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比特币逼近1万美元 引发震荡担忧
Bitcoin stirs volatility fears as it heads for $10,000

来源:FT中文网    2017-11-28 07:21

        The price of bitcoin soared to record highs on Monday and approached the symbolic $10,000 threshold even as some traditional marketplaces warned they were becoming “uncomfortable” with the volume and volatility of trading in the cryptocurrency.        比特币价格周一不断刷新纪录,接近具有象征意义的1万美元关口,即便一些传统市场警告称,它们对这种加密货币(cryptocurrency)的交易量和波动性开始变得“不舒服”。
        Bitcoin’s value has risen more than 850 per cent from around $1,000 at the start of the year to a high on Monday of $9,747, an ascent that masks dramatic drops along the way.        比特币的价值从年初1000美元左右上涨逾850%,周一升至9747美元的高点,这一涨势掩盖了比特币在此过程中多次急剧下跌。
        IG Group, the world’s largest online trading platform, told the Financial Times it had suspended trading of some of its bitcoin derivatives on Monday after roaring demand for the products left the company facing a high security risk.        世界最大在线交易平台IG Group向英国《金融时报》表示,在市场对部分比特币衍生品的需求飙升、导致该公司面临较高的安全风险后,该平台于周一暂停了这些产品的交易。
        Other online marketplaces, including Plus500, have raised the fees they charge in dollars to hold an open position in bitcoin, with some demanding what would amount to 175 per cent of the trade over the course of a year.        包括Plus500在内的其他在线市场上调了持有比特币未平仓头寸的美元手续费费率,一些市场收取的手续费相当于过去一年水平的175%。
        The price has been buoyed by last month’s decision by CME Group, the world’s largest exchange operator by market value, to launch bitcoin futures by the end of the year in response to demand from some of its biggest users. The move by a traditional market has helped give the cryptocurrency legitimacy in the eyes of some traders, analysts said, as has an influx of hedge funds and other semi-institutional names into the market.        上月,全世界市值最大的交易所运营商芝加哥商品交易所集团(CME Group)决定在年底前推出比特币期货,以满足其一些大用户的需求,此举提振了比特币的价格。分析师们表示,在某些交易者的眼中,传统市场的这一举动帮助赋予这种加密电子货币合法性,而对冲基金和其他大牌机构涌入该市场也起到同样效果。
        The recent rise has also been fuelled by spread betting and electronic platforms entering the market with increased marketing fanfare as well as the rise of “initial coin offerings”, which require the cryptocurrency to be obtained for investing.        在营销宣传力度加大的背景下,点差交易和电子平台进入该市场也推动了近期比特币价格上涨,尤其是越来越多的“首次代币发行”(ICO)要求用这种加密电子货币投资于新发行的代币。
        However its rapid ascent and wild volatility is raising concerns among regulators and some participants that an immature market could pose dangers to both retail punters and the companies are trying to cash in on the trend.        然而,监管者和部分参与者对比特币的快速上涨及其剧烈的波动性日益担忧,认为一个不成熟的市场可能对试图从该趋势中获利的散户投机者和企业构成威胁。
        “We don’t have the past five, 10, 15 years of data to understand the economics of cryptocurrencies . . . could they fall over?” said Jake Green, regulation partner at Ashurst, a law firm, adding that regulators were struggling to keep up with the pace of financial innovation in the space.        “我们没有过去5年、10年、15年的数据来理解加密电子货币的经济原理……它们会垮台吗?”亚司特律所(Ashurst)的监管业务合伙人杰克•格林(Jake Green)表示。他补充称,监管部门难以跟上该领域金融创新的步伐。
        Unlike traditional currencies, bitcoin bypasses any central banking system, which means investors who buy it are not afforded any consumer protections. Some regulators have warned investors of these dangers as well as the potential for heavy losses.        与传统货币不同,比特币绕过所有央行系统,这意味着购买比特币的投资者不享受任何消费者保护。一些监管机构警告投资者注意这些危险以及遭受重大损失的可能。

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