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最不给力的求婚方式 你中招了吗?
Marriage proposals - The definitive ranking

来源:中国日报    2017-11-29 13:21

        9. With a flash mob        第九名:快闪求婚
        Flash mobs were cool, like, five years ago. And only then the really well done ones. And even then, not for proposals.        快闪是挺炫酷,但那是五年前的事了。而且也只有在那段时间,快闪才让人啧啧称奇。但就算是在五年前,快闪也不是用来求婚的。
        The chances are it’ll all be a bit amateur and thus totally cringe. Plus, your significant other is going to be left with a huge crowd watching her reaction. Talk about pressure.        快闪求婚可能会让你显得有些业余,搞不好会让场面变得十分尴尬。另外,会有一大群人围观你另一半的反应,想想看那压力有多大!
        8. By tricking her        第八名:耍花招
        You may think it’s hilarious to try and trick your partner into thinking one of you is being arrested or you’re having a heart attack, but the chances are it’s just going to scare the s*** out of them. Avoid.        你可能会觉得骗对方说你们当中有人被捕或者你心脏病突然发作这些做法非常有趣,但这样很有可能会把对方吓晕。千万别试!
        7. Something lame        第七名:毫无准备
        Whatever you do, don’t just turn to her one day and say: “So when are we getting married then?” Do it properly. Everyone wants to be asked properly. It doesn’t need to be a huge affair but it needs to feel special, no matter how low-key that is.        不管你干什么,千万不要只是随便找一天然后突然跑去问她:“那我们到底什么时候结婚呢?”要在适当的时机求婚,谁都想被求婚时恰逢其时。求婚不需要非常隆重,可以很低调,但一定要别出心裁。
        6. When she’s being celebrated for something else        第六名:当她在庆祝别的事时
        Remember the Chinese diver who proposed to his girlfriend when she was being presented with her silver medal at the 2016 Olympics? DO NOT BE THAT GUY!        还记得2016年奥运会上,何姿喜获银牌后,向她求婚的秦凯吗?千万别学他!
        Don’t try and overshadow her achievement. Don’t make it all about you. Let her have her moment, jeez.        这样做只会抢走她的风头,让你自己成为焦点。唉!为什么就不能让她好好享受属于她的时刻呢!
        Also don’t do it at any occasion that could steal someone else’s thunder. A wedding, for example, would be one to avoid.        同样,也别在任何可能抢走别人的风头的情景下求婚。比如在别人婚礼上,这些都是雷区!
        5. With a very adult discussion        第五名:求婚时讨论过于实际的问题
        Dear Lord, please do not do it in the context of discussing mortgages and joint bank accounts and whose family you’ll spend Christmas with. Getting engaged isn’t something to be done lightly, but you want there to be at least some romance and magic.        天啊!千万不要在刚讨论房贷、共同银行账户和圣诞节去谁家过等问题后求婚。虽然订婚不是儿戏,但其中至少还是要有些浪漫和神秘的。
        4. On her birthday or Christmas        第四名:在她生日或圣诞节当天求婚
        Do not do this. Just do not. There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t propose on an already special day.        千万别在这些日子求婚。这些日子虽然特殊,但不能在这些日子求婚的理由可谓数不胜数。
        If you propose on her birthday and then everything goes tits up between you two, you’ve just ruined her birthday for the rest of her life. Plus, doing it another day gives you two separate celebrations on two separate days.        如果在她生日当天求婚,而你俩没能走到一起,这无异于把她之后的生日聚会都给毁了。如果在别的日子求婚,你们俩还可以多出一个特别的庆祝日。
        If you propose on Christmas Day, no one else in the world will care as much because they’re all busy celebrating Christmas, duh. And again, you could tarnish both your Christmases forevermore if it doesn’t work out. I’m just being realistic. It could happen.        如果在圣诞节求婚,没几个人会理你,因为大伙都在忙着过节啊!还有,如果求婚失败,你岂不是亲手毁了你俩以后每个圣诞节?我只是比较实际罢了,这种事真的可能发生。
        3. On a big screen        第三名:用大屏幕求婚
        Whether it’s in Times Square or in a sports stadium, do not propose on the big screen. It’s cliché  and also puts a lot of pressure on your partner to react in the right way.        不要用大屏幕求婚!无论那个屏幕是在时代广场还是在体育场,都不要!这招简直土得不行,而且对方还得想如何表现得大方得体,真是压力山大。
        Awkwardness of proposals is directly correlated with publicness, so it’s best to keep things more intimate.        求婚时另一半会感到尴尬往往是因为在公共场合许多人都在围观,所以奉劝大家还是别太张扬。
        2. In a restaurant        第二名:在餐厅里求婚
        Oh, so basic. Is there any worse place to propose than in a restaurant? Even if it’s her favourite/where you had your first date/the best restaurant in the world, don’t do it. Do it after, somewhere else, fine. But dear God, not in the restaurant.        这是最基本的常识。餐厅简直是最糟糕的求婚地点——就算那是她最爱的餐厅,是你俩第一次约会的地方,是全世界最好的餐厅——也不要在那儿求婚!你可以在离开餐厅后,找个其他地方求婚,但千万别在餐厅里!
        Definitely don’t hide the ring in a glass of champagne or a piece of cake (eww that’s just going to get messy), and please for the love of all that is romantic, don’t draw the attention of everyone in the restaurant by getting down on one knee at the side of the table.        更别把戒指放在香槟杯里或蛋糕里(呃,真的会弄得一团糟),就算是想让气氛浪漫点,也别在桌边单膝跪地,那会引来餐厅里所有人的目光。
        I know, the prospect for a free pudding is very appealing. But it’s not worth it. Wait till you're alone somewhere private afterwards.        餐厅求婚可能会拿到免费赠送的布丁,我理解,但太不值了。等到你俩单独相处时再求婚吧。
        1. Spelling out ‘marry me’ in rose petals        第一名:用玫瑰花瓣拼出“嫁给我”
        Could there be anything more cliché?        拜托,还可以再老套一点吗?
        Truth be told, there is only one good way to propose, and that’s with something personal - whether it be where you first or at a place special to the two of you.        说实话,最佳的求婚方式只有一种:私下求婚。可以去你们初次相遇的地方或者某个对你们俩都很有特殊意义的地方。
        One would like to hope that if you’re proposing to someone, you’ll know whether they’d prefer an elaborate or simple proposal. But whatever you do, steer clear of the clichés.        你的伴侣会希望你知道他们对于求婚方式的喜好——精心准备的还是简单朴素的。不管你打算怎样求婚,切记避开这些俗套的方式。

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