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担心大陆干预选举 台湾加强网络防御
Taiwan boosts cyber defences against threat from China

来源:FT中文网    2017-11-13 17:32

        Taiwan’s ruling party is bolstering its cyber defences after hacking attacks that have raised fears that groups linked to the Chinese government plan to influence elections.        台湾执政的民进党(DPP)正在加强其网络防御能力,屡屡发生的黑客袭击让他们担心,与中国政府有关联的组织正计划影响台湾选举。
        The Democratic Progressive party has boosted spending on online protection after the large-scale breaches over the past two years. Hackers accessed the party’s website and staff computers, stole data and modified content.        过去两年大规模爆发黑客袭击事件之后,民进党增加了网络防御支出。黑客曾入侵民进党网站和党内工作人员的电脑,窃取数据并篡改内容。
        Relations between China and Taiwan, which Beijing regards as a renegade province, remain tense. Beijing has frozen official communications with Taipei since the DPP took power last year, replacing the more China-friendly Nationalist party, or Kuomintang.        中国大陆与台湾之间的关系依然紧张——北京方面将台湾视为其一个叛离的省份。自去年民进党上台、取代对大陆更为友好的国民党掌控台湾以来,北京方面冻结了与台北方面的官方交流。
        The party and government agencies say they continue to be hit by hacking attacks from the mainland. Concerns are growing that tactics similar to those used by Russia to influence last year’s US election may be employed by China against Taiwan ahead of local polls scheduled for 2018.        民进党和多个政府机构表示,他们不断受到来自大陆的黑客袭击。他们日益担心,大陆可能采用与俄罗斯去年影响美国选举类似的手段,在2018年台湾地方选举之前展开黑客袭击。
        “We are really aware that this may happen to us as well,” Yang Chia-liang, DPP spokesperson, told the Financial Times. “We are worried the Chinese government will try to target Taiwan and influence our elections.”        民进党发言人杨家俍(Yang Chia-liang)向英国《金融时报》表示:“我们真的意识到,这种事情也可能发生在我们身上。我们担心,中国政府会试图把台湾作为目标,影响我们的选举。”
        Mr Yang added that the party had started hiring outside companies to monitor network security and provide staff with additional training to protect their work.        杨家俍补充称,民进党开始聘请外部公司监控网络安全,并对员工展开培训以保护他们的工作。
        Since last year’s election, cyber attacks have targeted the party, government agencies and private businesses, according to FireEye, a cyber security company with public and private sector clients on the island.        网络安全公司FireEye表示,自去年大选以来,台湾民进党、政府机构和私人企业就成为网络攻击活动的对象。FireEye在台湾公私部门皆有客户。
        “What we’ve been seeing is that they are very actively targeted, and that many of the attack groups that are targeting them are based in mainland China,” said Bryce Boland, the group’s chief technology officer for Asia-Pacific.        FireEye亚太地区首席技术官布赖斯•博兰(Bryce Boland)表示:“我们看到的是,黑客非常积极地以它们为目标,许多以它们为袭击对象的机构总部位于大陆。”
        Mr Boland said the hackers had built the capacity to “launch attacks to compromise victims in order to steal information to fuel an influence operation”, citing evidence that visitors to the DPP website had been profiled.        博兰表示,黑客们已经有能力“发起袭击来攻陷受害者,目的是窃取信息以帮助展开影响行动”,他说有证据显示,民进党网站访问者的个人基本情况已被人掌握。
        “China-based threat groups have all the technical know-how to pull off a Russian-style hack and leak operation,” he said.        他说:“位于中国的威胁组织拥有发起俄罗斯那种袭击和窃取行动的所有技术能力。”
        Lennon Yao-chung Chang, a criminology expert at Australia’s Monash University, said he would “be surprised if China is not using similar tactics” to those employed by Russia.        澳大利亚蒙纳士大学(Monash University)刑事专家张耀中(Lennon Yao-chung Chang)表示,“如果中国没有使用与俄罗斯类似的手段”,他才会感到意外。
        Official statistics on the number of attacks, the exact locations they come from and the parties responsible are classified. Mr Boland and Mr Chang both said it was difficult to attribute an attack to a specific state actor.        关于袭击数量、发动袭击的具体位置以及相关组织的官方统计信息属于保密内容。博兰和张耀中都表示,很难将一次袭击归于某个有着政府背景的机构。
        Julie Wang, section head at Taiwan’s National Center for Cyber Security Technology, said the most frequent hacks were “advanced persistent threats”, a type usually used to steal data rather than damage an organisation, and that they emanated from China. Taiwan’s government departments are targeted by such APT threats on a “daily basis”, she said.        台湾国家资通安全会报技术服务中心(National Cyber Security Centre)部门主管Julie Wang表示,最常见的黑客袭击是“高级持续性威胁”——这是一种通常用来窃取数据而非破坏机构的黑客袭击活动——而且它们起源于中国大陆。她说,台湾政府部门“每天”都会受到此类“高级持续性威胁”的袭击。
        The 2018 local elections will see Taiwanese choose city mayors and councillors across the island and will be a bellwether of voter support for President Tsai Ing-wen and her administration.        2018年台湾将举行县市长等地方公职人员选举,这将揭示出选民有多支持台湾总统蔡英文(Tsai Ing-wen)及其政府。
        Despite upgrades at the DPP headquarters, the party is worried about the security of its polling data, event schedules and campaign strategies. “If this information is left to the wrong hands, it may affect the elections,” Mr Yang said.        尽管民进党总部进行了升级改造,但该党仍担心其民调数据、活动日程和宣传策略的安全性。杨家俍表示:“如果这种信息落入不法之徒手中,就可能影响选举。”

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