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Senior UK officials defend £20bn Hinkley Point nuclear project

来源:FT中文网    2017-10-10 06:24

        Britain’s energy security and carbon-reduction goals would have been put at risk if UK prime minister Theresa May had halted the £20bn Hinkley Point nuclear power project, senior government officials have said.        英国政府高级官员表示,如果英国首相特里萨•梅(Theresa May)当初叫停投资200亿英镑的欣克利角(Hinkley Point)核电站项目,英国的能源安全和碳减排目标会面临危险。
        Senior civil servants involved in the 2013 deal with EDF, the French state-owned energy group, to build Britain’s first new nuclear plant since the 1990s said on Monday that they still believed the project represented good value for money, despite mounting criticisms over its high cost to consumers.        周一,曾参与2013年与法国国有能源集团法国电力(EDF)签订协议建设英国自上世纪90年代以来第一座新核电站的高级官员表示,他们仍然认为该项目物有所值,尽管外界对该项目给消费者造成高昂成本的批评越来越多。
        They told a parliamentary committee that the 3,200 megawatts of generating capacity expected from Hinkley Point by 2025 — satisfying about 7 per cent of UK demand — would be critical to keeping Britain’s lights on while reducing carbon emissions.        他们向议会委员会表示,到2025年欣克利角预计装机容量达到3200兆瓦——满足英国约7%的用电需求——这对于在减少碳排放量的同时保障英国用电需求来说至关重要。
        Mrs May ordered a review of the Hinkley Point project shortly after becoming prime minister last year, but eventually gave the scheme the go-ahead last September.        梅在去年出任英国首相后不久就命令重审欣克利角项目,但最终于去年9月放行了该项目。
        However, her decision has come under increasing scrutiny because of delays and cost overruns at projects involving similar French nuclear reactors in other countries. At the same time, the cost of alternative sources of low-carbon energy has fallen.        然而,由于其他国家类似的法国核反应堆项目的拖延以及成本超支的问题,梅的决定受到了越来越多的审视。与此同时,低碳能源的替代来源的成本降低。
        The latest UK contracts for new offshore wind capacity were awarded last month with a guaranteed price of £57.50 per megawatt hour, for 15 years — well below the £92.50/MWh for 35 years promised to EDF for electricity from Hinkley.        根据上个月英国最新签订的海上风力发电合同,15年内的保证价格为每兆瓦时57.50英镑——远低于EDF为欣克利角项目承诺的35年内每兆瓦时92.50英镑的价格。
        But Alex Chisholm, permanent secretary at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, said on Monday that it was not an “apples for apples” comparison, because nuclear power is more reliable than intermittent wind turbines.        但英国商务能源与产业战略部(BEIS)常务秘书亚历克斯•奇泽姆(Alex Chisholm)周一表示,这并不是同类型的比较,因为核电站比间歇性的风力涡轮机更可靠。
        Mr Chisholm and other civil servants had been called to give evidence to the Commons public accounts committee following criticism from the National Audit Office, which called Hinkley a “risky and expensive” project and said ministers had failed to consider cheaper ways of financing the plant.        奇泽姆和其他公务员被要求向下院公共账目委员会(Commons Public Accounts Committee)提供证据。此前,英国国家审计署(National Audit Office)提出了批评,把欣克利角称为一个“充满风险、花费巨大的”项目,并表示,各位内阁大臣未能考虑为该核电站提供更低成本融资的途径。
        Stephen Lovegrove, the former permanent secretary at the energy department who oversaw negotiations with EDF, said it was a “very good deal within the policy constraints of the time”.        曾负责与法国电力进行谈判的英国能源部前常务秘书史蒂芬•洛夫格罗夫(Stephen Lovegrove)表示,这是一项“在当时的政策限制内达成的非常棒的协议”。
        Mr Lovegrove recalled that David Cameron’s coalition government had ruled out investing taxpayers’ money in Hinkley because of its focus on reducing public debt and opposition from the Liberal Democrats. This resulted in a deal under which EDF and CGN, the Chinese state-owned nuclear company, agreed to shoulder the entire cost of building Hinkley.        洛夫格罗夫回忆称,戴维•卡梅伦(David Cameron)的联合政府排除了以纳税人的钱投资欣克利角项目的可能性,因为该政府关注减少公众债务,而且自由民主党(Liberal Democrats)持有反对意见。这导致一项协议,其中法国电力和中国国有核电公司中广核(CGN)同意承担建设该项目的全部成本。

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