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What I wish I knew about money when I was 18 (Part II)

来源:FT中文网    2017-11-14 07:12

        Theo Paphitis        西奥•保普蒂斯(Theo Paphitis)
        Entrepreneur and former judge on Dragons’ Den        企业家、曾任商业投资真人秀节目《龙穴之创业投资》(Dragons' Den)评委投资人
        The decisions you make when you leave school define the rest of your life. So, in terms of making the right choices for your financial security as you get older, my best advice is to do something you have an interest in and are passionate about, as you’ll be working for a long time.        你离开学校时所做的决定,将决定你的余生。因此,如何为你未来的财务安全做出正确选择,我最好的建议是做你感兴趣并且充满热情的事,因为你要工作很久。
        I was lucky enough to find my passion early — in retail — and I have done well, but, most importantly, loved doing it. Ultimately, if you don’t have an interest in what you do, it will be so much harder to make money from it.        我很幸运,很快就找到了自己的兴趣所在——零售业——并且卓有成就,但最重要的是,我热爱这项工作。最后,如果你对自己的工作没有任何兴趣,想要以此谋生会难得多。
        The best piece of financial advice I’ve ever received is actually from my mother — that “cash is king”. It’s the number one rule that I’ve lived my life by. It helps you understand the value of money and see that everything else is smoke and mirrors. If the cash runs out, it’s like a heart attack for you and your business. Keep that front and centre of your mind and you will have financial security and not be struggling to pay the bills.        我迄今得到的最好的一条理财建议实际上来自我母亲——即“现金为王”。这是我一生恪守的第一法则。它可以帮助你理解金钱的价值并把其他所有事都看作镜花水月。如果现金枯竭,你和你的生意会像遭遇心脏病一样。时刻铭记这一点,你将确保财务安全,不会入不敷出。
        Claer Barrett        克莱尔•贝瑞特(Claer Barrett)
        FT Money editor        FT理财(FT Money)专栏编辑
        Today’s 18-year-olds need to understand how student loans work. They may be called loans, but the system works like a graduate tax. Put simply, the government expects you to repay your tuition fees and maintenance loans by paying a higher rate of tax for 30 years (after which, your debt is wiped). How much you repay depends on how much you earn.        现在的18岁年轻人需要理解学生贷款的原理。虽然它们被称为贷款,但学贷的原理就像是毕业税。简单来说,政府希望你未来30年以更高的税率偿还学费和生活费贷款(30年后,你的贷款就清零了)。你偿还的金额取决于你的收入水平。
        If you left university and never got a job paying more than £21,000 a year, you wouldn’t repay a single penny. But armed with a degree, chances are that you will earn comfortably more than that. When you do, the amount you repay will be 9 per cent of the amount you earn above that £21,000 threshold (not 9 per cent of your total income).        如果你大学辍学,又一直没找到年薪2.1万英镑以上的工作,那么你一分钱都不用还。但如果你拿到了学位,你很有可能找到收入远高于此的工作。这种情况下,你偿还的金额将是你的年薪减去2.1万英镑的剩余部分的9%(不是总收入的9%)。
        For example: you’re earning £30,000 per year. You will repay 9 per cent of £9,000 which is £810 per year, or £67.50 per month — about the same as a monthly contract for the new iPhone. When your wages rise, so will the amount you repay — but it will always be 9 per cent. Unlike other forms of debt, if you lose your job, get ill, stop work to have a family, or take a year out to go travelling you won’t have to make repayments (as long as your income is below that £21,000 threshold).        例如:你的年薪是3万英镑。你偿还的金额就是9000英镑的9%,即每年偿还810英镑,或每月偿还67.5英镑——和购买一部iPhone合约机的月费差不多。当你的薪水增加时,你偿还的贷款也会增加——但一直都是9%。与其他类型的贷款不同,如果你失业、生病、结婚辞职、或辞职一年去旅行,你就不用还贷款了(只要你的年薪低于2.1万的门槛)。
        Yes, you will rack up more interest. But as the debt is wiped after 30 years, this probably won’t affect you in the long run. In fact, more than two-thirds of graduates will never repay their entire student loan, according to analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.        没错,你会偿还更多利息。但是,因为30年后债务就清零,这可能不会长期影响你。事实上,据伦敦财政研究所(Institute for Fiscal Studies)的分析显示,超过三分之二的毕业生不会还清全部学贷。
        For now, try to view your student debt as an investment in your future career — and make sure you wring the maximum value out of the experience.        现在,试着把学贷看作对你未来职业的投资吧——并保证你从这段经历里获取最大价值。
        Do you know what you want to study, and where a degree in that subject could take you? When I was 18, I wasn’t sure either. So I worked full-time for two years before going to university. I was a wayward sixth-former more interested in playing music in bands than studying, and selling Apple Macs for two years (before they were fashionable) rubbed off some of the rough edges. When I finally got to university, it was what I really wanted to do — I joined the student newspaper, got a first in English Literature and landed my dream job as a reporter soon afterwards.        你知道自己想学什么专业,并且知道该专业的学位会让你进入哪个领域吗?当我18岁时,我对此也不确定。所以,在上大学前,我全职工作了两年。那时,上中学六年级的我十分任性,与学习相比,我更喜欢在乐队玩音乐。卖了两年苹果电脑后(那时苹果还没开始流行),我磨平了一些棱角。当我最终上大学时,我学的专业正是我确实想做的事——我加入了校报社团,在英国文学专业拿到了第一,后来很快得到了我梦想的工作,成为了一名记者。
        That first job meant I had some savings behind me — and was able to work through hangovers.        第一份工作意味着我存下了一些积蓄——并且可以带着宿醉工作。
        Lucy Kellaway        露西•凯拉韦(Lucy Kellaway)
        FT columnist-turned maths teacher        转行当数学老师的FT专栏作家
        No one ever gave me financial advice when I was growing up. In our family we never discussed money. But I learnt from both parents that spending was not something to be embarked upon lightly. To take a taxi was considered immoral. Eating out at the local curry house was a huge treat.        在我成长过程中,从来没人给过我理财建议。在我家,我们从不讨论钱。但我从父母那里学到,花钱可不是小事。打车被认为是不道德的。在当地咖喱饭店下馆子已经算是大吃大喝了。
        This turned out to be useful financial advice of an indirect sort. Even though I am a profligate spender by my parent’s standards, in my heart I still dislike excess. I’m still not a taker of taxis and I have never been overdrawn.        这间接成为了有用的理财建议。尽管以我父母的标准我花钱大手大脚,但我内心仍然不喜欢铺张浪费。我不常打车,也从未透支过。
        The advice I would pass on to today’s 18-year-olds is not much different. The single most important thing for them to learn is how to budget. They must understand where the money comes in and where it goes out again.        我给当今18岁年轻人的建议与此大同小异。对他们而言,最重要的是学会如何做预算。他们必须理解钱从哪来以及花到哪了。
        The first step is to have some idea about the value of money. The worst way of getting this idea is to intern for nothing while getting parental subsidies. The best way is to do a job on minimum wage. Then they must understand exactly what they spend money on, and how best to economise should times get harder. They should know all this in broad terms, but not obsess over it. My second piece of advice? Money is quite boring. Don’t let it rule your life.        第一步是对钱的价值有所了解。了解这一点最糟的方式是无薪实习,同时接受父母补贴。最好的方式是以最低工资打工。这样他们必须清楚哪些地方需要花钱,如果生活更加艰难,他们还会知道怎样才能最省钱。他们应该大体上了解这一切,但无须受困于此。我的第二点建议?金钱相当无趣。不要让它主宰你的生活。
        Merryn Somerset Webb        梅林•萨默塞特•韦布(Merryn Somerset Webb)
        FT columnist        FT专栏作家
        From my mother — keep it simple. One of the greatest causes of financial disaster is over-complication. Too many people have too many financial products in too many places, and fully understand too few of them. This is confusing and stressful.        我母亲给我的建议——保持简单。财务灾难最大的成因之一是太复杂。太多人在太多地方有太多的理财产品,但他们完全摸透的产品少之又少。这令人困惑而压力颇大。
        Complicated schemes developed to avoid tax — deeds, trusts, odd investments in alternative assets — are the worst. And the more complicated things get, the more the financial services industry is likely to charge you. The UK financial system is far from perfect (understatement alert) but for anyone who wants to create their own simple, low-tax system it is largely good news.        为了避税而设计的复杂的理财计划——房契、信托、对另类资产的奇怪投资——是最糟的。理财计划越复杂,金融服务业的收费可能越高。英国金融系统远远算不上完善(保守地说),但对于那些希望自己财务结构简单而低税的人来说,这基本上算是好消息。
        The things you need to find out about and get are:        你需要了解并持有的理财:
        A Sipp (self invested personal pension) or a workplace pension you can transfer into a Sipp later;        一份自主投资个人养老金(Sipp)或者一份之后可以转到Sipp的企业养老金;
        A stocks and shares Isa;        一个股票和股权个人储蓄账户(ISA);
        An emergency cash savings account;        一个紧急现金储蓄账户;
        A free current account        一个随取随存的活期账户;
        One credit card.        一张信用卡。
        Peace of mind is intimately connected to straightforward understandable finances and (crucially) low levels of admin.        内心的平静与简单易懂的理财计划和少操心(后者至关重要)密不可分。
        Lindsay Cook        林赛•库克(Lindsay Cook)
        FT Money Mentor columnist        FT“理财导师”(Money Mentor)专栏作家
        My parents’ catastrophic mismanagement of their financial affairs was the best financial lesson I ever had.        我父母在财务方面堪称灾难性的管理,是我迄今得到的最好的理财经验。
        My father inherited a small fortune, yet never owned his own home. He and my mother ran a rented corner shop. To their friends, they seemed successful, the life and soul of the local Conservative Club — nice clothes, new cars and a fair number of holidays. But every month, their overdraft grew.        我的父亲继承了一小笔遗产,但从未拥有过属于自己的房子。他和我母亲租了一个店面,经营一家街头小店。在他们的朋友看来,他们似乎很成功——本地保守党俱乐部的灵魂人物——衣着光鲜、开着新车、经常享受假日。但是每个月他们的透支额都在增加。
        When I started work at the local newspaper, I opened a savings account. I was paid every Friday — and I saved half of my wages every Friday for the next three years. I was determined that I would not be reliant on anyone for my financial security        当我开始在本地报纸工作时,我开设了储存账户。我每周五领到薪水——当天就把一半薪水存上3年。我决定在财务安全方面不依靠任何人。
        When I moved on to my next job, I had saved enough for a deposit on a modest house in Sheffield. I charged my future husband rent when he moved in (and I saved that too). When we moved to London, we had enough for a deposit to get a mortgage for a two-bedroom flat.        当我换第二份工作时,我的存款已经足够给谢菲尔德(Sheffield)一套不大不小的房子付首付了。在我未来的丈夫搬进来以后,我向他收取房租(这部分钱也被我存了起来)。我们在搬到伦敦时,已经攒够了一套两居室公寓的首付了。
        Paul Lewis        保罗•刘易斯(Paul Lewis)
        Presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Money Box        英国广播公司(BBC)第四频道《钱盒子》(Money Box)节目主持人
        The best piece of advice I was given was from my father who had a strong belief in pensions — even when I was young in the 1960s. He often mentioned the good pension he would get (as a teacher). When I got my first jobs, I persuaded the small employers I worked for to implement a pension scheme. When I became self-employed I continued to pay as much as I could into a pension and I reaped the benefit of those when I reached 65. I was also brought up to believe in the value of owning your home.        我得到的最好的一条建议来自我爸,他对退休金有很强的信念——即使在20世纪60年代我还小时就是如此。我爸常说他会拿到不错的退休金(作为一名老师)。我在找到头几份工作后,说服我的几位雇主办理了养老金计划。当我出来单干时,我继续尽可能多地往我的养老金账户存钱,并在65岁时开始从中获益。我还从小被教导要相信拥有自己的家的重要性。
        Today’s 18-year-olds need the same advice. Avoid debt (the student loan is not debt, it is a graduate tax). Buy your home — and a freehold house, not a leasehold property. If that means moving and travelling a distance to work, it is worth the time sacrifice. Pay as much as you can into a pension. Be highly sceptical about the financial services industry. And never gamble.        如今18岁的年轻人需要同样的建议。避免负债(助学贷款不是债务,而是一种毕业税)。买房——一个永久产权的房子,而不是租赁房产。即使这意味着搬迁,工作需要通勤,这种时间牺牲仍然值得。尽可能多地支付养老金。对金融服务业保持高度警惕。永远不要赌博。
        John Ridding        李尔庭(John Ridding)
        Chief executive, Financial Times        FT首席执行官
        An early important lesson I learnt as a teenager was not to run out of money travelling across the Greek islands — and being forced to scavenge.        十几岁时我学到的一个重要教训就是,别把钱花光去周游希腊群岛——而被迫去拾破烂。
        Actually, it’s a serious point, overspending and running out of funds is no fun and takes away your choices. So budget smartly and carefully.        说实在的,这是件严肃的事,过度消费并把钱都花光可不是闹着玩的,这会让你别无选择。所以花起钱来聪明点、仔细点。
        The advice I would give now is to beware of the herd. By the time you join a bull run, the bears will probably be on the rise.        我要给的建议是,随大溜要谨慎。在你加入牛市时,熊市的苗头可能也在上升。
        Above, all, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify.        最后特别是,别把鸡蛋都放在一个篮子里。分散风险。
        Baroness Altmann        阿尔特曼女男爵(Baroness Altmann)
        Former pensions minister        英国前年金及国民保险大臣
        The best financial advice I received when I was young was about the power of investing for growth over the long term rather than just saving for a rainy day. A good lesson I learnt was that you should keep investing when markets look weak, as you can get better value when others are selling than when everyone else is buying.        年轻时,我得到的最好的理财建议就是为实现长期增长而投资,而不仅仅是为应对不时之需而存钱。我学到的一个宝贵经验是,你应在市场萎靡时持续投资,因为当别人都在抛售不是买进时,你会获得更好的收益。
        I would tell today’s 18-year-olds not to lose faith in saving and to put money aside for their future by both repaying debt and building up assets as soon as they can. Don’t listen to “get-rich-quick-scheme” salespeople — they will usually be trying to sell you something that is in their interest, not yours. The best thing you can do is learn about financial planning — making a proper plan on how you can spend and save wisely. I know it may sound boring, but it really is best to plan your finances and make sure you understand how investment and savings work, the different ways of saving, the difference between saving for a rainy day or for a house deposit, versus investing for the long term. Make sure you plan when and how to use the many advantages of pension saving to ensure you will have money for the longer term.        我会告诫今天的18岁年轻人,不要对储蓄丧失信心,通过偿还债务和积累资产,尽快为自己的将来存些钱。别听“快速致富计划”销售的话——他们往往是出于自身的利益,而不是你们的利益。你们最好去了解一下财务规划——对如何明智地花钱和存钱做个合理的计划。我知道这听上去很无聊,但你们最好规划一下自己的财务情况,并确保自己明白投资和储蓄是如何运作的,了解各种储蓄途径,理解为应急或买房存钱与长期投资的区别。确保自己懂得规划何时及如何利用养老金储蓄的种种好处,以确保自己未来有钱用。
        Lucy Warwick-Ching        露西•沃里克(Lucy Warwick-Ching)
        FT’s Family Money columnist        FT“家庭理财”(Family Money)专栏作家
        I wish someone had told me about the power of compound interest when I was 16 and got my first pay cheque working as a programme seller at our local football ground. It is essentially earning interest on the interest you have already been paid, meaning your savings will grow like a snowball rolling down a hill, picking up extra little snowflakes of interest on the way.        我希望在我16岁时有人能告诉我复利的威力。那时我在我们当地的足球场卖比赛册子,刚刚领到第一笔工资。从本质上说,复利就是在你已获得的利息上赚取利息,这意味着你的存款将会像一个滚下山坡的雪球,沿路又会粘上额外的利息小雪片。
        If you put £100 in a children’s savings account with a 3 per cent annual interest rate (and, yes, there are several available) after 10 years you would have £135, for hardly any extra effort. Start saving early, and keep up the savings habit, and you will be well ahead of your peers.        如果你给一个儿童储蓄账户以3%的年利率存进100英镑(是的,有几种这样的账户),十年后你将拥有135英镑,几乎不用付出其他任何努力。早点存钱,并且培养储蓄的习惯,你将遥遥领先于同龄人。
        Don’t wait for your first pay packet. Ask your parents or family members to give you money instead of a present for your birthday and get that snowball rolling. If you’re under 18, your parents could invest in the stock market on your behalf using a Junior Isa. Even if you only have a few pounds to put away every week, the earlier you start saving, the longer your money will have to grow in value.        不要傻等你的第一笔工资。要求你的父母或家人拿钱代替你的生日礼物,然后让那个雪球滚起来。如果你未满18岁,你的父母可以代表你用Junior Isa(一种免税的青少年账户)投资股市。即使你每周只能存几磅,越早开始储蓄,你的钱才能越长久地实现增值。
        James Max        詹姆斯•马克思(James Max)
        FT Rich People’s Problems columnist        FT“有钱人的麻烦”(FT Rich People's Problems)专栏作家
        In any financial decision to be taken, there are only three scenarios worth thinking about. Best, worst and most likely. So be bold, but not flippant or reckless.        做任何理财决定时,只有三种情况值得考虑。最好的、最坏的和最可能的。所以大胆一点,但不要轻率或鲁莽。
        If you strongly believe you are right and a deal is right for you to do, then do it. Don’t allow other people to blow you off course. Similarly, don’t dismiss what others say because their experience and advice could be worth listening to.        如果你坚信自己是对的,并且一个交易很适合你做,那就去做。不要让别人干扰你偏离路线。同样,也别忽视别人的话,因为人家的经验和建议可能值得一听。
        It’s a fine art to juggle advice and decisive action. Doing nothing and taking no risks, while inevitably a safer route, will leave you with nothing. If you are unsure, write down all the pros and cons and how you feel on balance. Then sleep on it. In my experience, you’ll wake up in the morning and know whether to go for it — or not!        在建议和果断行动中获取平衡是一门艺术。什么也不做,什么险也不冒,虽然无疑会更安全,却也终会让你一无所获。如果你不确定,就把利弊及自己的总体感觉都写下来。第二天再考虑。依我的经验,第二天一早醒来你就会知道做——还是不做。
        António Horta-Osório        安东尼奥•奥尔塔-奥索里奥(António Horta-Osório)
        Group chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group        劳埃德银行集团(Lloyds Banking Group)首席执行官
        As a partner of the FT for Secondary Schools initiative, and someone who works in banking, the best piece of financial advice I would pass on to an 18-year-old is to plan and save for the future, as you never know what may be around the corner.        作为FT“中学主动性”(Secondary Schools initiative)项目的合作伙伴,及一名银行从业者,我想要传授给18岁年轻人的最好的理财建议是,为将来做规划,为将来储蓄,因为你永远不知道接下来会发生什么。
        Set long-term goals, using small steps. Whether that is opening your first bank account or, perhaps in time, saving for a deposit to buy your first home or set up your first small business, it is our job to help young people grow and thrive to achieve their ambitions.        设立长远的目标,一步一个脚印。无论是去银行开第一个户头,或是最终为你的第一所房子存钱,又或是创建自己第一笔小生意,帮助年轻人成长和实现他们的抱负是我们的责任。

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