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BBC《人类星球》造假被自家拆穿 为摆拍搭建树屋
BBC admits treehouse scene from Human Planet series was faked

来源:中国日报    2018-04-10 13:43

        The BBC has admitted that a scene from a television documentary series showing tribal people living high up in treehouses was faked by the makers of the programme.        英国广播公司近日承认,其制作的反映部落居民住在高高树屋中的电视纪录片存在画面造假,这一幕场景是由节目制作人特意安排的。
        An episode of the eight-part Human Planet series, which aired in 2011, depicted the life of the Korowai people of Papua New Guinea and included members moving into a treehouse.        2011年播出的纪录片《人类星球》共有八集。其中的一集描绘了巴布亚新几内亚科罗威人的生活,展示了他们搬到树屋居住的场景。
        The BBC said that during the making of a new documentary series for BBC2, entitled My Year With The Tribe, it emerged that the treehouse scene had been staged.        英国广播公司表示,在英国广播公司第二频道一部新的纪录片《我与部落居民居住的一年》拍摄的过程中,树屋场景的拍摄真相浮出水面。
        In a statement the BBC said: “The BBC has been alerted to a breach of editorial standards in an episode of Human Planet from 2011 which concerns the Korowai people of Papua New Guinea.        英国广播公司在声明中说:“BBC被告知,2011年的纪录片《人类星球》中关于巴布亚新几内亚科罗威人的一集出现了违反编辑准则的情况。”
        “During the making of BBC Two’s upcoming documentary series My Year With The Tribe, a member of the tribe discusses how they have built very high treehouses for the benefit of overseas programme makers.        “在英国广播公司第二频道的新纪录片《我与部落居民居住的一年》拍摄的过程中,一位部落成员谈到他们特意为海外节目组搭建高高的树屋。”
        “The BBC has reviewed a sequence in Human Planet depicting this and found that the portrayal of the tribe moving into the treehouse as a real home is not accurate.”        “BBC回顾了《人类星球》中描述部落居民生活的相关画面,发现关于部落居民搬进树屋居住的描述是不准确的。”
        It is not the first time that the eight-part series, narrated by the actor John Hurt, has been embroiled in a fakery scandal. In 2015 it emerged that the production crew used a semi-domesticated wolf after being unable to find a “wild” wolf to film on location.        这并不是《人类星球》第一次传出造假丑闻了。这部纪录片由演员约翰-赫特担任旁白。2015年就有人指出,拍摄组因在拍摄现场没能找到野狼,而用半驯化的狼代替。
        In that episode, called Deserts: Life in the Furnace, two Mongolian camel herders fired shots in the direction of the “wild” wolf as it ran across the Gobi desert then discussed their frustration at failing to kill it.        在《沙漠:熔炉中的生命》这一集中,两位蒙古骆驼放牧者冲着穿过戈壁滩的“野狼”开枪,但没能命中,互相交流着失望之情。
        The BBC admitted that in reality the semi-domesticated wolf had been let off a lead just off camera and was filmed simply running to its handler, who was just out of shot.        英国广播公司后来承认,其实这只半驯养的狼跑出了镜头之外,人们看到的画面只是它在跑向射程之外的驯养员。
        In 2011 it emerged that the BBC had filmed shots of a tarantula spider in a studio for an episode about wildlife in the Venezuela jungle.        2011年还有消息称,有关委内瑞拉丛林野生动植物的一集中,塔兰图拉毒蜘蛛的镜头是在演播室拍摄的。
        The BBC said: “Since this programme was broadcast in 2011 we have strengthened our mandatory training for all staff in editorial guidelines, standards and values.”        英国广播公司表示:“这期节目是在2011年播出的。之后我们已加强了编辑方针、制作标准和价值观念的培训,所有员工都必须参加。”

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