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It is not up to film stars to sort out workplace harassment

来源:FT中文网    2018-03-06 07:09

        “I do hope the movie stars don’t give up on the #MeToo movement and move on to something else.”        “我真心希望电影明星不要放弃#MeToo(我也是)运动,转而关注起别的事情。”
        The speaker was a senior consultant, and it was a private conversation. He was trying to articulate his sympathy for the men and women who have spoken out against harassment at work. He wanted the campaign to succeed. But his comment exuded abject passivity: fixing the problem was up to the “actresses” — not him.        说这话的人是一名高级顾问,且这是一次私人谈话。他是对那些站出来揭露职场性骚扰行为的男性和女性表示同情。他希望这场运动能够取得成功。但他的这番话显得极其被动:问题的解决取决于“女演员们” —— 而不是他。
        My first response was outrage, my second was pragmatic. This consultant’s perspective was the same as that of many male and female managers I know. They support women and they are against harassment. They have not experienced or perpetrated sexual harassment themselves, but they probably know people who have, though they may be unaware of that. So they have power and goodwill but they do not know what to do with them. This column is for them.        我的第一应是愤怒,但我的第二反应是务实的。这位顾问的观点与我所认识的许多男性和女性经理相同。他们支持女性,反对性骚扰。他们自己并没有受到或实施过性骚扰,但他们可能认识受到或实施过性骚扰的人,尽管他们可能没有意识到这一点。所以,他们拥有应对这些情况的权力和善意,但不知道如何下手。这篇专栏就是写给他们的。
        The first step is to accept that, according to the statistics, sexual harassment is almost certainly happening in your workplace. Research shows that the proportion of workers who say they have been harassed stands at between 20 per cent and 53 per cent for women depending on the survey; for men, it is somewhere between 7 and 20 per cent. Unless you work in a very, very small business, this is your problem now.        第一步就是接受现实。根据统计数据,你的工作场所几乎肯定存在性骚扰。根据调查结果所进行的研究显示, 表示受到过骚扰的女性比例在20%至53%之间;男性则在7%到20%之间。除非你在一家非常小的企业工作,否则,性骚扰就是你现在面临的问题。
        The second step is to recognise that harassment is against the law in the UK under the Equality Act 2010 section 26. It does not matter if it was intentional or not. According to Meriel Schindler, head of the employment team at Withers law firm and a leading London-based employment lawyer, “If I put porn up in my open-plan office without intending to upset the person next to me, I am creating a degrading environment. It does not matter that I did not intend it to violate anyone’s dignity or to create an intimidating, hostile, humiliating or offensive environment; that is what ordinary harassment is about.”        第二步是要认识到,根据2010年生效的《平等法》(Equality Act)中的第26条,性骚扰在英国是违法行为,不论是有意为之还是无心之失。根据卫达仕律师事务所(Withers)劳资法律师团队主管、伦敦数一数二的劳资法律师梅里埃尔•辛德勒(Meriel Schindler)的解释,“如果我把色情杂志放在我的开放式办公室,虽无意让旁边的人感到不安,我还是营造了一种侮辱性的环境。即便我无意侵犯任何人的尊严,或创造恐吓、敌意、羞辱或威胁性环境,也无济于事。这就构成了普通意义上的骚扰。”
        Much the same applies in the US, where, as part of equal opportunity legislation, sexual harassment of men or women is against the law.        美国的情况也基本一样。作为平等机会立法的一部分,对男性或女性的性骚扰都是违法行为。
        The third step is to understand that everyone is watching. What will your organisation do? The old responses — brush it under the carpet, quietly manage out the junior party — will not work. All those purpose and values statements, ethics exhortations and workforce engagement strategies: you can kiss them goodbye when you turn a blind eye to harassment that everyone sees and talks about. As Ms Schindler says, the past six months have seen networks trump hierarchy.        第三步是要明白,每个人都在看。你的组织会如何处理?以往那些刻意隐瞒、悄悄地将职位低的员工“管理出门“(manage out)的做法再也行不通了。如果你对每个人都看到,且都在谈论的性骚扰视而不见,那你就可以和所有那些目标和价值观宣言、道德训诫和员工参与策略说再见了。正如辛德勒所说,在过去六个月中,网络已经战胜了等级。
        Everyone’s eyes are on employers. After decades of failed diversity initiatives, will management grasp the nettle and change anything? Which senior leaders — male or female — are stepping up and demanding action? Who remains silent?        每双眼睛都在紧盯着雇主。在多元化口号喊了几十年仍未见成效后,管理层是否会迎难而上,作一些改变? 哪些高层领导——男性还是女性——正挺身而出,并要求采取行动? 谁还在保持沉默?
        The obvious policies have to work in practice. An ethics phone line that no one answers will not cut it any more — attention must be paid not just to policies but also to their practical impact.        清晰明了的政策必须在实践中发挥作用。开通一条无人接听的道德热线的做法已经行不通了——雇主必须予以关注,不仅关注政策,还要关注政策的实际效果。
        Which employers will follow Cambridge university, by measuring sexual misconduct and tracking progress in dealing with it? In the past five years, fewer than six incidents of sexual misconduct were reported formally at the university per term. But since it launched an anonymous online form to allow staff to report incidents, 173 were reported in just nine months. The university’s project is watched with interest.        有哪些雇主会效仿剑桥大学(Cambridge University)的做法,对不检点行为进行衡量,并追踪处理进展? 在过去五年里,剑桥每学期正式报告的不检点行为不到六起。但是,在该校推出匿名在线表格,让员工举报此类事件后,仅九个月就收到了173份举报。剑桥的做法受到外界饶有兴趣的关注。
        Who in senior management will stand alongside those with grievances to ensure they are investigated firmly and fairly? Will you volunteer? Which non-executive director will personally guarantee that every reported case is taken seriously and dealt with quickly? That is the undertaking I have made on one board on which I sit. I want to reassure myself our promise is serious and real.        高级管理层中,有谁愿意与那些满怀委屈的人站在一起,确保举报得到严肃而公平的调查? 你愿意主动这样做吗? 哪位非执行董事愿意作出个人保证,确保每个举报的案件都得到认真对待和迅速处理? 在我担任董事的一个董事会上,我做了这样的承诺。我想让自己相信,我们的承诺是严肃而真实的。
        Now is an excellent time to introduce reverse mentoring, in which senior executives receive feedback from junior staff. I have seen this work well in large organisations where leaders were paired with young workers of different genders, ethnicity and sexual orientation.        现在是推出逆向指导机制的大好时机——让高级管理人员听取下级员工的反馈意见。我注意到,在一些大型机构中这种做法效果非常好:企业领导与不同性别、族裔和性取向的年轻员工结成对子。
        Being told how they come across to others, where they cross lines or step on toes, can be chastening but informative. Many leaders shrug their shoulders and say it is just too difficult these days to know what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. But it is not hard — junior mentors will tell you. Seeing yourself and your organisation through young eyes makes a difference to how you communicate and behave. Ms Schindler says this is particularly effective at board level, where it is hard to know what is really going on.        被告知自己的什么行为导致别人有意见,哪些地方越界了,哪些地方冒犯了他人,这些话可能不中听,但很有用。许多领导耸耸肩说,现在要想知道什么是可以接受的行为、什么是不可以接受的行为实在太难了。这其实并不难——负责指导你的下级会告诉你。通过年轻人的眼睛来看待你自己和你领导的机构,会让你的沟通和行为方式发生改变。辛德勒说,这种做法在董事会层面特别有效,因为董事会很难了解真实情况。
        Senior leaders must now be prepared to stake their reputations on fair, safe workplaces. As we have seen with Oxfam and the Catholic Church, it is naive to assume that your organisation’s reputation and higher purpose will protect you.        现在,高层管理人员必须准备好,押上自己的声誉来追求一个公平而安全的工作场所。正如我们在乐施会(Oxfam)和天主教会(Catholic Church)看到的那样,认为组织的声誉和崇高目标会保护你是幼稚的想法。
        This is an existential moment for everyone in management. It is not up to film stars to sort it out. It is up to you.        现在是每个管理者展现其存在价值的时刻。不能依靠电影明星来解决性骚扰问题,这事该你来做。

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