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来源:中国日报    2017-05-11 13:19

        Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General:        联合国秘书长古特雷斯:
        The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) can be a very important instrument to meet the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.        由中国提出的“一带一路”倡议对联合国《2030年可持续发展议程》的推进有重要作用。
        So I'm expecting to participate in the discussion to see how we can extract the maximum possible value of the Belt and Road Initiative for global inclusive and sustainable development.        因此,我非常期待能参与此次论坛的讨论,一起探讨我们如何从这一倡议中最大可能地汲取实现可持续发展和包容性发展的重要价值。
        Multilateralism is the solution to global problems. And China has been a strong pillar of multilateralism. When we look at BRI, we see a very important contribution to this solidarity in addressing global problems with international cooperation, where China plays a very central role. So I'm very happy to have the chance to participate in this Belt and Road summit.        多边主义是解决国际问题的良方,而中国已经成为了多边主义的中坚力量。一带一路让我们看到中国担起核心重任,通过全球合作解决国际问题,为多边力量的团结一致作出了重要贡献。我很高兴能够参与到“一带一路”高峰论坛中来。
        We need an initiative of international solidarity to make people believe there's better globalization, to make people believe there's free trade that can benefit people overall, to make people believe that it's possible to not leave anyone behind, and so discussions like the BRI are extremely useful.        我们现在需要一个能将国际社会团结起来的倡议,以此让人们相信全球化正朝着更好的方向发展、自由贸易能够给全体人类带来福祉,让人们相信没有人会被落下,所以,“一带一路”这样的论坛是大有裨益的。
        Milos Zeman, president of the Czech Republic:        捷克总统米洛什•泽曼:
        I will attend the forum, and the topic I am most concerned with is the Belt and Road, the world's largest initiative for infrastructure construction. I am glad to see that the Belt and Road Initiative, which connects China and Europe, also includes the Czech Republic.        我会出席论坛,我最关注的话题就是“一带一路”,这是全世界在基础设施建设方面最宏大的倡议。我很高兴连接中欧的“一带一路”倡议也把捷克共和国包括在内。
        Opening more air routes will improve people-to-people exchanges between China and the Czech Republic, while cooperation in the rail sector will involve greater transportation of freight.        开通更多空中航线将促进中国和捷克两国人民之间的交流,而在铁路方面的合作将带来更大的货物运输量。
        Prokopis Pavlopoulos, president of Greece:        希腊总统普罗科比斯•帕夫洛普洛斯:
        This idea (the Belt and Road Initiative) is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy, but also on the ancient Silk Road which is characterized by the spirit of peace and of mutual beneficial cooperation. For Greece, the maritime road is of particular interest, given that Piraeus port is the first gateway to the European continent via the new Suez Canal.        该倡议不仅植根于中国的古老哲学,“一带一路”还建立在秉持着和平和互惠合作精神的旧丝绸之路的基础之上。海上丝绸之路与希腊的利益尤其相关,因为比雷埃夫斯港是通过新苏伊士运河进入欧洲大陆的第一扇大门。
        Greece, a European country at the crossroads of three continents, has always been throughout its history open to communication and connection between different countries and civilizations. We warmly support this initiative in the context of our strategic partnership with China. And we are ready to creatively cooperate in this direction.        希腊作为一个欧洲国家,位于欧洲、亚洲和非洲的交界处。自古以来,希腊就很欢迎与不同国家、不同文明之间的交流互通。我们同中国有战略合作关系,因此也会衷心支持“一带一路”倡议。我们愿意在该倡议中一同创新合作。
        Alexander Lukashenko, president of the Republic of Belarus:        白俄罗斯共和国总统亚历山大•卢卡申科:
        The Republic of Belarus will continue to strengthen its ties with China, as the country's Belt and Road Initiative is providing a new economic growth point for the world.        中国的“一带一路”倡议为全球提供了一个新的经济增长点,白俄罗斯会继续加强和中国的联系。
        The most important feature of the Belt and Road is that during its development, China has never raised any requirements to participating countries, thus creating no disagreements.        “一带一路”最重要的特征就是随着“一带一路”的发展,中国从未向参与国提出任何要求,因此彼此之间也就不会出现分歧。
        Once we don't have any disagreements, we will have better and smoother cooperation. China knows this very much, therefore I have to say Chinese is a wise people.        没有分歧,合作就会更加顺利。中国深知这一点,因此我必须说中国人是很有智慧的。
        Lars Loekke Rasmussen, prime minister of Denmark:        丹麦首相拉尔斯•勒克•拉斯穆森:
        The Belt and Road Initiative is indeed a very interesting foreign policy strategy. Further connecting Europe and Asia firmly through trade and bilateral cooperation can hopefully be a future dynamo for growth and prosperity for both continents.        “一带一路”倡议实际上是一个非常有趣的外交战略和政策。“一带一路”通过贸易和双边合作的方式进一步加强亚欧之间的联系,这很有可能成为推动亚欧两洲发展繁荣的未来新动力。
        I hope the Belt and Road Initiative could provide economic stability and development for Central and South Asia –gateways between East Asia and Europe. This will be crucial for trade between the two biggest concentrations of economic power.        中亚和南亚是东亚和欧洲互通的大门,我希望“一带一路”倡议能够为中亚和南亚带来经济上的稳定和发展。东亚和欧洲集中了各个经济大国,“一带一路”倡议会对这些国家之间的贸易往来有至关重要的作用。
        Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan's permanent representative to the United Nations:        巴基斯坦常驻联合国代表马利哈•洛迪:
        Pakistan's participation in the Belt and Road Initiative will help the nation achieve balanced development across all its provinces and bring about economic stability.        巴基斯坦参与到“一带一路”倡议中来有助于实现各省均衡发展及经济稳定。
        The Belt and Road projects will benefit the people of Pakistan directly because Chinese investments will go to areas critical to Pakistan's infrastructure.        中国将在巴基斯坦基础设施重点地区进行投资,因此“一带一路”项目能让巴基斯坦人民直接受益。
        So really, this project is about the economic welfare of the Pakistan people, on mutually beneficial terms, because China gains, Pakistan gains - it's a win-win.        所以,“一带一路”关乎巴基斯坦人民的经济福利。中国得益,巴基斯坦得益,双方互利共赢。
        Tarek Kabil, Trade and Industry minister of Egypt:        埃及工业和贸易部部长塔里克•卡比尔:
        The future of economic relations between Egypt and China under the Belt and Road Initiative is promising and we urge further Chinese investments in Egypt to fasten the pace of Egyptian-Chinese economic integration.        有了“一带一路”,埃及和中国的经济关系前景光明。我们呼吁中国加大在埃及的投资,以此加快埃及和中国的经济一体化。
        I believe that the B&R Initiative is great and China can surely make it a success. In order to ensure the success of the initiative, there should be agreement and coordination among all B&R states to complete the relevant infrastructures and also the initiative should provide win-win situations and mutual interests for all related parties.        我相信,“一带一路”倡议是好的,中国必定会圆满落实该倡议。所有参与“一带一路”的国家应当达成共识,协调配合,建成相关基础设施,并且让各方互惠双赢。这样,“一带一路”倡议才能圆满落实。
        Penny Wong, the Australian Opposition's foreign affairs spokesperson:        澳大利亚工党影阁外长黄英贤:
        As trade is increasingly treated with disdain and protectionism rises, we must find better ways to work with (India and China) to ensure open trading systems remain in place so new technologies, automation and artificial intelligence benefit our citizens.        随着贸易越来越不受重视,保护主义抬头,我们必须找到有效的办法,同中印合作,确保开放的贸易体制不被动摇,这样才能让我们的人民得益于技术、自动化和人工智能的发展。
        China's Belt and Road Initiative provides valuable opportunities for bilateral and multilateral cooperation. These have to be realized case by case to ensure mutual benefits are delivered. Buzzwords such as agility and innovation are meaningless unless we put substance behind them.        中国的“一带一路”倡议为双边和多边合作提供了宝贵机遇。我们必须依次实现双边、多边合作,才能确保互利共赢。如果我们不采取实质性的行动,“敏捷”、“创新”之类的热词将毫无意义。
        The Belt and Road Initiative brings exciting opportunities for Australian businesses, and the government should not hesitate embracing the initiative as it did with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.        “一带一路”倡议为澳大利亚的商业带来了振奋人心的机遇,政府应当毫不犹豫地接受该倡议,一如当时加入亚洲基础设施投资银行那样。
        Lattanamany Khounnyvong, vice minister of public works and transport of Laos:        老挝公共工程与运输部副部长拉塔纳玛尼:
        Laos strongly supports China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative and the initiative has been producing tangible benefits for the country.        老挝强烈支持中国提出的“一带一路”倡议,该倡议已经为老挝带来了实质性的好处。
        The China-Laos railway which commenced construction on Dec. 25, 2016, has been listed as the most important project in the Eighth National Socio-Economic Development Plan 2016-2020 of Laos.        2016年12月25日,中国老挝铁路开工。如今,这条铁路已经被列为老挝《第八个经济社会发展计划(2016-2020年)》中最重要的工程。
        Once completed, the railway will help facilitate people-to-people exchanges, reduce traveling time and costs ... the railway will also help promote agricultural production in Laos, increase income, attract more foreign investment and provide more employment opportunities.        这条铁路完成后能够促进人员交流,减少出行时间和成本……这条铁路还会推动老挝的农业生产,增加收入,吸引更多外资,增加就业。
        Berhane Gebre-Christos, special envoy of the Ethiopian prime minister:        埃塞俄比亚总理特使贝尔哈内:
        The Belt and Road Initiative is a golden opportunity to bring about regional integration and sustainable economic growth for Africa.        “一带一路”倡议对非洲来说是个良机,它能推动区域一体化和非洲经济的可持续发展。
        The initiative is a project that will affect millions of people, and it will be one of the most important issues of the 21st century. The comprehensive approach of China means that the aspirations and development strategies of all countries involved will be considered and included in the initiative.        该倡议会影响数百万人口,是21世纪最重要的议题之一。中国采取的全面策略就意味着该倡议会考虑并吸纳参与各国的诉求和发展战略。

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