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【生活】老外亲述:为啥中国人这么喜欢用数字?     2019-02-12 13:48
  As a newly minted Beijinger, there were certain things my brain quickly scrambled to make room for: the exact time I needed to leave home in the mornings to avoid being squashed into human dumpling filling on the rush-hour subway ride; the location of the best spots for mala xiang guo (a stir-fried version of hot pot); and to never, ever attempt eating a soup dumpling by putting it straight into your mouth (poke and slurp, people!).

【新闻】这个售价650美元的“思考箱”在推特上火了!里面都有啥?  Online store sells $650 “Thought Box” that you put over your head to just th   2019-02-12 08:46
  With open offices being so popular these days and distractions pretty much everywhere you look, it can be difficult to find a personal space to gather your thoughts. But with the Thought Box, a $650 cardboard and fabric box that you put over your head, you can enjoy some personal place anywhere.

【娱乐】翟天临人设崩塌?来看看国内外娱乐圈的真学霸!     2019-02-11 13:49

【文化】想和英国人愉快地玩耍?这些礼节要记牢!  11 etiquette rules you need to know before visiting the UK   2019-02-11 08:56

【电影】《流浪地球》:中国电影业加入“太空竞赛”  China’s Film Industry Finally Joins the Space Race   2019-02-11 05:57
  BEIJING — China was a latecomer to space exploration, and in the movies, it has been a latecomer to science fiction, too. That is about to change.

【新闻】华为在欧发起反击:要求捷克撤回安全威胁警告  Huawei Threatens Lawsuit Against Czech Republic After Security Warning   2019-02-11 02:44
  PRAGUE — In an attempt to push back against attempts to limit its reach in Europe, the Chinese technology giant Huawei threatened legal action against the Czech Republic if its cybersecurity agency did not rescind its warning about the risk the company poses to the nation’s critical infrastructure.

【生活】你今天me time了吗?  Traveling alone   2019-02-11
  If you’ve ever traveled with other people, chances are you’ve had to make compromises. When you want to get up early to watch the sunrise, for example, your friends may argue that getting enough sleep is more important. And when you want to try the exotic food, your friends might say it looks weird and drag you to a Chinese restaurant instead.

【书籍】细数外国文学作品中的猪 哪一只最让你难忘?  Five of the best pigs in literature   2019-02-10 08:00
  Animal Farm by George Orwell

【电影】外媒评《流浪地球》:看到了异于西方大片的价值观     2019-02-09 09:23

【美食】春节必吃的10种甜点  Top 10 Chinese New Year desserts   2019-02-08 09:30
  1. rice cake

【新闻】梅姨给你拜年啦!来听英国首相的新春祝福     2019-02-07 09:37
  The fireworks are being prepared. The red envelopes are being filled. And, around the world, hundreds of millions of people are coming together to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

【生活】婚前必问的12个问题 技术性排除潜在婚姻问题  Twelve questions to ask before getting married   2019-02-06 09:00
  1. Did your family throw plates, calmly discuss issues or silently shut down when disagreements arose?

【生活】新年到!属猪的人本命年运势怎么样?  The Year of the Pig: Personality and fortune   2019-02-05 09:00

【娱乐】看了这么多年春晚,这些关于春晚的冷知识你知道吗?  Fun facts about China's Spring Festival Gala   2019-02-04 09:00
  As one of the most-watched programs in China, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala has been an integral part of the Chinese New Year rituals. From the television era to the digital age, people's expectations always run high for the event.

【娱乐】今年春节,要这样发表情包!  How to meme during the Spring Festival holiday   2019-02-03 12:40
  Type one: Fending off awkard family questions

【美食】像当地人一样吃饭:盘点10个国家的餐厅礼仪  10 pieces of restaurant etiquette from around the world   2019-02-03 08:27

【电影】最强“春节档”  猪年贺岁电影你会pick哪一部?  Nine films battling it out for Chinese New Year supremacy in China’s cinemas   2019-02-02 14:18
  Chinese New Year is a golden period for film releases in China, with distributors falling over themselves to fight for the limited cinema slots. Last year, China’s box office took in more than 5.5 billion yuan in ticket sales in the first week of Chinese New Year.

【生活】2019年12生肖运势预测:猪年会不会走好运呢?  From money to love, here's what your Chinese zodiac says you should expect t   2019-02-02 08:55

【新闻】赴美生子风潮有增无减,美国打击生育旅游  3 Arrested in Crackdown on Multimillion-Dollar ‘Birth Tourism’ Businesses   2019-02-01 03:48
  Three people who operated multimillion-dollar birth-tourism businesses in Southern California were arrested Thursday in the biggest federal criminal probe ever to target the thriving industry, in which pregnant women come to the United States to give birth so their children will become American citizens.

【商业】阿里巴巴营收增长放缓  Alibaba, an Icon of China’s Growth, Now Reflects Its Slowdown   2019-01-31 10:32
  SHANGHAI — Alibaba became one of the world’s biggest internet companies thanks to the growing wealth and online shopping habits of Chinese consumers. Now, as China’s economy slows, it has become a symbol of their new sense of caution.

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