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【新闻】为了满足中国人的胃 马来西亚棕榈油巨头都改种榴莲了……  Malaysia bets on durian as China goes bananas for world's smelliest fruit   2018-12-03 13:50
  The stinky, spiky durian is set to become Malaysia’s next major export as the Southeast Asian nation rushes to develop thousands of acres to cash in on unprecedented demand for the fruit from China.
  闻起来有点臭、满身带刺的榴莲将成为马来西亚的下一个主要出口产品,马来西亚正在大规模种植榴莲, 面积达数千英亩,希望从中国对榴莲前所未有的旺盛需求中赚取利润。

【文化】BBC推荐:12月最值得一看的5部电影  Five films to watch in December   2018-12-03 08:54
  Ben is Back

【生活】邓紫棋入选BBC百大女性!  Loud and proud   2018-12-03
  Over the last two months many wonderful things have happened to Hong Kong pop singer Gloria Tang Tsz-kei, better known by her stage name.

【新闻】日本千万套房产免费送,但还是有人不想要?  Japan is GIVING AWAY abandoned homes and selling others dirt-cheap because super   2018-11-30 13:47
  Japan is giving away homes or selling them at heavily discounted prices amid a growing number of abandoned properties.

【新闻】基因编辑婴儿争议发酵,中国暂停贺建奎科研活动  China Halts Work by Scientist Who Says He Edited Babies’ Genes   2018-11-30 12:06
  BEIJING — China said on Thursday that it had suspended the work of a scientist who claims to have created the world’s first genetically edited babies, saying his conduct appeared to be unethical and in violation of Chinese law.

【书籍】《使女的故事》明年要出小说续集 有没有很期待?  Margaret Atwood to write Handmaid's Tale sequel inspired by modern America   2018-11-30 09:04
  Margaret Atwood is writing a sequel to her novel The Handmaid's Tale, inspired by the state of the modern world.

【教育】现在起,起侮辱性绰号也算校园欺凌了!  Knifing with a name   2018-11-30
  Many people are given nicknames. Sometimes, a nickname can be a sign of affection, but at other times being given a name isn’t fun at all. In fact, it’s a nightmare.

【娱乐】外媒: 杭州致力打造世界电竞之都  Hangzhou is investing in becoming the esports capital of the world   2018-11-29 13:25
  Hangzhou, China is a tourism hotspot with scenic lakes, thousand-year-old temples, and now a brand new esports town complex spanning 3.94 million square feet. (That’s the size of about 68 football fields.)

【新闻】斯诺登逃亡香港期间的律师称自己被迫离港  Lawyer for Snowden in Hong Kong Says He Left City Under Pressure   2018-11-29 11:26
   HONG KONG — A human rights lawyer who represented the former N.S.A. contractor Edward J. Snowden when he fled to Hong Kong says pressure from the local authorities, the bar association and legal aid groups have made it impossible for him to keep working in the semiautonomous Chinese city.
  香港——曾为逃到香港的美国国家安全局(National Security Agency,简称NSA)前承包商雇员爱德华·J·斯诺登(Edward J. Snowden)担任代理律师的人权律师说,来自地方当局、律师协会和法律援助组织的压力,让他无法继续在这个半自治的中国城市工作下去。

【新闻】河北张家口化工厂附近发生爆炸,数十人伤亡  Explosion Near Chemical Plant in China Kills at Least 22   2018-11-29 09:20
  BEIJING — An explosion near a large chemical plant in northern China late Tuesday killed at least 22 people and left 22 others injured, officials said, adding to the string of deadly accidents in the country’s vast industrial sector.

【健康】为减少肥胖儿童 伦敦交通系统将全面封杀垃圾食品广告  Junk food advertising will be banned across London's public transport next y   2018-11-29 08:59
  A ban on junk food advertising across London's public transport system will be introduced on February 25.

【新闻】“我非常自豪”:贺建奎为基因编辑婴儿实验辩护  Chinese Scientist Who Says He Edited Babies’ Genes Defends His Work   2018-11-29 05:56
  A Chinese scientist who claims to have created the world’s first genetically edited babies said at a conference on Wednesday that his actions were safe and ethical, and he asserted that he was proud of what he had done. But many other scientists seemed highly skeptical, with a conference organizer calling his actions irresponsible.

【文化】《摘金奇缘》如何掀起好莱坞亚裔风暴?  Hollywood Asians   2018-11-29
  When it comes to Hollywood’s most popular movies, the ones that come to mind are action or sci-fi blockbusters. But Crazy Rich Asians, a funny romance story which will come out in China on Nov 30, has become “one of the biggest cinema stories of the year”, Screen Daily website noted.

【人物】童年记忆!“海绵宝宝”之父史蒂芬·海伦伯格去世  SpongeBob SquarePants creator Stephen Hillenburg dies aged 57   2018-11-28 14:05
  SpongeBob SquarePants creator Stephen Hillenburg has died at the age of 57.

【生活】在整容和化妆盛行的韩国,她们渴望改变  South Korea Loves Plastic Surgery and Makeup. Some Women Want to Change That.   2018-11-28 11:30
  SEOUL, South Korea — Kim Ji-yeon knew she wanted plastic surgery when she was 7. For the next 13 years, she destroyed photos of herself until her parents paid for double jaw surgery, a procedure that requires breaking the jaw to realign it.
  韩国首尔——金志妍(Kim Ji-yeon,音)7岁时就知道她要做整形手术。在接下来的13年里,她不断毁掉自己的照片,直到她的父母出钱让她做了双颌手术,这是一种需要将颌骨切断然后调整位置的手术。

【科技】中国科学家宣布世界首例基因编辑婴儿诞生  Chinese Scientist Claims to Use Crispr to Make First Genetically Edited Babies   2018-11-28 09:40
  Ever since scientists created the powerful gene editing technique Crispr, they have braced apprehensively for the day when it would be used to create a genetically altered human being. Many nations banned such work, fearing it could be misused to alter everything from eye color to I.Q.

【教育】词典网站Dictionary.com年度词汇:misinformation  Dictionary.com chooses 'misinformation' as its word of the year   2018-11-28 08:56
  Dictionary.com announced 'misinformation' as its word of the year for 2018 on Monday.

【新闻】杜嘉班纳的溃败  The Crash and Burn of Dolce & Gabbana   2018-11-28 01:25
  Yesterday, Xiang Kai, a director and writer based in Shanghai, burned more than $20,000 worth of Dolce & Gabbana products, including coats, a vest and bags. A previous fan of the brand, he said he also threw his shoes and watches from the label in the trash.
  昨天,家住上海的导演兼作家向凯烧掉了价值超过2万美元的杜嘉班纳(Dolce & Gabbana)产品,包括外套、背心和包。他以前是这个品牌的粉丝,他说自己还把这个品牌的鞋子和手表扔进了垃圾箱。

【体育】武大靖再度刷新世界纪录夺冠!  Skating into the record books   2018-11-28
  Earlier this year, he became the first Chinese man to win an Olympic short track gold medal.

【健康】首例免疫艾滋病基因编辑婴儿诞生 深圳启动伦理问题调查  Investigation follows claims of first gene-edited babies   2018-11-27 14:09
  A Chinese scientist's attempt to produce the world's first gene-edited babies immune to HIV has sparked heated controversy among the public and academics.

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