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【生活】办公室里最让人分心的是什么?同事聊天排第二,第一是……  The most disruptive office distractions, ranked   2019-05-15 09:03
  Of all the distractions that come with working in an office, the biggest is not the room temperature or the traffic sounds from outside. It’s ourselves.

【健康】因苦恼自身形象,1/8英国成年人曾想过自杀  One in eight UK adults have suicidal thoughts over body image – poll   2019-05-14 13:37
  Millions of British adults have experienced suicidal thoughts or emotions because of concerns about their body image, a survey shows.

【新闻】中国崛起如何撬动美澳传统同盟  Australia and the U.S. Are Old Allies. China’s Rise Changes the Equation.   2019-05-14 11:11
  SYDNEY, Australia — To understand why the Trump administration has struggled to build a global coalition of allies in its trade war with China, it helps to understand what is happening in the rolling hills and valleys of Australia’s southeast and southwest coasts.

【商业】中国采取报复措施,提高对美关税  China Retaliates Against the U.S. With Its Own Higher Tariffs   2019-05-14 09:23
  BEIJING — China’s finance ministry announced on Monday evening that it was raising tariffs on a wide range of American goods to 20 percent or 25 percent from 10 percent, in the first Chinese move to retaliate over President Trump’s broader increase in tariffs on Chinese goods last Friday.

【科技】研究发现:城里的树长得快但死得早  Trees in cities 'live fast but die young' compared to rural forests   2019-05-14 08:55
  Trees in cities 'live fast but die young' compared to rural forests, warns a new study.

【时尚】杀手包、饺子包……这些奢侈品手袋的昵称是怎么来的?  The killer, the piglet, and other nicknames Chinese shoppers are giving luxury h   2019-05-13 14:21
  China’s appetite for fashion is mostly focused on foreign labels, especially when it comes to luxury handbags. But the carefully considered titles that image-conscious luxury brands give their bags aren’t necessarily how China’s shoppers refer to them.

【商业】研究发现:55岁是当领导的黄金年龄  Scientifically, this is the best age for you to lead   2019-05-13 08:53
  Aging isn’t only a downhill journey. While some of our mental faculties almost always decline over time, other cognitive abilities can stay the same, or even improve, scientists have discovered. The overall balance of these losses and gains means that for most people, the ideal time to tackle leadership roles is in their mid-50s, according to Darlene Howard, a psychologist emerita at Georgetown University.

【商业】中美贸易谈判的棘手问题:产业补贴  U.S.-China Trade Talks Stumble on Beijing’s Spending at Home   2019-05-13 08:18
  BEIJING — One year ago, when he began a multibillion-dollar trade war with China that shook the global economy, President Trump demanded that Beijing end lavish government spending aimed at making the country a world power in computer chips, robotics, commercial aircraft and other industries of the future.

【教育】大学申请书选登:修理管道教给我的事  Trash, the Library and a Worn, Brown Table: The 2019 College Essays on Money   2019-05-13 05:41
  Each year, we ask high school seniors to submit college application essays they’ve written about work, money, social class and related topics. 


【教育】大学申请书选登:就算洗盘子,也要靠学习改变命运  Trash, the Library and a Worn, Brown Table: The 2019 College Essays on Money   2019-05-13 05:33
  Each year, we ask high school seniors to submit college application essays they’ve written about work, money, social class and related topics. Here are five that moved us.


【新闻】《逃犯条例》引冲突,香港立法会上演“全武行”  Havoc in Hong Kong Legislature Over Extradition Bill   2019-05-13 01:11
  HONG KONG — Anger over a proposal that would let people suspected of crimes be extradited to mainland China led to pandemonium in Hong Kong’s legislature on Saturday, as lawmakers scuffled and at least one was carried out of the chamber on a stretcher.

【教育】科学家称玩嗨了有助于学习,网友:我读书少别骗我     2019-05-12 09:00

【商业】纸币印错单词 澳大利亚央行称不影响“使用”  Australia's central bank takes 'responsibilty' for note typo   2019-05-10 13:56
  Millions of A$50 banknotes in Australia have an embarrassing typographical error that was overlooked by the country’s central bank before they were printed and circulated.

【科技】美司法部起诉两名中国黑客,控其入侵美保险公司  Two From China Are Charged in 2014 Anthem Data Breach   2019-05-10 11:42
  SAN FRANCISCO — The Justice Department unsealed an indictment of two Chinese nationals on Thursday, charging them with the 2014 hack of the insurance company Anthem and attacks on three other, unnamed American businesses the next year.

【商业】反击美国关税,中国有哪些选择?  Trump Could Raise Tariffs on China. Here’s How China Could Respond.   2019-05-10 10:22
  A week ago, the United States and China looked as if they were going to reach a deal to end their trade war. Today, they are trying to salvage their many months of negotiations.

【生活】不舍爱宠离去?不如把骨灰做成玻璃纪念品  Ashes of people’s beloved pets turned into glass replica paws   2019-05-10 08:56
  Losing a loved one, either human or animal, is one of the hardest experiences you’ll face in life. To help keep the memories alive many of us like to have a physical reminder to keep close at hand, something beautiful and meaningful that contains the essence of a friend departed.

【旅游】游客太多不堪重负  荷兰不再推广旅游  'We must act now': Netherlands tries to control tourism boom   2019-05-09 14:06
  Dutch tourism bosses will try to limit the number of foreign visitors as the land of tulips and windmills complains of overcrowding.

【科技】与消失和遗忘斗争:它们帮助时报记者报道中国  Capturing What’s Online in China Before It Vanishes   2019-05-09 10:36
  How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Raymond Zhong, a technology reporter based in Beijing, discussed the tech he’s using.
  《纽约时报》记者如何在工作和个人生活中使用科技?从事科技领域报道的驻北京记者钟旻(Raymond Zhong)在下面讨论了他使用的科技。

【新闻】菲律宾小镇立法禁止八卦 违者罚款还要捡垃圾  Filipino town bans gossip in bid to stop rumors from spreading   2019-05-09 08:59
  Authorities in Binalonan, a small Filipino town about 200 kilometres north of Manila, have made gossiping illegal under a new local law aimed at preventing rumors from spreading within the community.

【文化】一场粤剧“荒唐梦”:特朗普“遇上”毛泽东  A Trump Bump for Hong Kong’s Last Commercial Cantonese Opera Theater   2019-05-09 07:24
  HONG KONG — Three stories of billboards alongside the Sunbeam Theater in Hong Kong were filled with images of performers in heavily painted faces and ornate headdresses.

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