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无人超市微笑能打折 互联网黑科技闪耀乌镇

来源:中国日报    2017-12-04 13:53

        More than 400 internet firms, big and small, with tech developed across every sector of the economy from retail and healthcare to the booming sharing sector are attending the prestigious event.        超过400家大型和小型的互联网公司参加了这次博览会,从零售到医疗保健再到蓬勃发展的共享经济,所涉及的科技几乎涵盖了所有的经济领域。
        They include not only industry giants such as BMW, Kaspersky, Alibaba and Tencent but also startups that are leaders in some areas of information technology.        参展企业不仅包括宝马、卡巴斯基、阿里巴巴、腾讯等业界巨头,还有在某些信息科技领域处于领先位置的初创公司。
        A particular highlight is e-commerce innovator Alibaba's take on the future of offline shopping. Its T-Mall-branded unattended supermarket allows shoppers to grab what they like off the shelves after scanning a QR code on entry, with payment being deducted automatically via Alipay once the shopper leaves.        电子商务领域的创新者阿里巴巴为大家呈现出未来的线下购物模式,吸引了人们的目光。在“天猫无人超市”,顾客在进门时扫描二维码,选取需要的货品,离开时支付宝即可自动结账。
        With no cashiers or waiting in line, it is like picking food and groceries from your own cupboard at home.        超市无需收银员,顾客也不用排队交钱,就像在家中的橱柜中选择食物和杂货一样简单方便。
        In a corner of one of the many innovative zones at the expo, the E-Take driverless car gleams in sunburnt orange emitting a similar style and panache to that of a European sports car.        在展会众多创新区域的一角,浙江合众新能源汽车公司生产的合众E-TAKE无人驾驶车闪烁着灼热的橙色,风格和派头酷似欧洲跑车。
        Developed by Zhejiang Hozon New Energy Automobile, the car is making its debut in Wuzhen and many visitors are keen to find out more about the future potential Tesla rival. A spokesperson for the company said that development to bring the car to the market is progressing well and that its artificial intelligence technology and facial recognition give it a competitive edge.        合众E-TAKE在乌镇首次亮相,被认为未来有可能抢占特斯拉的市场份额,很多参观者发现了这款车的诸多亮点。公司一位发言人称,将这款车型推向市场的进展顺利,人工智能技术和面部识别技术成为其竞争优势。
        Smaller in stature but no less impressive in ambition, is the XiaoYi interpretation device developed by iFlyteck, a Hefei-based State-owned software enterprise dedicated to the research of intelligent speech and language technologies.        总部位于合肥的软件国企科大讯飞带来了体型更小,但前景丝毫不逊于他人的晓译翻译机。科大讯飞致力于智能语音和语言技术的研发。
        The futuristic device makes real-time translation and interpretation a reality. Speak English into it and it will instantly interpret what you've said into many languages including Chinese, Spanish, Korean or Japanese and vice versa.        这款未来概念的翻译机实现了实时翻译和口译。向翻译机讲英语,就可以实时翻译为中文、西班牙语、韩语和日语,反之亦然。
        "The machine can be put in a pocket and connected to the internet with a cellphone SIM card," said Liu Weiwei, marketing manager of iFlytek.        科大讯飞的市场经理刘伟伟(音)说:“翻译机可以装进口袋里,通过手机SIM卡联网。”
        Ofo, a leading bike-sharing company based in Beijing, was present and also has been working on new technology to benefit customers. "We are trying to make things even easier," said Li Bofei, a business manager for the company.        参展的还有位于北京的共享单车行业领军企业Ofo,这家公司也一直致力于研发新技术,惠及消费者。公司业务经理李博非(音)说:“我们致力于让骑行更轻松。”
        Ofo, working with Huawei Technologies Co, has introduced a smart bicycle lock that can be unlocked with a smartphone using near-field communication technology, which is "even easier than scanning a QR code", Li said.        李博非说,Ofo与华为公司合作,推出智能车锁,使用近场通讯智能手机解锁技术,“比扫码开锁更便捷。”。
        At last year's expo, We Doctor Group showed off a smartphone application permitting a user to connect with an online medical care service, smart medical devices and home appliances.        在去年的展会上,微医集团展示了一款智能手机应用,用户可以通过这款应用获取网络医疗服务、使用智能医疗器械和家用装置。
        This year, the company is exhibiting a smartphone it developed with a button on the back to make things simpler and easier for elderly users who have trouble with regular smartphones. It allows them to connect to the company's internet hospital platform, which it developed in late 2015, and also has all the functions of a regular phone, said Hou Dan, a marketing manager from We Doctor.        今年,微医集团展出其研发的智能手机背面有一个按钮,让不会使用智能手机的老年人操作起来更简单方便。微医集团的销售经理侯丹(音)说,这款手机有普通手机的全部功能,而且能让老年人登录到公司2015年底推出的互联网医院平台。
        China's leading bicycle-sharing service provider, Mobike Technology, was one of the companies given an award for its dockless bike-share system. Mobike built the world's first large mobile Internet of Things (IoT) platform, combining IoT, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI).        中国的共享单车服务商摩拜单车因“摩拜无桩智能共享单车”获奖。摩拜单车建立起世界首个大型单车物联网平台,集合了物联网、云计算、大数据、和人工智能能领域的高科技。
        As of October 2017, Mobike had entered more than 180 cities in nine countries, with more than seven million smart bicycles and 200 million global users, who complete 30 million trips per day.        截至2017年10月,摩拜单车已经进军全球9个国家的超过180个城市,拥有超过700万辆智能单车,全球用户超过2亿人,每天骑行3000万次。
        Microsoft's Xiaoice, an emotion computer-based AI product, also was presented at the event. It was invented in China and has been promoted in five countries.        获奖的还有“微软小冰——情感计算人工智能”。微软小冰“出生”在中国,已经在5个国家推广使用。
        Xiaoice has played various social roles by taking different "jobs", such as a TV host, radio host, news commentator and column writer. It published a poetry collection in May this year.        小冰可以从事不同的“工作”,扮演多种社会角色,比如电视节目主持人、电台主持人、新闻评论员、和专栏作家。今年五月小冰还出版了一本诗集。
        BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) was spotlighted for its "Chinese solution", which was independently constructed and operated by China and provides service worldwide.        “北斗卫星导航系统”因其“中国解决方案”备受瞩目。“北斗卫星导航系统”由中国独立构建操作,提供全球服务。
        Thanks to the BDS, more than 10,000 fishermen have been rescued, and the major car accident rate and casualty rate have decreased by 50% in China.        已有超过1万名渔民在北斗卫星导航系统的帮助下获救,中国的重大交通事故率和死伤率也因此下降了50%。
        来源:中国日报网、新华社、央广网        翻译&编审:yaning

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