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【新闻】儿童变“侏儒”?东京奥运前夕官方集中清理令人崩溃的 “日式英语”  Japan calls for fix to odd translations amid tourist influx   2019-04-15 13:37

【新闻】澳大利亚维族穆斯林呼吁政府向中国施压  In Australia, Muslims Call for Pressure on China Over Missing Relatives   2019-04-15 10:14
  ADELAIDE, Australia — Growing up as a member of the Uighur ethnic group in China’s far west, Farhad Habibullah never felt that his people were oppressed by the state. He came from a family of Communist Party loyalists, part of an elite segment of Uighur society celebrated by the party as model minority members.
  澳大利亚阿德莱德——作为生活在中国西部偏远地区的维吾尔族,法尔哈德·哈比布拉(Farhad Habibullah)在成长过程中从未觉得族人受到了国家的压迫。他来自一个对共产党忠诚的家庭,属于维吾尔族社会的精英阶层,被共产党誉为少数民族的模范成员。

【电影】权游最终季:谁是最后赢家?粉丝一起来猜猜猜  Fans reveal who they believe will ultimately win 'Game of Thrones'   2019-04-15 08:30
  "Game of Thrones" is winding down with its eighth and final season, which means the power struggle the HBO series is named for may soon have a declared winner.

【新闻】“熊猫外交”:丹麦2400万美元熊猫馆惹争议  ‘Panda Diplomacy’: A $24 Million Zoo Enclosure Angers Some   2019-04-15 05:01
  COPENHAGEN — It was designed by Bjarke Ingels, the renowned Danish architect, and cost $24 million to build. It was inaugurated by Queen Margrethe II, Denmark’s reigning monarch. And it now accommodates a celebrity couple with peculiar eating habits and an almost year-round animosity toward each other.
  哥本哈根——它由丹麦著名建筑师比亚克·英格尔(Bjarke Ingels)设计,斥资2400万美元建造。由丹麦女王玛格丽特二世(Queen Margrethe II)揭幕。那里现在住着一对有着特殊饮食习惯的名人夫妇,双方几乎一年到头都对彼此怀有敌意。

【新闻】“超级真菌”在美爆发,致死率高达60%,中国已确认18例     2019-04-14 09:00
  C.auris is so tenacious, in part, because it is impervious to major antifungal medications, making it a new example of one of the world’s most intractable health threats: the rise of drug-resistant infections.

【健康】不显示数字的体重秤有助于减肥?     2019-04-13 09:00
  The scale of the future does not have numbers or dials. It won't even tell you how much you weigh. It doesn't have a screen to display your weight because, if you ask behavioral economist at Duke University Dan Ariely, weight is a metric of the past.
  未来的体重秤没有数字和表盘,不会告诉你有多重,甚至它连显示体重的屏幕都没有。如果你想知道原因的话,杜克大学的行为经济学家Dan Ariely会告诉你,体重只是一个关于过去的测量数值。

【生活】养狗和养猫,哪家主人更幸福?科学家这样回答  Dog owners are much happier than cat owners, survey finds   2019-04-12 13:34
  In 2018, the General Social Survey for the first time included a battery of questions on pet ownership. The findings not only quantified the nation’s pet population — nearly 6 in 10 households have at least one —they made it possible to see how pet ownership overlaps with all sorts of factors of interest to social scientists.

【时尚】今年春天这10种时尚潮流将无处不在!  10 fashion trends you can expect to see everything this spring   2019-04-12 08:45
  Tie-dye is back.

【新闻】有关默多克的全球媒体帝国,你应该知道的六件事  6 Takeaways From The Times’s Investigation Into Rupert Murdoch and His Family   2019-04-12 06:35
  Rupert Murdoch, the founder of a global media empire that includes Fox News, has said he “never asked a prime minister for anything.”
  缔造了包括福克斯新闻(Fox News)在内的全球媒体帝国的鲁珀特·默多克(Rupert Murdoch)曾说他“从未向一个首相提过任何要求”。

【新闻】泄密者、自封的政治难民:阿桑奇的争议人生  Assange: A Self-Proclaimed Foe of Secrecy Who Inspires Both Admiration and Fury   2019-04-12 06:15
  The shaky video clips of Julian Assange’s arrest flashed around the world Thursday, the white-bearded prophet of the age of leaks being hauled by unsmiling security officers to a gray van marked Police.
  朱利安·阿桑奇(Julian Assange)周四被捕的场面被晃动的视频捕捉下来,迅速在全球范围内传播。这位蓄着白胡子的泄密时代先知,被面无笑容的安保人员拖上了一辆带有“警察”字样的灰色面包车。

【商业】美财长:中美就贸易协议执行机制基本达成一致  As U.S. and China Near Trade Deal, Enforcement Is Key   2019-04-12 03:22
  WASHINGTON — As the United States and China edge closer to a trade agreement, the ability to reach a final deal is coming down to a central question: Will Beijing live up to its promises?

【新闻】台湾女子左眼飞入四只蜜蜂,取出时仍活着  Four Bees Living in Her Eye, Feeding on Her Tears   2019-04-12 02:16
  HONG KONG — First came their fuzzy feet.

【科技】人类首次“看见”黑洞  原来它长这样!  First ever black hole image released   2019-04-11 13:47
  Astronomers have taken the first ever image of a black hole, which is located in a distant galaxy.

【旅游】谋杀、性侵……女性独身旅行者的恐怖经历  Adventurous. Alone. Attacked.   2019-04-11 11:07
  Carla Stefaniak did everything “right,” her best friend said.
  卡拉·斯特凡尼亚克(Carla Stefaniak)的做法都“正确”,她最要好的朋友说。

【新闻】哈里王子的宝宝出生后 美国可以向英国王室征税了  The US tax dilemma facing Meghan, Harry and the royal baby   2019-04-11 08:53
  As first-time parents-to-be, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have plenty to worry about already -- but thanks to the US tax system, there could be one more thing keeping Harry and Meghan and their new baby awake at night.

【新闻】华人按摩女死后:她的亲人和法拉盛经历了什么  He Blames the Police for His Sister’s Death. Now He’s Bringing Her Home.   2019-04-11 03:51
  A long-limbed man carrying a black bag moved with purpose through the morning bustle of Flushing, Queens. He walked into the hush of the Chun Fook funeral home and down the marble steps to where the paperwork of death is handled.


【新闻】工作996生病ICU  互联网公司加班成行规惹争议  Abusive work schedules in tech industry under fire   2019-04-10 13:54
  Activists are calling for more supervision over labor exploitation in an online crusade spearheaded by software developers against the so-called 996 work schedule, which is widely practiced in China's tech industry.

【商业】中国拟限制比特币,加密货币挖矿或成“淘汰产业”  China, a Major Bitcoin Source, Considers Moving Against It   2019-04-10 12:16
   HONG KONG — China is planning new steps that could put a stop to making Bitcoin there, a move that could cut off one of the world’s largest sources of the popular but unstable cryptocurrency.

【新闻】湖南一小学发生持刀袭击事件,两名学生死亡  Knife Attack at Chinese Elementary School Leaves Two Children Dead   2019-04-10 10:53
  BEIJING — A man wielding a knife killed two students and injured two others at an elementary school in central China on Wednesday, according to the local authorities.

【文化】梅根王妃其实名叫瑞秋?来看看明星的“真名”都叫啥  The surprising middle names of celebrities   2019-04-10 09:01

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