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Australia targets threat from foreign influence

来源:FT中文网    2017-12-05 17:12

        Australia will ban foreign political donations and force lobbyists to reveal when they are working for overseas entities under tough new laws designed to tackle growing espionage threats and Chinese influence in domestic politics.        根据一项严格的新法案,澳大利亚将禁止外国政治捐款,并强制游说人员在为海外实体工作时对外公开这种关系。该法案旨在应对日益加大的间谍威胁和中国对澳大利亚内政的影响。
        The crackdown follows revelations that organisations and individuals with alleged links to the Chinese government have donated more than A$6.7m to the Liberal and Labor parties over recent years. One opposition MP, who received cash, called publicly for Australia to respect China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea — a position contrary to that of his party.        这些打击措施是在媒体曝光近年来一些可能与中国政府有关联的组织和个人向澳大利亚自由党和工党捐款逾670万澳元后出台的。一位收受了现金的反对党议员曾公开呼吁澳大利亚尊重中国在南中国海的领土主张——这一立场与他所在党派的立场相左。
        “Foreign intelligence services are engaged in covert influence and interference on an unprecedented scale,” Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s prime minister, said on Tuesday as he summarised the proposed legislation.        澳大利亚总理马尔科姆•特恩布尔(Malcolm Turnbull,文首图)周二在总结这项拟议中的法案时说:“外国情报机构正以前所未有的规模秘密施加影响和干涉。
        “This activity is being directed against a range of Australian interests, from our political systems, to our commercial interests, to expatriate communities who have made Australia their home.”        “这种活动针对澳大利亚的一系列利益,从我们的政治制度,到我们的商业利益,再到已把澳大利亚当作家园的侨民群体。”
        The proposed reforms would ban foreign donations to political parties or to lobby groups that have spent more than A$100,000 ($76,000) on political campaigning over a four-year period. This would likely affect environmental campaigning groups such as GetUp!, which has opposed construction of the Adani coal mine.        拟议中的改革将禁止政党或在4年时间里在某项政治运动上花费逾10万澳元(合7.6万美元)的游说组织接受外国捐款。GetUp!这样的环保活动组织很可能会受到影响,该组织反对建设阿达尼(Adani)煤矿。
        Australia is the latest western country to review its laws amid rising concern that foreign governments are seeking to influence domestic politics. China spends an estimated $10bn a year on external propaganda activities, while Russia and North Korea have both been implicated in hacking controversies by western security agencies.        在对外国政府寻求干涉本国内政的忧虑日益加剧之际,澳大利亚是西方国家中重新评估其法律的最新一个。据估计,中国每年花费100亿美元用于对外宣传活动,俄罗斯和朝鲜也被西方安全机构暗指从事黑客活动。
        The Australian legislation, which must be approved by parliament, would create a transparency scheme similar to the US Foreign Agents Registry that requires lobbyists to declare whether they are acting on behalf of a foreign power.        澳大利亚的这一法案必须经议会批准。该法案如获批准,将创建出类似美国《外国代理人登记法》 (FARA)的透明度机制。美国《外国代理人登记法》要求游说人员公开他们是否代表外国势力行事。
        “Being registered should not be seen as any kind of taint and certainly not as a crime,” said Mr Turnbull. “If you fail to disclose your ties, then you will be liable for a criminal offence.”        “被登记不应被视为某种污点,更不应被视为犯罪。”特恩布尔表示,“但如果你没有披露你的关系,那你将要承担刑事责任。”
        A succession of high profile Australian politicians, including Andrew Robb, a former trade minister, and Bob Carr, a former foreign minister, have taken lucrative jobs with Chinese companies or Chinese-funded institutions in recent years. They may have to declare their interests under the new transparency regime.        近年来,一连串知名澳大利亚政治人士接受了中国企业或者中国资助的机构中报酬不菲的工作,比如前贸易部长安德鲁•罗伯(Andrew Robb)和前外交部长鲍勃•卡尔(Bob Carr)。依据新的透明度机制,这些政治人士或许必须申报利益关系。
        The legislation will target covert, deceptive or threatening actions by foreign actors who intend to influence Australia’s government processes. It will also criminalise economic espionage with up to 15 years imprisonment.        这项法案针对的是意图影响澳政府程序的外国势力采取的秘密、欺诈或威胁行动。该法还规定,从事经济间谍活动将被判处最高15年的有期徒刑。
        Existing laws on espionage, sabotage and treason will be updated and will carry severe penalties, including life imprisonment.        有关间谍、破坏和叛国的现行法律将被更新,违犯者将面临包括无期徒刑在内的严厉惩罚。
        Mr Turnbull said the legislation was not directed at a single country, while noting allegations of Russian interference in the US election. However, he used the occasion to launch a scathing attack on opposition lawmaker Sam Dastyari, who is embroiled in a foreign donations controversy.        特恩布尔表示,该法并不针对特定国家——尽管他提到了有关俄罗斯干预美国大选的说法。不过,他利用这个机会猛烈抨击陷入外国捐款争议的反对党议员萨姆•达斯季亚里(Sam Dastyari)。
        The Labor senator accepted thousands of dollars from a Chinese businessman Huang Xiangmo to pay for travel and legal bills. He later supported China’s position on the contested South China Sea.        这名工党参议员曾收受中国商人黄向墨数千美元捐款,用于支付旅游和法律方面的费用。后来他曾发言支持中国在南中国海争端中的立场。
        Last week Fairfax Media reported allegations that Mr Dastyari had warned Mr Huang that his phone was likely tapped by government agencies.        上周费尔法克斯传媒(Fairfax Media)报道称,据称达斯季亚里曾警告黄向墨,他的电话很可能被政府机构监听。
        Mr Dastyari denies passing on intelligence information to Mr Huang.         达斯季亚里否认向黄向墨传递情报信息。

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