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12 things you might want to delete from your Facebook page

来源:中国日报    2018-04-10 09:00

        Your birthday is one part of an important puzzle which also includes your name and address, with which people can more easily access your bank account and personal details.        你的生日是最不能透露的信息之一,你的名字和住址也包括在内。因为人们可以通过这三种信息轻易获知你的银行账户和个人资料。
        The best case scenario here is acquiring a polite admirer. Worst case scenario? A stalker who calls you incessantly.        电话号码被泄露后,最好的情况是碰到一位礼貌的爱慕者。最糟的情况则是不停地被跟踪狂电话骚扰。
        Oxford psychology professor Robin Dunbar theorised that humans can maintain approximately 150 stable relationships.        牛津大学心理学教授罗宾·邓巴的理论是,每个人平均可以和大约150人保持稳定的关系。
        After looking at 3,375 Facebook users, Dunbar found that of their Facebook friends, 4.1 were considered dependable, and 13.6 exhibited sympathy during an “emotional crisis.”        在调查了3375位Facebook用户后,邓巴发现,在这些人的Facebook好友中,平均有4.1个好友被认为是可以依靠的,有13.6个好友在用户经历“情感危机”时会表现出同情。
        Getting rid of the deadwood can make for a healthier interaction with social media.        删掉多余的假朋友可以让你在社交媒体更健康地进行互动。
        4. Photographs of your child/young family member        你的孩子和亲戚家小孩的照片
        Victoria Nash, acting director of the Oxford Internet Institute, posed a really good question on this subject, and it’s to do with consent:        牛津互联网研究所的代理所长维多利亚·纳什对此提出了一个非常好的问题,而这个问题关乎当事人是否同意:
        What type of information would children want to see about themselves online at a later date?        孩子们长大以后希望在网上看到关于他们自己的哪些信息呢?
        Previous generations never needed to consider this, but the advent of the internet and social media has given this question more importance.        过去的人从来无需考虑这些,但是网络和社交媒体的出现让这一问题变得更加重要。
        5. While we're at it, where your child/young family member goes to school        你的孩子和亲戚家小孩所上的学校
        According to the NSPCC the number of recorded sexual offences has increased over the last year.        根据英国全国防止虐待儿童学会的记录,性侵儿童案例在去年增多了。
        The report says:        报告称:
        Police recorded 36,429 sexual offences against children in the UK in 2013/2014… in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland police recorded the highest number of sexual offences against children in the past decade.        2013至2014年间警方记录在案的性侵儿童案例达36429起……在英格兰、威尔士、苏格兰和北爱尔兰,警方记录的性侵儿童数量在过去十年达到了高峰。
        The last thing you want is to give an opportunity for a sex offender to find out where your child attends school.        你最不希望发生的事情就是让性罪犯有机会找出你的孩子在哪里上学。
        Location services is only available on Android or iPhones.        只有安卓手机或苹果手机才能提供定位服务。
        In 2015 TechCrunch reported that over 500 million users accessed Facebook solely from their mobile, which means that the same number has the potential to broadcast their location online, and anyone who may or may not wish you harm now knows where you are.        2015年,美国科技类博客TechCrunch报告称,超5亿用户只用手机访问Facebook,这意味着这些人都可能在网上广播自己的地理位置,任何有意或无意害你的人都知道你在哪里。
        This one is a classic. Facebook is a social media platform, and to some degree your interactions ought to be relaxed.        这是一条基本的必删项。Facebook是一个社交媒体平台,在某种程度上你可以和他人轻松地进行互动。
        But the CEO of your company can access your wall, he/she has access to every single one of your dodgy status updates - and yes that includes the one moaning about work.        但是你公司的首席执行官可以访问你的留言板,他/她可以看到你每一次隐晦的状态更新,当然这也包括你对工作的抱怨。
        Yes you can set your preferences to exclude your CEO from certain update, but isn't that more hassle?        是的,你可以通过偏好设置让你的首席执行官看不到你的部分状态更新,但这不是更麻烦吗?
        People forget the fact that tagging your location at home actually gives away your address.        人们忘记了一个事实,标注出你在家的位置实际上等于泄露你的住址。
        According to financial website This is Money, travelers who are burgled while they are on holiday may not get their insurance claim accepted if they posted their holiday plans on their social media accounts.        根据金融网站This is Money,那些在度假期间被偷窃的人,如果在社交媒体账户上发布了自己的度假计划,保险理赔申请将可能被拒绝。
        If you want to celebrate the blossoming of a new relationship, don't do it on Facebook.        如果你想庆祝自己美好的新恋情,不要在Facebook上庆祝。
        It may not work out, and the consequent "in a relationship" to "single" status change will make you feel worse than you already do.        这段恋情有可能走不到最后,接下来当你不得不把“恋爱中”的状态改成“单身”时会让你更难受。
        Never. This is never a good idea.        永远不要透露信用卡细节。这从来也不是一个好主意。
        Taking a photo of your boarding pass is often a way to brag about your holiday, but don't be silly! The barcode on your boarding pass is unique to you, and can be used to find the information you gave to the flight company.        人们常常会给登机牌拍张照片用来炫耀假期,但是别傻了!你登机牌上的条形码是独一无二的,可以用来查出你交给航空公司的信息。

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