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Saudi Arabia arrests princes, ministers and tycoons in purge

来源:FT中文网    2017-11-06 07:29

        At least 11 Saudi Arabian princes and dozens of senior officials and prominent businessmen, including one of the world’s richest men, have been arrested by the country’s new anti-corruption commission.        至少11名沙特阿拉伯王子、数十名高级官员和商界知名人士,包括世界首富之一,已被该国新成立的反腐败委员会逮捕。
        Billionaire tycoon Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a big investor in Twitter, Citigroup and many other international companies, was among the senior figures detained in the crackdown, people aware of the matter said.        知情人士表示,在Twitter、花旗集团(Citigroup)和其他多家国际公司作了大量投资的亿万富豪阿尔瓦利德•本•塔拉勒(Alwaleed bin Talal)王子,是在这场打击行动中遭到羁押的高层人物之一。
        The private airport in Riyadh was closed to prevent personal jets being used to assist any escape, they added.        他们补充说,利雅得的私人机场已经关闭,以防私人飞机被用来协助逃跑。
        The arrests, first reported by the Saudi-owned Al Arabiya news channel on Saturday, came hours after King Salman ordered the establishment of an anti-corruption commission and named his 32-year-old son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to lead it.        由沙特皇室拥有的阿拉伯卫星电视台(Al Arabiya news channel)上周六最先报道了这些逮捕。在那之前几小时,萨勒曼国王(King Salman)下令成立反腐败委员会,并指定他的儿子、32岁的穆罕默德•本•萨勒曼王储(Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman)为领导人。
        The international stature of outspoken Prince Alwaleed, who has sparred with US president Donald Trump on Twitter and is estimated to be worth around $18bn, has amplified the global reaction to the crown prince’s domestic campaign. Shares in Kingdom Holdings, his investment company, fell 8 per cent on the Tadawul stock exchange, despite announcing a sharp rise in third-quarter earnings yesterday.        直言不讳的阿尔瓦利德王子曾在Twitter上与美国总统唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)针锋相对,他的身家估计达到约180亿美元,他的国际知名度放大了国际上对王储在沙特国内发起的运动的反应。本•塔拉勒王子的投资公司Kingdom Holdings股价昨日在沙特证券交易所Tadawul下跌8%,尽管该公司宣布第三季度盈利大幅提高。
        Government officials have not revealed details of the identities of those arrested. Reuters quoted an unnamed senior Saudi official confirming the arrest of Prince Alwaleed and Ibrahim al-Assaf, a former finance minister.        政府官员并没有透露被捕人员的身份。路透社(Reuters)援引一名姓名不明的沙特高级官员的话证实,阿尔瓦利德王子以及前财长易卜拉欣•阿萨夫(Ibrahim al-Assaf)被捕。
        Sheikh Saud Al Mojeb, attorney-general, said yesterday that the corruption suspects would retain full legal privileges relating to their property and funds during the probe, adding: “There is an independent judicial process under way, which will be fully respected.”        沙特总检察长谢赫沙特•穆阿杰布(Sheikh Saud Al Mojeb)昨日表示,这些腐败嫌疑人在受到调查期间将保留与其财产和资金有关的全部法定特权。他补充说:“目前在走一个独立的司法程序,这个程序将会得到充分尊重。”
        The governor of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority said the arrests were “a vital step in creating a fair and level playing field for all potential investors”.        沙特阿拉伯投资总局(Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority)局长表示,逮捕这些人是“关键一步,有助于为所有潜在投资者创建一个公平和平等的竞争环境”。
        Saudi Arabia’s top religious body said fighting corruption was “as important as fighting terrorism”.        沙特阿拉伯最高宗教团体表示,打击腐败“与打击恐怖主义同等重要”。
        Heightened security around the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh fuelled rumours that the detainees were being held in the luxury hotel, which only days earlier had hosted a big investment conference. Ritz owner Marriott International said it was evaluating the situation.        利雅得丽思卡尔顿酒店(Ritz-Carlton)周围戒备森严令如下流言甚嚣尘上:在押人员被羁押在这家豪华酒店。这家酒店在几天前刚刚举办了一个大型投资会议。酒店东家万豪国际(Marriott International)表示,正在评估情况。
        The graft clampdown marks the crown prince’s most dramatic power play yet as he consolidates his domestic base while pushing ahead with a radical economic reform programme to wean the country off oil revenues.        这场反腐运动标志着王储迄今最戏剧化的权术展示。他正在一方面巩固自己的国内根基,另一方面推进激进的经济改革计划,使沙特降低对石油收入的依赖度。
        In a reshuffle on Saturday evening, the king removed Prince Miteb bin Abdullah as minister of the national guard. A son of the late King Abdullah, Prince Miteb had been regarded as a contender for the throne before being replaced by his less-experienced cousin.        在上周六晚进行的人事洗牌中,国王解除了米塔布•本•阿卜杜拉(Miteb bin Abdullah)王子的国民警卫队部长职务。米塔布王子是已故国王阿卜杜拉(King Abdullah)的儿子,他曾被认为是王位的竞争者,但最后被经验不如他的堂兄弟取代。
        “The dismissals . . . suggest that Mohammed bin Salman is extending his iron grip to the ruling family, the military and the national guard to counter what appears to be more widespread opposition within the family as well as the military to his reforms and the Yemen war,” said James Dorsey, a fellow at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.        “这些解职……似乎表明,穆罕默德•本•萨勒曼正在把执政家族、军方和国民警卫队牢牢置于自己控制之下,以对抗在家族内部以及军方似乎广泛存在的反对他的改革计划和也门战争的态度,”新加坡南洋理工大学(Nanyang Technological University)研究员詹姆斯•多尔西(James Dorsey)表示。
        Prince Mohammed said in a television interview this year that corrupt officials would be held accountable. “No one who got involved in a corruption case will escape, regardless if he was a minister or a prince,” he said.        穆罕默德王子今年在接受电视采访时说,贪官将被追究责任。“参与腐败的人一个也跑不掉,不管他是部长还是王子。”他说。
        The speed and extent of his reforms have prompted dissent among some members of the royal family, who are afraid they are in jeopardy and are calling for more consultation about the country’s whirlwind changes.        他推动的改革的速度和范围引起一些皇室成员的不满,他们害怕自己陷入危险处境,呼吁就这个国家正在发生的旋风式变化更多地征询各方意见。
        Adel Fakeih, the economy minister who played a central role in Prince Mohammed’s domestic reforms, was also replaced in the reshuffle.        曾在穆罕默德王子的国内改革中发挥核心作用的经济部长阿德尔•法凯赫(Adel Fakeih),也在人事洗牌中被解职。
        “This is the latest act of concentration of power in Saudi,” said Hasnain Malik, Exotix Capital’s head of equity research.         “这是沙特权力集中大戏的最新一幕,”Exotix Capital股票研究主管哈斯纳因•马利克(Hasnain Malik)表示。

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