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Tencent-backed Sogou rises more than 10% on debut

来源:FT中文网    2017-11-10 07:32

        Shares in Tencent-backed search company Sogou rose more than 10 per cent in their trading debut in New York on Thursday, as Tencent's empire continues its global expansion.        腾讯(Tencent)入股的搜索公司搜狗(Sogou)周四在纽约上市,首日股价上涨逾10%。腾讯的帝国继续推进其全球扩张。
        The company had priced its shares at $13, at the top of the expected range, putting the size of its initial public offering at $585m.        搜狗将发行价定为13美元,是其预期定价区间的最高端,这使其首次公开发行(IPO)的规模达到了5.85亿美元。
        Sogou’s choice of New York for its listing represents its “long-term global ambition”, said Fang Xingdong, founder of think-tank China Labs.        智库互联网实验室(China Labs)创始人方兴东说,搜狗选择在纽约上市,表明了其“长期全球抱负”。
        Its largest shareholder, China's social media leader Tencent, invested more than $2bn in California-based Snap on Wednesday.         搜狗最大股东、中国社交媒体领先者腾讯近期向总部设在加利福尼亚州的Snap投资逾20亿美元。
        Sogou's IPO comes amid a flurry of listings of companies backed by Tencent. Earlier this week Tencent’s ebook subsidiary China Literature raised $1.1bn in the biggest tech IPO in 10 years in Hong Kong. Bankers expect that Tencent will also list Tencent Music, the world's third-biggest music streaming service by subscriptions.        搜狗的IPO在一系列腾讯持股的公司上市之际进行。本周早些时候,腾讯的电子书业务子公司阅文集团(China Literature)在香港进行了该市10年来规模最大的科技股上市,筹资11亿美元。银行家预测,腾讯还将上市按订阅量计世界第三大音乐流媒体服务腾讯音乐(Tencent Music)。
        Tencent’s backing of Sogou comes at a time when China’s internet is becoming segregated into what analysts call “walled gardens” of content, with Tencent-hosted material impenetrable to searches by market leader Baidu.        腾讯入股搜狗之际,中国互联网正在分化为分析师们所称的内容“围墙花园”,换句话说,腾讯的内容无法被搜索市场领导者百度(Baidu)的搜索穿透。
        Sogou search is the default search used in Tencent’s mobile browser apps. It is also the only search engine that can search the universe of blog posts, celebrity and company accounts hosted on Tencent’s WeChat social media platform, which claims to have more than 900m daily active users.        搜狗搜索是腾讯移动端浏览器应用的默认搜索引擎。搜狗也是唯一能够搜索腾讯的社交媒体平台微信(WeChat)上的海量博客文章、名人和公司账户的搜索引擎。微信据称有9亿日活跃用户。
        Sogou’s search engine has 6.6 per cent of the market in China, far behind Baidu, according to research firm Analysys.        根据研究公司易观国际(Analysys)的数据,搜狗搜索引擎在中国的市场占有率为6.6%,远远落后于百度。
        But the company is much better known for being the country’s ubiquitous — and essential — text input software provider. About 307m Chinese speakers use Sogou Input Method daily to translate their typing using the Latin alphabet into the tens of thousands of characters in the Chinese language.        更让这家公司出名的是该公司在中国被广泛使用的文字输入软件。大约3.07亿中文用户每天用搜狗输入法将他们键入的拉丁字母转换为汉字。
        Although more than 90 per cent of Sogou’s revenues come from its search and advertising business, “this [revenue] is all built on the foundation of the huge amount of user data it has accumulated through its text input software,” said Xue Yu, analyst at market research firm IDC.        尽管搜狗逾90%的收入来自搜索和广告业务,“这些(收入)全都建立在通过其文字输入法软件积累的海量用户数据的基础上,”市场研究公司IDC的分析师Xue Yu说。
        Sogou does not disclose exactly what data are gathered from users’ daily typing or how it is used, but the software can accurately predict what users want to say based on the most frequently-typed phrases and also updates itself to take into account new slang or celebrity names.        搜狗并未公开从用户的日常输入中收集了何种数据,也未公开这些数据的使用方式,但搜狗输入法能够根据最常输入的词组准确预测用户想要输入的内容,并通过更新添加新的俚语或者名人姓名。
        With additional reporting by Yingzhi Yang        Yingzhi Yang补充报道

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