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Suspicion falls on Russia after UK spy’s collapse

来源:FT中文网    2018-03-07 06:45

        When UK spymasters asked their intelligence allies in Washington to add Sergei Skripal to a list of three Russian double agents to be swapped with a spy ring working undercover in the US, it was assumed the former military intelligence officer would retire to peaceful obscurity in Britain.        当英国情报机构首脑要求华盛顿的情报盟友将谢尔盖•斯克里帕尔(Sergei Skripal)加入3名俄罗斯双重间谍的名单、以便用美国破获的俄罗斯潜伏间谍网成员来交换他们时,人们假设这位前军事情报官员将在英国隐姓埋名地度完余生。
        But seven years after the biggest spy swap since the cold war, Mr Skripal is once again at the centre of a possible espionage plot.        但冷战以来规模最大的间谍互换7年后,斯克里帕尔再次被推到一场潜在间谍阴谋的中心。
        Yesterday, Wiltshire Police said that Mr Skripal, 66, and his 33-year-old daughter, Yulia, were being treated for “suspected exposure to an unknown substance”.        威尔特郡(Wiltshire)警方昨日称,66岁的斯克里帕尔与其33岁的女儿尤丽雅(Yulia)在“疑似暴露于某种不明物质”后,正在接受治疗。
        Mr Skripal and his daughter had been found slumped unconscious on a bench outside a Salisbury shopping centre in south-west England on Sunday.        周日,斯克里帕尔与女儿被发现昏倒在英格兰西南部索尔兹伯里一个购物中心外的长椅上。
        As police cordoned off areas of the city and officers carried out searches wearing what appeared to be radioactive protective suits, UK intelligence officials raced to establish whether another Russian spy had been the victim of a poisoning attack on British soil.        警方封锁了该市的一些区域,进行搜索的警官身上似乎穿着防放射的防护服,英国情报官员忙于确定这是否是又一起俄罗斯间谍在英国土地上遭投毒加害的事件。
        Although police and security officials urged caution, analysts and commentators were quick to point the finger at Russia.        虽然警方和安全官员敦促各方保持谨慎,但分析和评论人士很快将矛头指向俄罗斯。
        “When a major enemy of Russia suddenly becomes critically ill from an unknown substance, one has to assume the worst,” Bill Browder, chief executive of Hermitage Capital and an outspoken critic of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, told the BBC’s Newsnight programme on Monday.        Hermitage Capital首席执行官、俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔•普京(Vladimir Putin)的公开批评者比尔•布劳德(Bill Browder)周一对BBC《新闻之夜》(Newsnight)节目表示:“当俄罗斯的一名重要敌人突然因一种不明物质陷入病危时,人们不得不做出最坏的推测。”
        Yesterday, the local police handed over the investigation to the counter-terrorism force.        昨日,当地警方已将调查移交给反恐部门。
        Police and MI5, the domestic security service, must establish whether, 12 years after former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned at a London hotel with the radioactive agent polonium-210, Mr Skripal is another victim of Russian undercover agents exacting revenge.        警方与负责国内安全的军情五处(MI5)必须确定,在前克格勃(KGB)官员亚历山大•利特维年科(Alexander Litvinenko)在伦敦一家酒店遭放射性物质钋-210投毒12年后,斯克里帕尔是否是实施报复的俄罗斯一线特工的又一个受害者。
        Boris Johnson, the UK foreign secretary, said that Britain would respond “robustly” if an investigation concluded that the pair had been poisoned in a state-sponsored attack.        英国外交大臣鲍里斯•约翰逊(Boris Johnson)表示,如果调查结论是两人因一场国家发起的攻击而中毒,英国将做出“强烈”回应。
        Identifying the exact nature of the substance that caused Mr Skripal to become so ill — the pair were initially suspected of taking the opioid, fentanyl — is their priority.        当务之急是识别导致斯克里帕尔病危的物质的性质;两人最初被怀疑摄入了阿片类药物芬太尼(Fentanyl)。
        But in the case of Litvinenko, it took weeks to identify the substance that caused his slow, painful death, and much longer to gather sufficient evidence to blame Russia.        但在利特维年科的案件中,当局花了数周时间才确认导致他缓慢而痛苦地死去的物质,并花了更长的时间收集足以指责俄罗斯的证据。
        Mr Putin has made clear that spies who turn against Russia will pay the price for their disloyalty.        普京已经明确表示,背叛俄罗斯的间谍将为自己的不忠付出代价。
        “Traitors will kick the bucket . . . 30 pieces of silver they received, they will choke on them,” he has said.        他曾表示:“叛国者将一命呜呼……他们得到了30枚银币,他们将被噎死。”
        Yesterday, Dmitry Peskov, Mr Putin’s spokesman, said that the UK authorities had yet to approach the Russian government for assistance in its investigation into Mr Skripal, adding: “Moscow is always open to interaction.”        普京发言人德米特里•佩斯科夫(Dmitry Peskov)昨日表示,英国当局尚未请求俄罗斯政府协助对斯克里帕尔的调查,他说:“莫斯科永远愿意沟通。”
        “We know that this tragic situation has happened, yet we have no information about its probable causes, what this man has been doing, and what this is about. So, I simply cannot make any comments,” Mr Peskov said. “I am unable to offer any reaction, because we have no information at all.”        佩斯科夫说:“我们知道这一悲剧已经发生,但关于此事的可能原因,这个人近来在做什么,以及这是怎么回事,我们没有任何信息。因此我根本无法置评。我无法作出任何反应,因为我们不掌握任何信息。”
        If Mr Skripal’s illness is determined to be the result of foul play, intelligence chiefs at both MI6, the UK’s foreign intelligence service, and MI5 will face difficult questions over how it was allowed to happen and whether the perpetrators are still at large in the UK.        如果斯克里帕尔的病情被证实是暗算的结果,那么军情五处以及英国对外情报机构军情六处(MI6)的情报负责人将面临一些尖锐的问题:这种事件怎么能被允许发生?作案人是否仍在英国逍遥法外?
        “Still people can’t understand what they need to do, how they need to protect themselves,” Litvinenko’s widow, Marina, told The Times newspaper.        利特维年科的遗孀玛丽娜(Marina)对《泰晤士报》(The Times)表示:“人们依然不知道他们要做什么,他们该怎样保护自己。”
        The BBC reported that Mr Skripal had been given an MI6 pension on his arrival in the UK in 2010, in return for giving speeches to defence and security officials and for providing “consultancy” to intelligence officers. Intelligence officials could not immediately be reached for comment.        据英国广播公司(BBC)报道,斯克里帕尔在2010年抵达英国时获得了军情六处的一份退休金,作为他给国防和安全官员做演讲以及向情报官提供“咨询”的报酬。记者无法立即联系到英国的情报官员请其置评。
        Mr Skripal, a colonel in the foreign military agency of the Russian armed forces, was charged by the Russian state in 2004 with having spied for MI6. He was jailed for 13 years in 2006.        斯克里帕尔曾是俄军总参谋部情报总局(GRU)的一名上校,于2004年被俄罗斯政府指控为军情六处刺探情报,2006年被判处13年徒刑。
        It has been suggested that Mr Skripal’s information may have led to the unmasking of 300 Russian intelligence officers and other agents working abroad.        据称,斯克里帕尔的情报可能导致俄罗斯300名情报官以及在国外活动的其他特工身份暴露。
        But just four years later, in 2010, Mr Skripal was suddenly pardoned by then-Russian president Dmitry Medvedev.        但仅仅四年后,斯克里帕尔于2010年突然被时任俄罗斯总统德米特里•梅德韦杰夫(Dmitry Medvedev)赦免。

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