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Russian doping: IOC bans Russia from 2018 Winter Olympics

来源:中国日报    2017-12-06 13:21

        Russia has been banned from competing at next year's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang by the International Olympic Committee.        国际奥委会近日决定,禁止俄罗斯参加将于2018年在韩国平昌举行的冬奥会。
        But Russian athletes who can prove they are clean would be allowed to compete in South Korea under a neutral flag.        但能“自证清白”的俄罗斯运动员可以以中立身份参赛。
        It follows an investigation into allegations of state-sponsored doping at the 2014 Games hosted by Russia in Sochi.        此前,国际奥委会曾针对2014年索契冬奥会期间俄罗斯国家层面资助的选手涉嫌服用禁药事件进行调查。
        The decision has been widely condemned in Russia, with some politicians urging a boycott of the Games, though other officials have welcomed the chance for 'clean' athletes to take part.        这一决定在俄罗斯国内遭到广泛指责,一些政客呼吁抵制冬奥会,但也有一些官员对把参赛机会留给“清白”运动员表示欢迎。
        The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) has been suspended but the IOC said it will invite Russian clean athletes to compete in February under the name 'Olympic Athlete from Russia' (OAR).        俄罗斯奥委会被禁止参赛,但国际奥委会表示,将邀请俄罗斯的“清白”运动员在明年2月以“来自俄罗斯的奥林匹克运动员”身份参加平昌冬奥会。
        This entire investigation was instigated by whistleblowing doctor Grigory Rodchenkov, who was director of Russia's anti-doping laboratory during Sochi 2014.        2014年索契冬奥会期间俄罗斯反兴奋剂实验室主管罗琴科夫曝光了兴奋剂事件,随后国际奥委会开始展开调查。
        He alleged the country ran a systematic program of doping and claimed he had created substances to enhance athletes' performances and switched urine samples to avoid detection.        罗琴科夫声称,俄罗斯运动员在国家的系统性规划下服用兴奋剂,并表示他还曾亲自上阵发明兴奋剂类物质,提高运动员的赛场表现,并参与偷换尿样,以防止被发觉。
        The World Anti Doping Agency (Wada) enlisted the services of Canadian law professor and sports lawyer Dr Richard McLaren to look into the allegations.        国际反禁药机构聘请了加拿大法律教授和体育律师理查德-麦克拉伦来调查这一指控。
        The McLaren report concluded 1,000 athletes across 30 sports benefitted from the doping program between 2012 and 2015.        《麦克拉伦报告》最后的结论称,在2012年至2015年间,有1000名运动员涉嫌服用禁药,涉及30个运动项目。
        Wada obtained what it said was a Russian laboratory database which it felt corroborated McLaren's conclusions, while re-testing of Russian athletes' samples resulted in a host of retrospective bans and stripping of medals.        国际反禁药机构还获得了俄罗斯实验室数据库资料,认为其证实了报告结论。针对俄罗斯运动员尿样的复检导致大批运动员被可追溯性禁赛,奖牌也被取消。
        President of the ROC, Alexander Zhukov, said there was positive and negative news from the IOC's decision.        俄罗斯奥委会主席朱可夫说,这一决定喜忧参半。
        He welcomed the invitation for clean athletes to compete in South Korea but does not agree with the ruling that they must compete under a neutral flag.        他对邀请清白运动员参赛的决定表示欢迎,但不同意他们必须以中立身份参赛的规定。
        Russian politicians and athletes were united in their condemnation of the IOC decision.        俄罗斯政客和运动员都对国际奥委会的决定表示谴责。
        The deputy chairman of Russian parliament's defence committee, Frants Klintsevich, said Russian athletes should not take part in the Olympics in 2018 if they are not allowed to compete under the national flag.        俄罗斯参议院国防委员会副主席弗朗茨•克莱琴谢夫表示,如果不能亮出自己国家的国旗,那么俄罗斯运动员就不应该参加平昌冬奥会。
        "I don't know what Russia's decision will be in the end, but in my view, a great power can't go 'incognito' to the Olympics," state-owned RIA Novosti news agency reported him saying.        他对俄罗斯新闻社说:“我不知道国家最后怎么决定,但在我看来,强大的俄罗斯不能匿名参赛。”
        Russian bobsleigh federation president Alexander Zubkov said on Tuesday he was "shocked" by the decision.        俄罗斯雪橇联合会主席亚力山大-祖布科夫周二表示,他对(国际奥委会)这一决定感到“震惊”。
        Zubkov was stripped last month of the two gold medals he won at the 2014 Sochi Games and banned from the Olympics for life over alleged doping violations.        因违反禁药规定,祖布科夫上月被取消在2014索契冬奥会上获得的两枚金牌,并被终身禁止参加奥运会。
        Russian state broadcaster VGTRK has said it will not broadcast the winter Olympic games if the Russian team is not participating.        全俄国家电视广播公司表示,如果没有俄罗斯队参赛,将不转播平昌冬奥会。
        The Olympics ban for Russia, who had finished top of the Sochi 2014 medal table, could potentially leave opportunities for gold, silver and bronze open to several other nations.        俄罗斯队在2014年索契冬奥会奖牌榜上排名居首。如果平昌的赛场上没有俄罗斯队,其他几个冰雪运动强国的摘牌机会将大增。
        It is not yet clear how many Russian athletes, if any, will seek to compete under a neutral flag.        现在还不知道会有多少俄罗斯运动员(如果真有的话)会以中立身份参赛。

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