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Onstage, South Korean K-Pop Stars. In the Balcony, Kim Jong-un, Clapping.

来源:纽约时报    2018-04-02 06:55

        SEOUL, South Korea — He clapped and he smiled, even posing for a group photo with a K-pop band.        韩国首尔——他鼓掌,他微笑,他甚至摆好姿势和一个韩国流行乐队合照。
        The appearance by North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, on Sunday at a concert by South Korean musicians in Pyongyang was all the more unusual because his authoritarian government has been struggling to stave off what it sees as an infiltration of the South’s pop culture among his isolated people.        周日在平壤举行的一场韩国艺人演唱会上,朝鲜领导人金正恩的露面很不寻常,因为他的专制政府一直在努力阻止韩国流行音乐文化对与世隔绝的朝鲜民众的渗透迹象。
        But Kim shook the hands of members of South Korea’s most popular girl band, Red Velvet, which he and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, watched from a balcony.        但金正恩与韩国最受欢迎的女子乐团“红丝绒”(Red Velvet)的成员们握了手,他和妻子李雪主(Ri Sol Ju)一起在包厢中观看了她们的表演。
        After watching Red Velvet perform, Kim reportedly pronounced the event a “gift for Pyongyang citizens.”        据称,在看完“红丝绒”的表演后,金正恩宣告这次活动是“给平壤人民的礼物”。
        The two-hour show at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater was part of a political détente between the neighboring countries as relations have thawed.        随着两个邻国之间关系解冻,这场在东平壤大剧场(East Pyongyang Grand Theatre)进行的两小时演出是政治和解的一部分。
        It was the first time a North Korean leader watched a South Korean musical performance in the North’s capital.        这是朝鲜领导人首次在朝鲜首都观看韩国音乐演出。
        The performances by the South Korean troupe that flew in Saturday with great fanfare to Pyongyang were done in the name of international diplomacy.        这些韩国乐团在平壤得到了大肆宣扬,他们于周六飞抵平壤,这次表演是以国际外交的名义进行的。
        The show occurred just weeks before Kim is scheduled to meet with South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, at a border village on April 27, and before a planned summit meeting with President Donald Trump in May.        这场演出几周之后,按照计划,金正恩就将于4月27日在一个边境村庄会见韩国总统文在寅,并将于5月与唐纳德·特朗普总统举行领导人会晤。
        They were the first South Korean singers to perform in North Korea in more than a decade. Their visit reciprocated a North Korean art troupe’s performances in South Korea during its Winter Olympics in February. Moon watched one of the North Korean performances.        他们是十几年来首次在朝鲜表演的韩国歌手。这次访问是对朝鲜艺术团2月在冬奥会期间演出的回应,当时文在寅观看了朝鲜艺术团的一场演出。
        Kim and Ri, a former singer, were among hundreds of North Koreans who filled the 1,500-seat theater to watch the South Korean singers, including older crooners, gelled rockers and K-pop starlets.        金正恩和曾经当过歌手的李雪主,以及坐满了这个能容纳1500人的剧院的朝鲜人一起观看了韩国歌手们的演出,演出阵容包括较年长的情歌歌手、抹了发胶的摇滚歌手和年轻的韩国流行女歌手。
        On Sunday evening, thunderous clapping erupted when Kim and his wife entered the concert hall and seated themselves in a second-floor balcony, according to pool reports from South Korean journalists and officials.        根据韩国记者和官员的各种报道,周日晚上,当金正恩和妻子走进音乐厅,在二楼包厢入座时,剧场中掌声雷动。
        Attention was focused on how Kim would react to the pop singers, particularly Red Velvet. The five-member girl group is typical of South Korean girl groups — known for their chirpy, bubble-gum harmonies and sexy choreography.        人们的注意力都集中在金正恩对流行歌手的反应上,尤其是“红丝绒”。这个五人女子组合是典型的韩国女团——以欢快甜美的和声与性感的编舞著名。
        Their tunes are so infectious that the South Korean military has broadcast them across the border in a psychological war against North Korean soldiers. The North used to threaten to direct its artillery at the loudspeakers, warning of an “all-out war” if the South didn’t turn them off.        她们的曲调很有感染力,以至于韩国军队会冲着边境那一边广播她们的音乐,作为对朝鲜士兵的心理战。朝鲜曾经威胁要把大炮瞄准扬声器,如果韩国不关掉音乐,他们会发动一场“全面战争”。
        How things have changed.        这是怎样的一种时过境迁。
        South Korean officials said the North did not attempt to reject any of the South Korean song lineup or change the pop stars’ lyrics or risqué dance moves.        韩国官员表示,朝鲜从未试图拒绝韩国安排的任何歌曲节目,或者是改动流行明星的歌词以及有伤风化的舞蹈动作。
        (But apparently, even North Korea had a limit to how far it would go in accepting K-pop. South Korean officials said the North had rejected their suggestion that the global star Psy, the singer famous for his “Gangnam Style” global hit, be included in the visit.)        (但是显然,就连朝鲜对韩国流行音乐的接受程度都是有限的。韩国官员表示,朝鲜拒绝了他们要把全球明星、环球热门歌曲《江南Style》的演唱者Psy加入访问名单的提议。)
        “Please tell President Moon how good this kind of exchange is. I know there has been attention to whether I will come and see Red Velvet,” Kim was quoted as telling South Korean officials. “I thank you for bringing this gift to Pyongyang citizens.”        “请帮我转告文总统,这样的交流非常好。我知道人们在关注我是否会来看‘红丝绒’表演,”有人引述金正恩对韩国官员说。“感谢你们为平壤人民带来了这样的礼物。”
        Kim Yerim, a Red Velvet member who is known as Yeri, was quoted as saying, “The audience clapped loudly and even sang along.”        有人引述艺名为Yeri的“红丝绒”成员金艺琳(Kim Yerim)被说,“观众大声地鼓掌,还一起合唱。”
        The South Korean culture minister, Do Jong-hwan, told reporters in Pyongyang after the show that Kim “showed much interest during the show and asked questions about the songs and lyrics.”        演出结束后,韩国文化部部长都钟焕(Do Jong-hwan)在平壤告诉记者,金正恩“在演出期间展现出了很大兴趣,还问了有关歌曲和歌词的问题。”
        Kim’s acceptance of Red Velvet and South Korean pop culture was striking because his government has stepped up a crackdown on DVDs and computer thumb drives containing South Korean pop songs, movies and TV dramas smuggled from China, calling for establishing “mosquito nets” to keep out “decadent capitalist influence.”        金正恩对“红丝绒”和韩国流行音乐文化的接受令人震惊,因为他的政府正在加紧打击从中国走私的,含有韩国流行歌曲、电影和电视剧的DVD和电脑闪存,呼吁建立“蚊帐”,阻止“腐朽的资本主义影响”。
        Defectors from the North have said that those who were caught selling or watching South Korean K-pop music videos could be sent to prison camps.        来自朝鲜的脱北者表示,贩卖或观看韩国流行音乐视频被捕的人可能会被送往集中营。
        Kim, who studied in Switzerland as a teenager, has tried of late to present himself as more flexible, at least among the loyal elite citizens living in Pyongyang. North Korea’s Moranbong Band, often said to be Kim’s favorite girl group, has performed in short skirts and high heels, featuring theme songs from Hollywood films.        少年时曾在瑞士留学的金正恩近来试图展现自己更加变通的形象,至少是对那些平壤的忠诚上层公民们。人们常说朝鲜的牡丹峰乐团(Moranbong Band)是金正恩最喜爱的女子乐团,她们曾穿短裙和高跟鞋演出,表演好莱坞电影的主题曲。
        The South Korean singers now in the North will hold a joint concert with North Korean performers Tuesday at an indoor stadium in Pyongyang.
        South Koreans will see a recorded version of the concert later this week, according to local news media. It’s unclear if, or when, ordinary North Koreans will be allowed to see it.        据当地新闻媒体报道,韩国人将在本周晚些时候看到音乐会的录制版本。普通的朝鲜人是否会被允许,或是何时会被允许观看,目前尚不清楚。

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