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Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s approval rating tumbles

来源:FT中文网    2017-10-10 06:24

        Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s approval rating has dropped to the lowest level in his 16 months in office, as poorer Filipinos who helped him to power and those outside of his home region of Mindanao grow disillusioned with his leadership.        菲律宾总统罗德里戈•杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)的支持率跌落至他上任16个月以来的最低水平。当初帮助他当选的较贫穷菲律宾人、以及他的老家棉兰老岛以外的菲律宾人,对他的领导变得失望。
        Mr Duterte was elected in May 2016 on a wave of support for his hardline approach to crime. Until recently he had appeared immune to criticism of the brutal war on drugs that followed his election, but the new numbers suggest his honeymoon period may be coming to an end.        杜特尔特在2016年5月当选,当时他对犯罪采取的强硬姿态使他赢得民意支持。直到不久以前,他当选之后发动的暴力禁毒运动所招致的批评,似乎还对他毫无影响,但新的民调数字似乎表明,他的蜜月期可能即将结束。
        Mr Duterte’s net satisfaction rating fell 18 points to 48, according to a nationwide survey conducted by pollster Social Weather Stations in late September and released at the weekend. The score, calculated by subtracting the percentage of dissatisfied respondents from those who were satisfied, is still considered “good” by SWS standards.        根据民调机构Social Weather Stations(简称SWS)在9月下旬进行、上周末公布结果的全国调查,杜特尔特的净满意度评分下降18点,至48。按照SWS标准,这一分数(由满意受访者百分比减去不满意受访者百分比计算得出)仍被视为“良好”。
        His net trust rating fell from an “excellent” 75 in June to a “very good” 60.        他的净信任评分从6月份的75(“优良”)跌落至60(“很好”)。
        Mr Duterte lost most favour in poorer areas, long seen as his support base. Satisfaction in the lowest and second-lowest of five socio-economic classes into which SWS divi­des Philippine society dropped 32 points and 17 points respectively, while there was only a 2-point fall in the top three classes.        杜特尔特在较贫穷的地区失去最多人气,而这类地区长期被视为他的支持根基。按照SWS划分的菲律宾社会的五个社会-经济阶层,在最低和第二低的阶层,满意度分别跌落了32点和17点,而较高的三个阶层只下降了2点。
        The Commission on Human Rights, which has provoked the ire of the mercurial leader with its staunch criticism of his brutal anti-drugs campaign, sees a connection between the survey results and unabated extrajudicial killings that disproportionately affect impoverished citizens.        人权委员会(Commission on Human Rights)认为,这一民调结果与对穷人影响较大的持续法外杀戮之间存在关联。该委员会对杜特尔特发起的暴力禁毒运动的强烈批评,早就惹恼了这名多变的领导人。
        “Although there are high-profile personalities being caught and killed in the campaign, Filipinos in lower socio-economic classes tend to suffer more — and yet no one has been held accountable for any of these killings,” the commission said in a statement.        “尽管有一些知名人物被禁毒运动卷入和杀死,但较低社会-经济阶层的菲律宾人往往遭受更多苦难,然而迄今没有任何人因为这些杀人事件而被追究责任,”人权委员会在一份声明中表示。
        Risa Hontiveros, an opposition senator, said the survey result was an “ominous warning”.        反对党参议员丽莎•洪蒂维洛斯(Risa Hontiveros)表示,这个民调结果是一个“不祥的警告”。
        “There are deep and widening rumblings of discontent across different social classes and all over the country with rampant killings, fake news and numerous accusations of corruption,” she said.        “对于猖獗的杀戮、假消息和无数腐败指控,不同社会阶层和全国各地的不满情绪正在深化和蔓延,”她表示。
        The presidential palace, however, was quick to dismiss the poll, saying it was expected after a year in office when the public started measuring expectations.        然而,总统府很快就表示这一民调不说明什么问题,称它是可以预料的,因为在当政一年后,公众开始衡量预期是正常的。
        “Surveys are snapshots of the public mood at a given time,” said Ernesto Abella, presidential spokesperson, adding that “some sentiments may have spilled over” from a national day of protest last month.        “民意调查是某个给定时间公众情绪的快照,”总统发言人埃内斯托•阿贝拉(Ernesto Abella)表示。他补充说,上月一个全国抗议日的“某些情绪可能有一些溢出效应”。

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