过度使用武力  Hong Kong Police Face Criticism Over Force Used at Protests   2019-06-14 03:44
  HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s security forces faced widespread criticism on Thursday over the tear gas and rubber bullets that local police used a day earlier to suppress tens of thousands of people demonstrating against an unpopular bill that would allow extraditions to mainland China.

【体育】将环保进行到底  东京奥运会领奖台将由回收塑料垃圾制成  Step up: Tokyo Olympics podiums made of discarded plastic   2019-06-13 13:53
  Tokyo Olympics organizers earlier announced their gold, silver, and bronze medals would be made of discarded electronic devices. Now they are going a step further.

【商业】面对《逃犯条例》,香港商界的沉默与担忧  As Protesters Fill Hong Kong’s Streets, Businesses Are Alarmed, Too   2019-06-13 10:56
  HONG KONG — As tens of thousands of protesters returned to Hong Kong’s streets on Wednesday to speak out against a proposed law that would allow extraditions to mainland China, one prominent voice has been largely silent: big business.

【新闻】香港示威抗议继续,《逃犯条例》二读推迟  Hong Kong Residents Block Roads to Protest Extradition Bill   2019-06-13 08:57

【新闻】为了劝人们少用塑料袋 这位杂货店主给塑料袋印上尴尬字眼  Grocery store urges customers to rethink plastic with embarrassing bags   2019-06-13 08:51
  If concern over the climate crisis or revulsion over the contamination of the food chain are not enough to change consumer behavior, one grocery store is hoping that another emotion may persuade people to shun single-use plastic bags: shame.

【新闻】担忧人权问题,新西兰法院驳回向中国引渡嫌犯决定  New Zealand Court, Blocking Extradition, Is Latest to Rebuke China’s Judiciary   2019-06-13 08:22
  WELLINGTON, New Zealand — A New Zealand court on Tuesday blocked a murder suspect’s extradition to China, the latest repudiation of a Chinese legal system under Communist Party control.

【商业】贸易战阴影下的美国旅游业:中国游客去哪儿了?  As Trade War With U.S. Grinds On, Chinese Tourists Stay Away   2019-06-13 02:43
  A new battlefront has opened in the trade war between the United States and China: the $1.6 trillion American travel industry.

【新闻】坐着吃饭比站着香?要想减肥请站着吃饭  Posture impacts how you perceive your food   2019-06-12 13:37
  Summertime is often filled with outdoor parties and food trucks, meaning you're spending more time standing up and eating. But if you want to actually enjoy your meal, researchers say you're better off finding a seat.

【科技】华为高管接受英国议会质询,称公司为“独立企业”  Huawei Tells Parliament It’s No Security Threat, Aiming to Avoid a Ban   2019-06-12 10:09
  LONDON — A Huawei executive defended the company’s security practices in the face of tough questioning from members of the British Parliament on Monday, as the Chinese technology giant seeks to contain an American-led effort to ban it around the world.

【科技】用餐时交出手机就能获赠免费披萨 这家店已送出50张大披萨!  Restaurant offers free pizza to customers who lock away their smartphones   2019-06-12 08:53
  Curry Pizza Company, a pizza place in Fresno, California, is offering customers a “Talk to Each Other Discount”, which requires customers to agree to have their smartphones locked up while they are in the restaurant and simply talk to each other during their meal. The discount is only applicable to groups of four people or more, all of whom must be carrying a working smartphone. If they qualify for the offer, diners will receive a free large pizza that they can enjoy on their next visit, or, if they’re in a giving mood, donate to the homeless in downtown Fresno.

【新闻】制衡中国影响力,澳大利亚军事重心转回太平洋  As China Looms, Australia’s Military Refocuses on Pacific Neighbors   2019-06-12 06:49
  SYDNEY, Australia — For years, the graduating classes of Australia’s military training programs studied Dari and Pashto, the languages of distant war-torn lands, eschewing the Bahasa and the Pijin of Asia-Pacific nations close to home.

【新闻】专家称日本网红眼药水有健康风险,你还敢用吗?  Experts warn of health risk from Japanese eye drops popular in China   2019-06-11 13:35
  Six types of Japanese eye drops that are popular in China have been blacklisted in Canada after health authorities there analyzed the ingredients. Experts warned that their long-term use might cause damage to the eyes.

【商业】白宫高级预算官员呼吁推迟华为禁令  Delay in Huawei Ban Is Sought by White House Budget Office   2019-06-11 12:45
  WASHINGTON — The acting budget chief for the White House has called for a two-year delay of part of a federal measure that is aimed at Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telecom giant.

【新闻】大热天不知道该选什么口味的冰淇淋?不如参考下你的星座吧  What ice cream flavor you should eat, based on your zodiac sign   2019-06-11 08:53

【新闻】林郑月娥拒绝就《逃犯条例》让步,称将推动修订  Hong Kong Leader Says She Won’t Back Down on Bill That Provoked Huge Protest   2019-06-11 04:06
  HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, said Monday that she had no intention of withdrawing contentious legislation that would allow extraditions to mainland China, despite hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating against it the day before.

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