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中日韩女性流行“美鼻神器” 专家警告:有生命危险
Women in Asia deliberately insert pegs INTO their nostrils so they could have a 'pointier' and 'prettier' Western nose

来源:中国日报    2017-11-09 09:08

        Women in East Asia are putting tiny pegs into their nostrils so their nose could look more European.        为了让自己的鼻子像欧美人那样高挺,东亚国家的女性们居然把小鼻撑塞进了鼻孔。
        The beauty trend apparently started from South Korea about two years ago and has spread to Japan, Chinese mainland and Taiwan, where women with a pointier European nose are considered more attractive.        这股美容风潮应该是两年前开始在韩国流行起来的,现在已刮到了日本、中国大陆和台湾,因为这些国家和地区的女性都认为挺拔的欧美鼻子更有魅力。
        The beauty trend, however, has sparked serious health concerns. In a recent case from China, a woman reportedly swallowed a peg by accident and the small item was later found in her stomach.        但是,这股潮流也引发了严重的健康隐患。据报道,近日中国一位女性不小心吞下了一个美鼻器,后来这个美鼻器在她的胃里找到了。
        The non-surgical nose-lifting trend apparently involves a set of tools which are popular on shopping websites in East and South-east Asia.        这种无需手术的鼻子增高产品在东亚和东南亚国家的购物网站上都很受欢迎。
        A typical set consists of two small curved pegs, measuring two to three centimetres long, as well as one adjusting hook.        典型的美鼻套装包括两个弯弯的小鼻撑,大概两到三厘米长,还有一个勾状调整器。
        The most popular brand seems to come from South Korea, but various other copycat products have cropped up and sell for as little as £1.        最受欢迎的美鼻神器似乎是韩国品牌,但很多其他的山寨产品也遍地开花,价格低至1英镑(合8.7元人民币)。
        According to the instructions online, users should first insert the two pegs into their nostrils respectively. The pegs are said to be made with silicone.        根据网上的使用说明,用户应该先把两个鼻撑分别塞进两个鼻孔里。据说这些鼻撑是硅胶做的。
        Then they should use the hook to adjust the pegs so they stand in a 45-degree angle inside the nose.        然后用户须用调整器来调整鼻撑的位置,让鼻撑在鼻子里成45度角放置。
        One seller on China's popular shopping site, Taobao, claimed that because the product was invisible, it could be a woman's secret weapon in getting a beautiful nose without surgery.        淘宝上的一个卖家声称,这种“隐形”美鼻神器是女人的秘密武器,让女人可以无需手术就拥有漂亮的鼻子。
        An advertisement posted by the seller said the product, said to be 'anti-bacteria', could change the shape of a nose in less than 10 seconds and is safe to use.        这位卖家贴出的广告称,该产品是“抗菌的”,可以在不到10秒钟的时间内改变鼻型,而且使用起来也很安全。
        However, potential customers are advised not to wear them for more than eight hours.        但是,卖家还是建议用户佩戴美鼻神器不要超过8个小时。
        Although the nasal pegs are popular among beauty-conscious females, they have also brought health issues to the customers.        尽管美鼻神器在爱美的女性当中很受欢迎,但是该产品也给顾客造成了健康困扰。
        Last November, a 25-year-old woman in Taipei nearly lost her nose after a peg poked through her nasal membrane and caused a bacterial infection, according to Apple Daily.        据《苹果日报》报道,去年11月,台北一名25岁的女性因为一个鼻撑刺穿了她的鼻粘膜,导致细菌感染,差点就失去了她的鼻子。
        It was reported that the woman wanted to change the shape of her nose tip, but couldn't afford plastic surgery.        据报道,这位女性想改变鼻头的形状,但是又没钱做整容手术。
        Dr. Liao Guoliang, who treated the woman, warned against the nasal beauty product.        收治该女子的廖国良医生警告大家不要用这种美鼻产品。
        Dr Liao said he noticed more and more female patients had come to the hospital after suffering from nasal diseases and injuries caused by the silicone pegs.        廖医生说,他注意到近期因为佩戴硅胶鼻撑导致鼻部疾病和损伤而前来就医的女病人越来越多。
        In another report from Chinese mainland last week, a women from Chongqing had to be taken to the hospital after she accidentally inhaled the pegs then swallowed it.        上周,中国大陆的一篇报道称,重庆的一名女子因为不小心把美鼻器吸进鼻腔进而吞入体内而被送往医院。
        After a medical checkup, doctors found the object in her stomach and it was eliminated from her body two days later.        经过检查,医生在她的腹中发现了美鼻器,两天后这个美鼻器被取出。
        The woman, surnamed Zeng, told a reporter from Chongqing Broadcasting Group that she had bought the product online, and that many other customers had suffered from similar problems judging from the comments left on the online shop.        这位曾姓女士告诉重庆广电的记者说,她是从网上买到这个产品的,从网店的评论可以看出,许多其他顾客也遭遇了类似的问题。
        Dr Zhou Xin, an ear-nose-throat specialist, called the beauty trend 'life-threatening'.        耳鼻喉科主治医师周昕表示,这种美鼻器可能会“危及生命”。
        Dr Zhou said in the same report that the tiny objects could block a person's respiratory tract, causing difficulties in breathing and even posing danger to life.        据报道,周医生说这种小器件会造成呼吸道堵塞,引起呼吸困难,甚至出现生命危险。
        Dr Zhou suggested women not use the nasal pegs.        周医生建议女性不要使用美鼻器。
        People in East Asia think Western people's features are sharper and more 'three-dimensional', therefore they are prettier.        东亚人认为西方人的五官更立体,轮廓更清晰,因此更漂亮。
        According to a beauty website in Taiwan, British actress Kate Beckinsale has the best-looking nose.        据台湾的一个美容网站称,英国女演员凯特•贝金赛尔拥有最美丽的鼻子。
        The article claimed that Ms Beckinsale's nose has the perfect angle, is extremely straight and does not have any irregularities.        这篇文章称,贝金赛尔的鼻型很完美,非常直,而且没有任何不规整的地方。
        She is followed by Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba on the 'most beautiful nose' chart.        鼻子最美的人还有海蒂•克鲁姆、安吉丽娜•朱莉和杰西卡•阿尔芭。

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