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AI creeps into the work of MBA careers advisers

来源:FT中文网    2017-10-09 06:02

        Technology is changing how business school graduates land a job. A large number of start-ups are selling their services to campus careers departments — and many were founded by MBA alumni.        科技正在改变商学院毕业生找到工作的方式。大批初创公司正在把自己的服务出售给学校就业部门——而且其中很多公司都是由MBA校友创办。
        One example is Vmock, a CV feedback system that uses machine learning predictive analytics and artificial intelligence techniques to help MBA students write more effective résumés. Its algorithms compare students’ CVs with those created by thousands of successful job hunters. Each is awarded a percentile score for its perceived effectiveness and suggestions of possible improvements, such as rephrasing bullet points and grammatical corrections.        其中一个例子是Vmock——这是一套简历反馈系统,利用机器学习预测分析和人工智能(AI)技术来帮助MBA学生撰写更有效的简历。它的算法把学生的简历和成千上万名成功的求职者撰写的简历进行比较。每一份简历都会得到对其有效性的百分制评分,以及改进建议,比如要点的重新措辞和语法纠正。
        The company was founded in 2009 by Chicago-based Salil and Kiran Pande, who met after Salil graduated from the city’s Booth School of Business and Kiran was about to start at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.        芝加哥的萨利尔(Salil)和基兰•潘德(Kiran Pande)于2009年创办了该公司,他们认识时萨利尔刚从芝加哥的布斯商学院(Booth School of Business)毕业,而基兰将要在西北大学(Northwestern University)凯洛格管理学院(Kellogg School of Management)开始学业。
        More than 100 higher education institutions, including 17 of the top 20 business schools on the FT MBA ranking list, pay an annual subscription for Vmock’s software, starting at $19.95 per student user. More than 1m CVs have been uploaded.        超过100所高等教育机构——其中包括位列英国《金融时报》MBA排行榜前20名的商学院中的17所——付费对Vmock的软件进行了年度订阅,每个学生用户19.95美元起。上传的简历已经超过100万份。
        But the business — which has just raised $4.5m in private equity funding — would not exist if the founders had not “felt the pain” of students, says Salil.        但是,萨利尔表示,如果不是创始人感受到了学生的痛苦,那这家刚从私募股权基金筹集450万美元融资的公司就不会存在了。
        Their first plan was to enable students to test interview techniques with a virtual reality interview service, but they pivoted to CV feedback after talking to business school careers advisers.        他们最初的计划是用虚拟现实面试服务来让学生们测试面试技巧,但在他们和商学院就业顾问交流后,转向了简历反馈服务。
        He admits the service does not replace professional support from an adviser, but claims Vmock enables students to edit their CV to the point where it makes appointments more productive.        他承认,该服务并没有取代顾问的专业支持,但他声称Vmock可以让学生把简历修改得可以得到更多职位的眷顾。
        The product is one of several online services used by London Business School’s career department.        该产品是伦敦商学院(London Business School)就业部门使用的多项在线服务之一。
        Another is a careers service management system developed by LA-based start-up 12Twenty, which helps the school’s careers team track MBA hiring activity and provides students with data on salaries and interview processes for the companies they hope will hire them.        另一项服务是位于洛杉矶的初创公司12Twenty研发的就业服务管理系统——帮助该校的就业团队追踪MBA招聘活动并为学生提供有关心仪企业的薪资水平和面试流程的数据。
        Sarah Inigo-Jones, head of professional development at LBS, says such technology will not replace careers advisers, but free staff to focus on supporting students.        伦敦商学院职业发展负责人萨拉•伊尼戈-琼斯(Sarah Inigo-Jones)表示,此类技术不会取代就业顾问,但可以解放一些员工来着重帮助学生。
        This includes helping those on the MBA programme to navigate the increasingly complex set of career options they face, such as securing jobs with employers from new industries such as fintech start-ups. “It frees up time for us to focus on what are the right roles for particular students,” Ms Inigo-Jones says.        这包括帮助MBA项目的学生驾驭他们面临的日益复杂的职业选项,比如从金融科技初创公司等新兴行业的老板那里得到工作。“它给我们腾出时间,专心考虑特定学生的合适职位是什么,”伊尼戈-琼斯表示。
        We are trying to apply logic and simplicity which does not reflect the full individual        TransparentCareer为MBA学生和专业人才提供个性化的薪资和就业数据,用以发现和评估就业机会。该公司由凯文•马尔维纳克(Kevin Marvinac)和米奇•柯比(Mitch Kirby)创办,他们二人在布斯商学院读MBA时结识。该公司声称是MBA薪资和文化数据的第一大来源,美国所有MBA学生中有将近一半使用该公司的数据。
        Solomon George, globalMbacareer        创始人声称,该公司帮助学生理解特定职位的平均薪酬,此外企业也会花钱访问其数据来帮助他们识别、聘用和留下那些出自商学院的最出色的商业人才。
        TransparentCareer provides personalised salary and career data for MBA students and professionals to find and evaluate opportunities. It was founded by Kevin Marvinac and Mitch Kirby, who met as MBA students at Booth School of Business. The company claims to be the largest source of MBA pay and culture data, used by nearly half of all MBA students in the US.        像Vmock一样,TransparentCareer的创办是源于创始人当MBA学生时感受到的挫败。
        As well as helping students understand average pay for particular roles, employers pay for access to the data to help them identify, hire, and retain the best business talent coming out of business schools, the founders claim.        “我们最大的痛点是我们无法得到关于企业薪资水平的准确细节,”马尔维纳克解释道。
        Like Vmock, TransparentCareer was born out of a frustration the founders felt as MBA students themselves.        负责招聘的人士表示,科技并非万能药,无法完全应对找工作的复杂过程。GlobalMBACareer创始人所罗门•乔治(Solomon George)专门帮助企业聘请商学院毕业生,他称他尚未发现可以取代核心就业咨询服务的技术,比如求职者指导、网络支持和面试培训等方面的服务。
        “Our biggest pain point was that we couldn’t get precise details about salary levels from companies,” Mr Marvinac explains.        乔治表示,神经学家才刚刚触及到皮毛。他对科技企业家可以做得更好表示怀疑。
        Those who work in recruitment say technology is not a panacea for the complex process of securing a job. Solomon George, founder of GlobalMBACareer, which specialises in helping companies to hire business school graduates, says he has yet to find a technology that can replace core careers advice services, such as candidate coaching, networking support and interview training.        译者/马柯斯

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