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Putin blames US intelligence services for WannaCry cyber attacks

来源:FT中文网    2017-05-16 06:06

        Russian president Vladimir Putin has blamed US intelligence services for the WannaCry infection that has swept across the world, as the spread of the cyber attack appeared to stall in Europe.        俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔•普京(Vladimir Putin,见上图)把肆虐世界各地的“想哭”(WannaCry)感染事件归咎于美国情报部门。此次网络攻击似乎已在欧洲停止蔓延。
        Speaking in Beijing on Monday, Mr Putin cited comments by a top Microsoft executive that criticised the US government’s “stockpiling” of cyber weapons and denied any link with Russia.        普京周一在北京发表讲话时,援引了微软(Microsoft)一位高管批评美国政府“囤积”网络武器的言论,同时否认这件事与俄罗斯有任何关联。
        “Microsoft said it directly: the initial source of this virus is the US’s security agencies, Russia’s got absolutely nothing to do with it,” Mr Putin said.        “微软已直接表态:这种病毒的初始来源是美国的安全机构,俄罗斯与此绝无关系,”普京表示。
        The attack hit the Russian interior ministry, mobile provider MegaFon, the state-owned financial group Sberbank, as well as a number of other ministries and state-run companies, making Russia the country hardest hit by the attack, according to Kaspersky Lab, a Moscow-based cyber security company.        总部位于莫斯科的网络安全公司卡巴斯基实验室(Kaspersky Lab)表示,此次袭击的俄罗斯受害者包括该国内务部、移动服务提供商MegaFon、国有的俄罗斯联邦储蓄银行(Sberbank)以及其他一些部委和国营公司,使俄罗斯成为遭受此次袭击最沉重打击的国家。
        “There was no significant damage for us or for our institutions — whether it’s banking, healthcare, or anything else,” Mr Putin said. “But in general it’s worrying . . . Genies let out of bottles like these, especially if they’ve been created by the secret services, can then harm even their own authors and creators.”        “我国或我国的机构没有受到重大损害——无论是银行业、医疗还是其他行业,”普京表示,“但一般而言,这些事令人担忧……精灵像这样从瓶子里放出来,尤其是在它们是由情报部门创造出来的情况下,随后甚至可能伤到它们自己的设计者和创造者。”
        Current data show that more than 1.3m computer systems are still vulnerable to infection by WannaCry, which has paralysed hospitals, disrupted transport networks and immobilised businesses, according to cyber security analysts.        据网络安全分析师介绍,最新数据显示,目前仍有超过130万电脑系统容易被“想哭”感染,这种勒索软件已经致使医院瘫痪、扰乱了运输网络,还使企业无法运转。
        So far, 200,000 computers across 150 countries are known to have been infected in the first wave of the WannaCry cyber attack, according to Europol.        欧洲刑警组织(Europol)表示,迄今已有150个国家的20万台电脑在第一波“想哭”网络攻击中受到感染。
        The police agency told the Financial Times on Monday that the spread of the virus had stalled in Europe. “We weren’t expecting to see it, but there has been a slight decline in the number of computers affected in Europe,” a Europol spokeswoman said.        该警察组织周一告诉英国《金融时报》,这种病毒在欧洲已经停止蔓延。“我们没有预料到这种情况,但欧洲受感染的电脑数量略有下降,”欧洲刑警组织的一名发言人表示。
        But the spokeswoman added: “We do not think this is the end of the crisis, the hackers have already evolved the malware, and will probably continue to do so.”        但这名发言人补充说:“我们不认为这场危机已到此为止,黑客已经修改了这款恶意软件,并且很可能会继续这样做。”
        WannaCry’s potency is based on a cyber weapon known as EternalBlue, developed by the US National Security Agency. It was stolen and leaked online last year by a group known as the Shadow Brokers, believed by western intelligence to be connected to Russia’s spy agencies.        “想哭”的毒性是基于美国国家安全局(NSA)开发的网络武器“永恒之蓝”(EternalBlue)。去年,一个被称为“影子经纪人”(Shadow Brokers)的团体窃取了这款武器,并将其泄露到网上;西方情报部门认定,“影子经纪人”与俄罗斯间谍机构有联系。
        EternalBlue, built to exploit the then-unknown Windows software loophole, was used as a platform by WannaCry’s operators to supercharge their ransomware. The virus spread across organisations via any file-sharing protocols, such as drop boxes for documents or databases.        “永恒之蓝”的设计原理是利用当时未知的Windows软件漏洞。“想哭”操作者将其用作一个平台,以加强其勒索软件的传播能力。这种病毒通过任何文件共享协议(比如用来转移文档或数据库的投递箱)在组织之间传播。
        “The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call,” Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, wrote in a strongly worded blog post on Sunday afternoon.        “全球各国政府应该把这次攻击视为一记警钟,”微软总法律顾问布拉德•史密斯(Brad Smith)周日下午在一篇措辞强烈的博客文章中写道。
        “This attack provides yet another example of why the stockpiling of vulnerabilities by governments is such a problem,” he added, referring to the disclosure by WikiLeaks of apparent exploits used by the Central Intelligence Agency.        “这次攻击是又一个例子,说明为何政府囤积软件漏洞是如此重大的问题,”史密斯写道。此言指的是维基解密(WikiLeaks)所泄露的中央情报局(CIA)明显利用软件漏洞的行为。
        Europol said the decline in incidents in Europe was probably due to media attention over the weekend, which spurred several organisations to update their Windows operating systems and apply the patches required to stop the virus from spreading.        欧洲刑警组织表示,欧洲感染数量下降很可能是由于周末期间媒体的关注,这种关注促使多家组织更新其Windows操作系统,安装阻止病毒传播所需的补丁。
        “We advise that organisations continue to patch and most importantly do not pay,” the Europol spokeswoman said. She emphasised that Europol had found paying the ransom was not resulting in the hackers unlocking data.        “我们建议各组织继续安装补丁,同时最重要的是不向勒索者付钱,”上述欧洲刑警组织发言人表示。她强调,欧洲刑警组织已发现,支付赎金并没有导致黑客解锁数据。
        The virus also appeared to be spreading elsewhere.        同时这种病毒似乎在传播到其他地方。
        Hitachi, the Japanese industrial group, said on Monday that an unspecified number of its computers inside and outside Japan had been affected, with employees reporting problems using email, including at one of the group’s hospitals. An online ordering system was also hit, disrupting deliveries to retailers of Hitachi refrigerators and washing machines.        日本工业集团日立(Hitachi)周一表示,其在日本国内外的数量不详的电脑受到感染,员工报告在使用电子邮件时遇到问题,包括该集团旗下的医院之一。在线订单系统也受到冲击,扰乱了向零售商交付日立冰箱和洗衣机的业务。
        As of Monday morning, the WannaCry attackers had received only 23.2 bitcoins, or roughly $40,000, in ransom payments from 157 sources, according to bitcoin transaction data accessible via bitcoin.info.        截至周一上午,根据通过bitcoin.info获得的比特币交易数据,“想哭”攻击者只从157个来源收到了23.2枚比特币(相当于大约4万美元)赎金。

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