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Cosmetic surgeon reveals which CHIN shape is the most beautiful - so can YOU guess which of these stars has it?

来源:中国日报    2017-05-11 08:34

        According to Harley Street's Dr De Silva, Scarlett Johansson, 32, tops the list with her distinctive heart or V-shaped chin, and Angelina Jolie, 41, with her smooth jawline, comes in second place.        据英国医疗中心哈利街的医生德•席尔瓦称,最受欢迎的下巴名单中,32岁斯嘉丽•约翰逊出众的心型(或者说V型)下巴高居榜首,而41岁安吉丽娜•茱莉线条流畅的下颌排在第二位。
        Dr De Silva, from the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in West London, also notes that celebrity-inspired 'chinplants' are the fastest growing plastic surgery trend in the UK.        德•席尔瓦医生就职于伦敦西区的高级面部美容整形外科中心。他指出,受名人效应推动,“下巴植入手术”已成为英国目前发展最快的整形手术。
        Here, he reveals the eight most desirable chin shapes, so which one are you?        在这里,德•席尔瓦医生将揭秘八种人们最渴望拥有的下巴形状,那么你的下巴属于哪种类型呢?
        1. Heart-shaped/V-shaped chin - Scarlett Johanson        1. 心形/V形下巴——斯嘉丽•约翰逊
        This is the shape desired most of all by women when seeking changes to the shape of their chin.        大部分女人想要改变自己下巴的形状时,心型/V型下巴是她们的首选。
        Dr Julian De Silva said: 'This slightly V-shaped or heart-shaped chin is the most desirable. You can see its shape very clearly in Scarlett Johansson's beautiful face.'        德•席尔瓦医生说:“人们最渴望拥有这种细长的V形或心形下巴。你可以从斯嘉丽•约翰逊美丽的面容上,清楚地看到这种形状。”
        2. Square chin - Angelina Jolie        2. 方形下巴——安吉丽娜•朱莉
        This type of chin is also considered to be beautiful and striking. Completely square at the bottom, it suits both sexes.        这种类型的下巴亦被认为是美丽动人的。下巴底部呈现完整的方形,这种形状男女都适合。
        Dr De Silva said: 'This is the Gold Standard of chins and the one I am most often asked to replicate along with the V-shaped chin like Scarlett's.        德•席尔瓦医生说:“方形下巴是下巴形状的黄金标准,这种下巴与斯嘉丽那样的V型下巴都是人们最常要求我去复制的类型。
        'Angelina has a beautifully proportioned square chin and a profile that many woman desire. Her face is completely free from blemishes or wrinkles, too - remarkable in a woman of 41.'        “安吉丽娜的方形下巴美丽、比例匀称,这种下巴轮廓让许多女性都心生艳羡。她的脸上也完全没有斑点和皱纹——对一个41岁的女人来说,这很难得。”
        3. Protruding chin - Reese Witherspoon        3. 突出的下巴——瑞茜•威瑟斯彭
        This is a chin which juts forwards slightly and therefore is particularly noticeable. The most famous example for a male is the late football pundit Jimmy Hill or the American TV host Jay Leno but a more subtle example on a female is the Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon.        这种下巴稍微有点突出,因此显得相当引人注目。拥有突出下巴的男性中,最著名的例子当属已故足球评论员吉米•黑尔和美国电视节目主持人杰•雷诺。而不那么明显的女性例子,则是好莱坞女演员瑞茜•威瑟斯彭。
        Dr De Silva said: 'A more prominent chin is generally a facial characteristic that is less flattering - however, it can add more character and personality to a person's face.'        德•席尔瓦医生说:“通常情况下,一个较为突出的下巴不能让人看起来更漂亮,但是它可以为脸部增添更多个人色彩和特点。”
        4. Dimpled chin - Christina Hendricks        4. 带有酒窝的下巴——克里斯蒂娜•亨德里克斯
        This is a chin with a slight kink in the middle. The most famous example for a male would be the actor John Travolta but there are lots of female stars with slightly less pronounced chin dimples such as Christina Hendricks from Mad Men.        这种类型的下巴中间有一弯浅浅的弧度。男性中最出名的例子是演员约翰•特拉沃尔塔,而许多女明星的下巴都有着稍浅的酒窝,比如电视剧《广告狂人》中的女演员克里斯蒂娜•亨德里克斯。
        Dr De Silva said: 'Although chins with a dimple were once more popular, these have largely gone out of fashion, and some patients have preferred to have their dimple reduced, often with the use of fillers.'        德•席尔瓦医生说:“带有浅窝的下巴一度很流行,不过现在基本已经过时了。一些来做整形手术的人更希望去掉自己的酒窝,这可以通过放置填充物来实现。”
        5. Weak or receding chin - Marilyn Monroe        5.短下巴或后缩的下巴——玛丽莲•梦露
        X-rays from a cosmetic surgeon, which have surfaced since Marilyn Monroe's death show that she did have surgery to augment her weak chin early on in her career. She had cartilage implanted into her chin in 1950 - at the outset of her Hollywood career.        玛丽莲•梦露逝世后,一名整形外科医生提供的X光片表明,玛丽莲•梦露在演艺生涯早期的确进行了下巴整形,填补她的短下巴。1950年,在她好莱坞演艺事业的起步期,她接受了下巴软骨填充手术。
        Dr De Silva said: 'Modern day technology in surgery has far superseded the previous techniques - a customised silicone implant offers a far superior result to what was available in 1950.'        德•席尔瓦医生说:“现代外科手术技术已经远远超过了先前的技术——现在的定制硅胶植入技术远比上世纪50年代的效果要好得多。”
        6. Round chin - Duchess of Cambridge        6. 圆形下巴——剑桥公爵夫人/凯特王妃
        This is another very popular chin shape. It is slightly less defined than the square chin. People with round chins are said to have warm and welcoming faces.        这是另一种十分受欢迎的下巴形状。圆下巴不如方下巴那样轮廓分明。据说有着圆形下巴的人,脸型会让人觉得温暖、热情。
        7. Long chin - Jennifer Aniston        7. 长下巴——珍妮弗•安妮斯顿
        People with long chins are often said to be artistic and expressive.        人们常说,拥有长下巴的人更具艺术气息和表现力。
        Jennifer Aniston has a striking long chin, which Dr De Silva says really augments her facial beauty.        珍妮弗•安妮斯顿拥有一个很明显的长下巴。德•席尔瓦医生称,安妮斯顿的下巴为她的姣好面容锦上添花。
        8. Short or narrow chin - Gwen Stefani        8. 短下巴或窄下巴——格温•史蒂芬妮
        If you look carefully at Gwen Stefani's face, you will see that her chin is slightly shorter than her nose.        如果你仔细观察格温•史蒂芬妮的脸,你会发现,她的下巴比她的鼻子稍微短了一点。
        This means that her chin is slightly shorter than the artistic ideal - but it does not stop her from having a strikingly beautiful face, says Dr De Silva.        德•席尔瓦医生说,这意味着史蒂芬妮的下巴形状比艺术理想的形状要短了一点。但是,这并不影响她出众的美貌。

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