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9 tricks highly successful people use to get things done

来源:中国日报    2017-10-09 09:00

        Sundar Pichai — Know what morning routine works best for you        桑达尔•皮查伊——了解最适合你的晨间日常
        The CEO of Google sets himself up for success every morning with his pre-dawn routine. Pichai digs into an omelette, drinks tea, and catches up on the news.        皮查伊是谷歌CEO,他每天早上都会执行自己的清晨日常:吃个煎蛋卷,喝杯茶,然后看看新闻,这是他走向成功的基础。
        There's nothing flashy about this habit, but it works for him. "I'm not a morning person, so I need my time with my paper and tea to wake up and kind of get going," Pichai told Recode.        这些习惯朴素简单,但对他帮助很大。皮查伊对Recode网站说:“我不是一个适合早上工作的人,所以我需要花些时间来读读报、喝喝茶、醒醒盹,然后准备开始工作。”
        So take care of yourself in the morning. Do whatever you need to do to get yourself prepared for the rest of the day, whether that means going on a jog, curling up with a nice cup of coffee, or taking some time to contemplate your life.        好好安排自己的早晨。你需要在早晨为接下来的一天做好准备。你可以去慢跑,喝一杯香醇的咖啡,或者是花点时间思考人生。
        By taking some time for yourself, you'll be setting yourself up to better tackle your goals throughout the day.        每天早上给自己点时间,能帮助你在接下来的一天中更好地追求目标。
        Mark Zuckerberg — Simplify your choices        马克•扎克伯格——简化选择
        We all have to make countless decisions throughout the day. That's just life — but sometimes, all those choices can weigh us down.        我们每天都需要做无数个决定。这就是生活——但是有时,这些选择会把我们压垮。
        The New York Times reported that decision fatigue is a real problem: "You can't make decision after decision without paying a biological price."        据《纽约时报》报道,决策疲劳已经成为一个问题:“接连做出决定身体是需要付出代价的。”
        That's why the CEO of Facebook — whose decisions directly impact the well-being of a $480 billion company — eliminates unnecessary choices from his life.        这就是为什么脸书的CEO会将无关紧要的选择从生活中剔除,他的决定会直接影响市值4800亿美元公司的前途命运。
        For example, every morning, Zuckerberg puts on a "uniform" of sorts: jeans, sneakers, and a gray t-shirt.        比如说,扎克伯格每天早上会穿上“制服”:牛仔裤、运动鞋和灰T恤。
        By adopting a comfortable work uniform, the CEO helps stave off decision fatigue, which can result in impulsiveness and indecisiveness.        穿上一身舒适的工作服,扎克伯格一定程度上避免了会导致冲动和降低决断力的决策疲劳。
        Reducing the number of choices you need to make throughout the day is a great way of setting yourself up for success when it comes to making decisions regarding truly important goals.        减少每天需要做的选择是走向成功的好方法,它能帮助你在面对真正重要的目标时做出更好的决定。
        Beyoncé Knowles — Don't talk about your goals        碧昂丝•诺斯——不要谈论你的目标
        It's easy to fall into to the trap of gabbing about our goals to everyone who will listen. After all, once your plans are out there, you'll have to follow through, right?        我们很容易陷入见人就高谈阔论自己目标的陷阱。毕竟,一旦我们有了计划,就得坚持到底,不是吗?
        Wrong. Talking too much can actually hurt your chances of success.        错。喋喋不休实际上不利于成功。
        Business Insider contributor Daniel Welsey described the problem with talking too much about your dreams: "Communicating your goals tricks the brain into thinking you've already achieved them."        商业内幕网投稿人丹尼尔•卫斯理这样评论该问题:“总是讨论你的目标会让大脑误以为你已经达成目标。”
        So, basically, the more you talk about your plans, the less motivated you are to actually get stuff done.        基本上,你越是谈论你的计划,你行动起来的动力就越小。
        We should really be more like Beyonce, who famously released a full album out of the blue in 2016. Queen Bey didn't sit around hyping her work and hawking her new music. She let the album drop and then basked in the commercial success and critical accolades.        我们应该像碧昂斯学习,她在2016年出人意料地发布了一整张专辑。她没有炒作自己的努力也没有推销新音乐。她就简单地公布了整张专辑,然后享受大卖和赞誉。
        Angela Merkel — Consider all your options        安吉拉•默克尔——考虑到你所有的选择
        Making fast, on-the-fly calls is the only way to accomplish your goals quickly, right?        匆匆忙忙地打几通简短的电话是迅速达成目标的唯一手段,对吗?
        Well, not really. In fact, rushing into decisions can seriously trip you up and further delay your progress.        其实不对。实际上,匆忙做决定会严重影响你做正确判断,从而阻碍你进步。
        It's better to follow the example of the German Chancellor. "For me it's important I deliberate all options ... running through scenarios, and not simply theoretical experiments in my head," she told the BBC.        我们最好向德国总理学习一下。默克尔对BBC说:“对我来说,慎重权衡所有的选择是很重要的……我会模拟实际情况,而非简单运用头脑中的理论经验。”
        According to Inc., it's almost always better to avoid impulsive decisions and instead base your choice on observing what's going on around you, as that will give you "the power to weigh those observations against your instincts."        根据Inc.,我们最好避免冲动决策,应该通过观察周围的情况做出决定,这样可以帮助你“权衡利弊、抵制冲动”。
        Bill Gates and Elon Musk — Keep a tight schedule        比尔•盖茨和埃隆•马斯克——排紧日程
        Bill Gates and Elon Musk are two busy guys with intense schedules.        比尔•盖茨和埃隆•马斯克的日程安排都很紧张。
        In fact, both tech moguls break their days into five-minute increments. Everything is planned, down to the minute.        实际上,两位科技巨头将他们的一天分成无数个5分钟。事情的安排都精确到分钟。
        It's a great lesson for anyone looking to accomplish more in 24 hours.        如果你想在24小时内做更多的事,不妨效仿下他们。
        Fast Company's Stephanie Vozza wrote that this sort of extreme scheduling can help people boost their productivity and achieve more in a day.        《快速公司》杂志的斯蒂芬妮•沃扎写道,紧凑的日程能帮助人们提高工作效率,每天做更多的事情。
        Oprah — Ask yourself tough questions        奥普拉——问自己一些棘手的问题
        Don't feel too bad about procrastinating. Even Oprah puts important tasks off.        不用把拖延症想的太糟。就连奥普拉也会拖延重要的任务。
        But the media mogul also has a surefire way of breaking the cycle of procrastination.        不过,这位媒体大亨还有一个打破拖延怪圈的万全之策。
        She told Fast Company that she asks herself: "What's the worst that's going to happen here, and why do I fear the confrontation?'"        她告诉《快速公司》,她会问自己:“能发生的最糟糕的事情是什么?我为什么不敢面对它?”
        The truth is, we typically procrastinate for a reason. By identifying, examining, and confronting that reason head on, we can effectively move on and keep working toward our goals.        事实上,我们的拖延是有原因的。通过识别原因、查证原因、面对原因,我们就能高效前行,向着目标不断努力。
        Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, and Richard Branson — Write stuff down        比尔•盖茨、雪莉•桑德伯格和理查德•布兰森——把要做的事情写下来
        What do Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, and Richard Branson all have in common?        比尔•盖茨、雪莉•桑德伯格和理查德•布兰森有什么共同之处?
        Well, they're all major names in business, sure.        当然,他们都是商业精英。
        But, when it comes to achieving their goals, they all expedite the process by writing things down. Gates, Sandberg, and Branson each carry around notebooks and pens at all times.        不过,当谈到如何实现目标时,他们都会把要做的事情写下来,这样可以加快进展。他们三人都随身带着笔记本和笔。
        When inspiration strikes, Gates and Branson are able to capture it in writing. Sandberg, meanwhile, stays on track at Facebook by using her notebook as an old-school planner.        当灵感降临时,盖茨和布兰森会把灵感记下来。桑德伯格虽然在Facebook工作,但仍会使用纸质笔记本,就像个守旧的规划者。
        By keeping track of their great ideas and schedules, they set themselves up for success and get closer to accomplishing their goals.        时刻关注自己的好想法和日程为他们的成功奠定了基础,让他们离目标的达成更进一步。
        Jeff Bezos — Don't waste your time on meetings        杰夫•贝佐斯——不要把时间浪费在开会上
        Meetings can turn out to be a huge time sink. And they're not always super effective.        会议就是巨大的时间黑洞,有时效率很低。
        That's why the CEO of Amazon keeps to a strict rule when it comes to meetings. He never has a meeting where two pizzas couldn't feed the whole group.        这就是亚马逊CEO杰夫•贝佐斯严格设定开会规定的原因。两份披萨够与会人员吃吗?如果够就开,如果人数比这个多,就不开了。
        Why two pizzas? Well, the more people you cram into a meeting, the less effective it will be. According to Fast Company, small groups tend to be far more innovative.        为什么是两份披萨?因为与会人员越多,效率就越低。《快速公司》认为,小团体更有创新力。
        By cutting out unnecessary, useless meetings, Bezos is able to devote more time toward working to further his goals every day.        削减不必要的、没用的会议后,贝佐斯每天能够有更多的时间去努力实现目标。
        JK Rowling — Finish what you start, no matter who's watching        JK•罗琳——不管是否被关注,一旦开始,绝不止步
        Once you've set your sights on your dream, don't give up on it.        一旦走上实现梦想的道路,就不要放弃。
        Just look at JK Rowling.        看看JK•罗琳吧。
        In April, Rowling retweeted writer Melanie Dione's tweet, which urged people to finish their creative projects, regardless of whether or not they were sure anyone would watch, read, or listen to them. "There were so many times in the early 90s when I needed somebody to say this to me," Rowling wrote.        罗琳4月份转发了作家梅兰妮•狄俄涅的推特,号召人们不要管有没有人看、读或者听自己的作品,都要坚持完成自己的创作项目。罗琳写道:“在90年代早期,我多希望有人这样鼓励我。”
        The author struggled financially before the "Harry Potter" series took off, Business Insider previously reported. She also received a ton of rejection letters before her fantasy series was picked up. However, she kept working and has since gone on to become one of the wealthiest people in the world, according to Forbes.        商业内幕网早前报道过,在《哈利•波特》系列大火之前,JK•罗琳的生活并不富裕。《哈利•波特》出版前也曾被无数出版社拒绝过。不过,她从未放弃,最终成为世界上最富有的人之一(据福布斯统计)。
        "Every project is worth completing as long as there’s passion and drive behind it," Allison Hirschlag writes in a post on career site Ladders.        埃利森•希尔士拉哥在职业网站Ladders上的一篇帖子中指出“只要你对自己的目标还有热情和动力,就应该去实现它们。”
        Rowling understood that, in order to accomplish your goals, you'll need to believe in them and refuse to give up in the face of adversity.        罗琳明白,要想实现自己的目标,就要相信梦想,在逆境前绝不低头。

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