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Angelababy 生理期录节目引发热议
Sharing her secret

来源:21英语网    2018-06-04

        Periods are sometimes called a “private monthly crisis” for females.        生理期有时被女性称为“每月一次的隐秘危机”。
        But Chinese actress Yang Ying, better known by her stage name Angelababy, was brave enough to bring up the topic of periods on social media last month.        但上个月,中国女演员Angelababy(原名杨颖)就很大胆地在社交媒体上提及了生理期这一话题。
        She had been criticized for enjoying special treatment during her recent appearance on the second season of popular Chinese variety show Keep Running. In one episode, Angelababy only suffered a single water attack, while other celebrity contestants went through several.        此前,她因近期在国内热门综艺节目《奔跑吧》第二季中的表现遭到网友批评,称其享受节目特殊待遇。在某一集中,Angelababy 在游戏中只被水淋了一次,而其他明星嘉宾们都被淋了好几次。
        The 29-year-old actress responded to the criticisms by revealing that she didn’t feel well. “It was the first day of my period, and I was really uncomfortable,” she posted on Sina Weibo. “But I never said that I couldn’t go in the water. It really wasn’t fun sitting in that chair. I felt cold and frightened because you do not know what words or actions will trigger the water.”        这位29岁的女演员对这些批评做出了回应,表示自己当时身体不适。“这次是生理期第一天,会比较难受,”她在新浪微博上写道。“但我也从来没有说过不能下水,真的玩不起就不会坐上那把椅子了。冷和害怕都是真的,因为不知道什么词和动作会触发弹椅和喷水。”

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