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Olympics: North and South Korea must seize this political moment

来源:FT中文网    2018-02-09 14:21

        As athletes and fans gather in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics, the words of Pierre du Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympic Games, have a particular resonance that goes far beyond the sporting arena: “L’important, c’est du participer,” — “It’s the taking part that counts.”        在运动员和体育爱好者齐聚韩国平昌参加和观看冬奥会(Winter Olympics)之际,“现代奥运之父”皮埃尔•顾拜旦(Pierre de Coubertin)的那句名言——“重在参与”——引起了特别的共鸣,包括在竞技场以外的地方。
        North and South Korean athletes will march together in the opening ceremony under a neutral banner called the Korean Peninsula Flag and a joint women’s ice hockey team will compete in the games. This symbolic gesture of reconciliation and joint teamwork is powerful in itself, but it also offers a unique chance for meaningful progress behind the scenes to help resolve the nuclear tensions on the Korean peninsula.        在开幕式上,朝鲜和韩国运动员将在中立的“朝鲜半岛旗”下共同入场,朝韩联合组建的女子冰球队将参加比赛。这种和解与团队协作的象征性姿态本身是很有力量的,也为幕后取得真正意义上的进展提供了独特的机会,将帮助化解朝鲜半岛核紧张局势。
        North Korea’s decision to send Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, to the opening ceremony, together with Kim Yong-nam, the chair of the Supreme People’s Assembly, is encouraging for hopes of diplomatic engagement and rapprochement.        朝鲜决定派出金正恩(Kim Jong Un)的妹妹金与正(Kim Yo Jong)以及朝鲜最高人民会议(Supreme People’s Assembly)常任委员会委员长金永南(Kim Yong Nam)参加冬奥会开幕式,这使人们不由得期待两国能够实现外交接触与和解。
        The need could not be more acute. For the past quarter of a century, the focus of the international community’s efforts has been on preventing North Korea becoming a nuclear-armed state. But it may now be the case that the north has entered the final stage of completing the ICBM technology that can reach and hit the continental US loaded with a miniaturised nuclear warhead.        这种需求不能更迫切了。过去25年来,国际社会一直寻求阻止朝鲜成为一个核武国家,但现在朝鲜可能已经进入了发展完备的洲际弹道导弹技术的最后阶段,这种导弹搭载小型化核弹头将可以抵达并打击美国本土。
        The objective is unchanged; achieving complete, verifiable, irreversible dismantlement of North Korean nuclear weapons and programmes. But the immediate challenge is to achieve that objective in a way that avoids conflict and further nuclear proliferation in the region and beyond. There is also a longer-term need for a new, regional security framework in North-East Asia to replace the fragile, temporary peacekeeping arrangements that have existed since the end of the Korean war.        目标没有变化:以完全、可核查和不可逆转的方式结束朝鲜的核武器及计划。但眼下的挑战在于实现这些目标的同时如何避免冲突和该地区以及其他地区进一步的核扩散。此外,较长期来看,东北亚地区需要制定新的地区安全框架,替代自朝鲜战争结束以来脆弱、暂时的维持和平安排。
        Diplomats and security experts worldwide warn that the risk of a devastating war is unprecedented. Last month, the Doomsday Clock was reset at two minutes to midnight — the closest to midnight it has been in 65 years.        全球外交人士和安全专家警告称,爆发毁灭性战争的风险是空前的。上月,末日时钟(Doomsday Clock)被调整为距离子夜两分钟,是65年来距离子夜最近的时刻。
        We know from experience how critical it is to recognise — and then seize — unexpected moments to try and change a dangerous trajectory of events. The Olympic detente could be such a moment. We welcome the gesture of bilateral North-South talks that Kim Jong Un offered in his annual New Year’s Day address. While the three rounds of talks held so far have mainly focused on the modalities of the North’s participation in the Winter Olympics, further talks on security-related confidence-building measures have also been agreed.        经验告诉我们,认识并抓住意外出现的时机、努力改变危险的局势发展轨道是多么重要。冬奥会上朝韩关系缓和可能就是这样一个时刻。我们欢迎金正恩在一年一度的新年讲话中表现出的愿意进行韩朝双边对话的姿态。尽管迄今三轮韩朝会谈主要围绕朝鲜以什么方式参加本届冬奥会,但两国也同意就与安全相关的增强信任措施举行进一步会谈。
        All parties must use this Olympic moment to nurture a positive atmosphere that enables a genuine dialogue to continue, including bilateral military talks. We must make sure that after the Paralympics end, in March, the goodwill does not disappear as fast as the winter snow melts.        所有各方必须利用这种奥运时刻营造积极气氛,让双方能够继续进行包括双边军事谈判在内的真正对话。我们必须确保,在今年3月残奥会结束后,善意不会像冬雪融化一样迅速消失。
        In this regard, North Korea’s military parade on the eve of the opening ceremony of the Games was provocative, harming the positive mood. At this critical time, all concerned must avoid inflammatory rhetoric and military activities. Patient diplomacy and sustained engagement can yield results, as we have seen with the Iran nuclear agreement, negotiated between Tehran and the P5+1 countries, including, of course, the US.        就这点来说,朝鲜在奥运会开幕式前举行阅兵是挑衅性的,伤害了积极的情绪。在这个关键时刻,相关各方都要避免煽动性言论和军事活动。耐心的外交努力和持续的接触可以产生成果,正如我们在伊朗核协议中看到的那样——德黑兰与“P5+1”(联合国安理会五个常任理事国加上德国,其中当然包括美国)谈判达成了协议。
        We continue to believe that the Iran deal is the best way to prevent nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, and that it can serve as an inspiration for developing a comparable diplomatic process to resolve the current tensions on the Korean peninsula.        我们仍然相信,伊朗协议是防止中东地区核扩散的最好办法,而且它可以启发我们开展一种类似的外交进程来解决当前的朝鲜半岛紧张局势。
        A permanent peace treaty requiring North Korea to fully comply with UN Security Council Resolution 2397: to “immediately abandon all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner”, beginning with unfettered access of the International Atomic Energy Agency to the nuclear facilities, would be the ideal outcome.        签署一份要求朝鲜完全遵守联合国安理会第2397号决议的永久和平条约将是理想的结果——根据决议,“朝鲜应立即以完全、可核查和不可逆转的方式放弃所有核武器和现有核计划”,首先应允许国际原子能机构(International Atomic Energy Agency)不受限制地进入核设施。
        The path to such an accord will be long and arduous, requiring stamina and discipline from all sides. Let us hope that leaders on both sides of the 38th parallel, as well as the international community, will follow the example of their Olympic athletes in striving for the greatest prize of all: a lasting, not temporary, peace on the Korean peninsula.        达成这样一份协议将是漫长而艰巨的,需要各方有耐力、守纪律。让我们希望“三八线”两边的领导人以及国际社会都会以他们的奥运会运动员为榜样去争取最大的奖项,即朝鲜半岛持久、而不是暂时的和平。
        The writer was UN Secretary-General from 2007-2016 and is now a member of The Elders. This article was written in consultation with Kofi Annan, winner of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize and chair of The Elders.        本文作者在2007年至2016年间担任联合国秘书长,现在是元老会(The Elders)成员。本文写作征询过2001年诺贝尔和平奖得主、元老会主席科菲•安南(Kofi Annan)的看法

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