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来源:中国日报    2017-11-05 08:29

        The first time I felt homesick during my semester abroad, I hadn't even left the country yet. My parents had just dropped me off at JFK. They had stayed with me until I entered the security line, and then, with a few hugs and wave goodbye, they were gone.        第一次想家时,我甚至还没出国。爸妈送我到肯尼迪机场,他们一直把我送到安检线前。我们拥抱,说了再见,他们就回家了。
        It'd be the last time I saw them again for 6 months, the longest we'd ever been apart. Suddenly, that notion, so unconcerning a few moments before, felt unfathomable.        想到下次再见,就要等到6个月后了,这是我们至今最长的一次分别。突然之间,我本来的云淡风轻,突然变成思念的暗涌。
        The second time it happened, I was shopping in my first Prague supermarket, surrounded by foods I didn't know, brands I couldn't read, and cashiers I couldn't understand, as I was shouted at in rapid Czech.        我第二次想家,是第一次在布拉格的一家超市购物,周围的食物我都没见过,这些品牌我也不认识,收银员们用快速的捷克语跟我大声地讲话,我却一句也听不懂。
        I was alone, confused, and incredibly overwhelmed, hating the unfamiliarity and wondering why I'd possibly thought traveling abroad was ever a good idea.        孤单、困惑笼罩着我,几乎压倒了我。我讨厌这种陌生感,搞不清楚当初自己为什么那么想出国。
        The third time, I was deeply sick with a virus; feverish, exhausted, and miserable. My friends brought me soup and I stayed home from class, but all I wanted was to be in my own house, with Gilmore Girls on the TV and meds that were in English, and a mom who'd rub my back as I fell asleep.        第三次想家,是我生着重病的时候,发烧、疲倦、痛苦万分。朋友给我带了汤,我也请了假,但我只想窝在自己的家里看《吉尔莫女孩》,希望药盒上都是我看得懂的文字,希望妈妈在我身边,她会在我睡觉时摩挲我的背。
        For the first time ever, I hated being abroad. The feeling went away the moment I recovered, but for those 10 days, nothing felt worse than being 4,000 miles away from home.        这是我第一次讨厌出国。但我病好之后,这种感觉就消失了。但在那生病的十天里,没什么比离家4000英里(约6437千米)更让人感觉糟糕了。
        Find ways to get involved outside of academic classes, for example participate in an intramural sports team, join a hiking club or volunteer for a student-run organization. Participation will help you meet students with like-minded interests.        想办法参与到学术课堂以外的活动中,比如参加校内体育队、加入户外运动俱乐部、充当学生组织的志愿者等。参与这些活动能帮你遇到志趣相投的同学。
        It’s tempting to look at what your friends are doing at home, but you need to minimize time spent scrolling through social media. If you constantly focus on what you’re missing, you forget to live in the present moment.        你大概会很想知道朋友们在国内的生活,但还是减少刷朋友圈的时间吧。如果你总惦记着自己错过了什么,就会忘了享受此刻的生活。
        Do a little research about where you’re living and find a few places you absolutely have to explore –- the ten best coffee shops in the city, or the favorite locations for local street artists. Make a list of these places and challenge yourself to see all of them before you leave.        研究一下你所在的城市,找一些你想探索的地方,比如最好的10个咖啡店、街头艺术家最爱的表演场所等。把这些地方列在清单里,挑战自己在回国前把这些地方都走一遍。
        Schedule specific times for video calls with your family. University can be very hectic, so make time to keep up connections. You want to stay in touch through good times and bad.        定期和家里人视频。大学生活是非常令人激动的,花点时间和家人联系。不论生活是好是坏,都和他们分享。
        But limit your phone or Skype conversations to a few times a week with family. Talk to them too much and you’ll become dependent on them.        不过,每周和家人的电话和视频聊天几次就好。太经常和家人聊天,会让你太过依赖他们。
        Cooking food that you're used to eating at home with your family can be a fun way to tackle homesickness. Most supermarkets have aisles for "international" foods and introducing your flatmates to a new cuisine can be fun, and remind you of home.        做些你在家里常吃的菜肴可以帮你克服思乡。大多数的超市都有进口食品区,也做给你的室友尝尝,这很有乐趣,也能让你想起自己的家。

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