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The Trump-Kim Summit: What You Need to Know

来源:纽约时报    2018-06-12 09:20

        It was on, then off, then on again.        这场会要开,又不开,然后又开了。
        Now, the highly anticipated summit meeting between President Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un looks set to go ahead on Tuesday, with delegations from both sides in place.        现在,特朗普总统和朝鲜领导人金正恩(Kim Jong-un)之间备受期待的会晤似乎将在周二如期举行,双方代表团都已就位。
        Here is what to know before the historic meeting — the first between a sitting American president and a North Korean leader.        这是在任美国总统和朝鲜领导人首次举行会晤。在这个历史性的会晤之前,以下是需要知道的内容:
        Where are the leaders meeting?
        Sentosa, a tropical resort island south of Singapore’s main island, will be transformed into a heavily policed security zone from June 10 until June 14, as it plays host to the summit meeting and the hordes of journalists who will be covering it. The island is home to luxury resorts, private marinas and a sprawling golf course.        在6月10日到6月14日期间,位于新加坡主岛南边的热带度假胜地“圣淘沙”(Sentosa)岛将被变成一个有着大量安保的安全区,因为这里将是会晤的主办地,还有成群的记者将对此进行报道。该岛上有豪华度假村、私人码头,还有宽阔的高尔夫球场。
        The two leaders and their delegations will meet at the Capella SingaporeMr. Trump and Mr. Kim are staying in two separate hotels elsewhere in Singapore — Mr. Kim at the St. Regis Hotel, and Mr. Trump less than a half a mile away at the Shangri La Hotel.
        两位领导人及其代表团将在嘉佩乐酒店(Capella Hotel)会面。特朗普和金正恩将分别在新加坡别处的两个酒店下榻——金正恩住在圣瑞吉斯酒店(St. Regis),特朗普住在不出半英里远的香格里拉酒店(Shangri La Hotel)。
        The host country, Singapore, will be responsible for security in the public spaces around the island and on roads leading to and from the summit, while the United States and North Korea will oversee the safety of their leaders. Sentosa is connected to the mainland of the city-state by a causeway, a cable car and a monorail.        主办国新加坡将负责该岛屿附近的公共场所,以及会晤地点来往道路的安保,美国和朝鲜负责本国领导人的安全。圣淘沙通过一个堤道、有缆车和单轨列车与主岛国新加坡相连。
        Singapore’s government has designated a security zone around the entirety of the island, giving police the right to stop and search people at will.        新加坡政府已经将整个岛屿周围都设为安全区,警察有权随意拦下民众并搜身。
        A long list of substances and devices are banned within the security perimeter including drones, aerosol spray cans and flares. Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority will also be restricting the movement of ships in the area and vehicles will be subjected to additional security checks, according to a statement from the Singapore police.        属于安保范围内的禁止携带物品和设备清单很长,包括无人机、喷雾罐和照明弹。根据新加坡警方的公告,新加坡海事及港务管理局(Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority)将限制该区域内船只的运输,机动车也需接受额外安检。
        Who will be there?
        In addition to Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim, who both arrived in Singapore on Saturday, each country will bring a delegation to the summit, though the full list of who is taking part has not been released.        除了周六抵达新加坡的特朗普和金正恩外,两国都将派一个代表团前来参加会晤,但与会人员的完整名单尚未公布。
        Two members of the president’s cabinet — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John R. Bolton — will be there, according to the White House.        据白宫称,总统内阁的两名成员——美国国务卿迈克·庞皮欧(Mike Pompeo)和国家安全顾问约翰·R·博尔顿(John R. Bolton)——将会到场。
        Mr. Pompeo has taken the lead with North Korea in preparing for the meeting. Earlier this year, he twice visited Pyongyang, the North’s capital, to meet with Mr. Kim and help lay the groundwork.        庞皮欧在筹备与朝鲜会晤的工作中走在前列。今年早些时候他曾两次到访朝鲜首都平壤,会见金正恩,为会晤打下了基础。
        He was also in the room when Mr. Trump met with a top North Korean official, Kim Yong-chol, at the White House earlier this month, and was alongside the president when he announced the summit would, in fact, go ahead after being abruptly called off days earlier.        本月早些时候,当特朗普在白宫与朝鲜高官金英哲会面时,庞皮欧也在场。当总统宣布几天前突然取消的会晤还将继续举行时,他就在总统身旁。
        The summit was nearly derailed after Mr. Bolton made comments suggesting North Korea should follow a “Libya model” for disarmament. Those comments drew ire from Mr. Kim, and Mr. Bolton was mentioned by name in the first of two strongly worded rebukes from the North Koreans that preceded Mr. Trump’s decision to walk away from the summit.        在博尔顿发表了建议朝鲜应该遵循“利比亚模式”进行裁军的言论后。会晤几乎中止。这些言论引起了金正恩的愤怒,在特朗普决定退出会晤前,朝鲜发表了两个措辞极其强硬的谴责,第一次谴责里点名指责博尔顿。
        Since making those comments, Mr. Bolton has been taking a back seat in the negotiations, but the White House insists he is not being sidelined.        自从发表那些言论以来,博尔顿在谈判中一直退居二线,但白宫坚称他不会被排除在外。
        On the North Korean side, little is known about who will attend. But Kim Yong-chol, the former head of North Korea’s spy agency and a four-star general, has been at the center of the preparations and will certainly be there.        在朝鲜方面,很少有人知道谁将参会。但朝鲜前情报机构负责人、四星上将金英哲一直处在筹备工作中心,必将到场。
        A close aide to the North Korean leader, he is also the country’s lead nuclear arms negotiator and became the first North Korean official to set foot in the White House since 2000, when he met with Mr. Trump there last week.        作为朝鲜领导人的亲密助手,他也是该国首席核武器谈判代表,在上周会见特朗普之后,他成了2000年以来第一位踏足白宫的朝鲜官员。
        While in Washington, he hand-delivered a letter from Mr. Kim that Mr. Trump described as “a warm letter” expressing interest in the summit. It was shortly after his arrival that Mr. Trump announced the talks were back on.        在华盛顿期间,他亲手递交了金正恩的一封信。特朗普称那是一封“热情的信”,表达了对会晤的兴趣。在他抵达后不久,特朗普宣布恢复会面计划。
        Denis Rodman, the former N.B.A. star, tweeted on Friday that he will be flying to Singapore for the summit. “I’ll give whatever support is needed to my friends, @realDonaldTrump and Marshall Kim Jong Un,” he tweeted.        前NBA球星丹尼斯·罗德曼(Denis Rodman)上周五发推文称,他将飞往新加坡参加会晤。“我将竭尽全力为我的朋友@realDonaldTrump和金正恩元帅提供帮助,”他写道。
        But when asked if Mr. Rodman was invited, Mr. Trump made it clear he was not.        但被问及是否邀请了罗德曼时,特朗普明确表示没有。
        “But I like Dennis,” he told reporters before his departure.        “但我喜欢丹尼斯,”他在出发前对记者说。
        What’s on the agenda?
        Very little is known about the agenda, but Mr. Trump has said he didn’t think he had to do much to prepare, and that “attitude” was more important.        外界对会晤议程知之甚少,但特朗普说他觉得自己不必做太多准备,“态度”更重要。
        The first meeting between the two leaders is scheduled for June 12 at 9 a.m. Singapore time — 9 p.m. East Coast time on June 11 — according to the White House.        据白宫称,两位领导人的第一场会议定于新加坡时间6月12日上午9点举行,即东海岸时间6月11日晚上9点。
        Mr. Trump has made clear that his goal is denuclearization.        特朗普明确表示他的目标是无核化。
        “This will not be just a photo-op,” Mr. Trump said last Thursday during a news conference after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan visited the White House. “They have to de-nuke. If they don’t denuclearize, that will not be acceptable.”        “这不会只是一次媒体拍照活动,”特朗普上周四在日本首相安倍晋三到访白宫后举行的新闻发布会上说。“他们必须去核。他们不去核是不可接受的。”
        But Mr. Trump noted that negotiations on denuclearization would take more time. “It’s not a one meeting deal,” he said.        但特朗普指出,无核化谈判需要更多的时间。“这不是一次会议就能办成的事情,”他说。
        Mr. Kim has expressed willingness to talk about denuclearization, but has revealed little about his own plans.        金正恩表示愿意讨论无核化问题,但几乎没有透露自己的计划。
        In recent months, Mr. Kim has rebranded himself from an international pariah and tyrannical leader who ordered his own half brother executed to a smiling statesman, meeting with the leaders of China and South Korea. But it is unclear if his willingness to denuclearize is simply a negotiating tool to pursue other goals.        近几个月来,金正恩重塑自身形象,从被国际社会遗弃,下令处死自己同父异母兄长的专制领导人,变成了一个面带微笑地与中国和韩国领导人会晤的政治家。但不清楚他愿意去核是否只是为了追求其他目标而采用的一种谈判工具。
        Both leaders have proved unpredictable in the past, so it is unclear what, if anything, they will be able to agree on. Some have speculated that the summit could be extended an additional day, but Mr. Trump is currently set to leave Singapore on June 13 and Mr. Pompeo’s official schedule reflects the same.        过去的事实证明这两位领导人都令人捉摸不透,因此不清楚他们如果真的能够达成一致,会是在哪些方面。一些人猜测,会晤可能会延长一天,但特朗普目前的行程是6月13日离开新加坡,庞皮欧的官方行程也一样。
        On Thursday, just days before the summit, Mr. Trump was optimistic the meeting would be “a great success,” but said he would be willing to walk away if things didn’t go as planned. But if the meeting goes well, he said, he would invite Mr. Kim to the White House.        在周四,距离会晤仅剩几天时间了,特朗普乐观地认为会晤将取得“巨大的成功”,但他说,如果事情没有按计划进行,他愿意离开。如果会谈进展顺利,他会邀请金正恩访问白宫。
        He said he hoped to normalize relations between the two countries and would consider signing a peace agreement to officially end the war on the Korean Peninsula.        他说他希望两国关系正常化,并且会考虑签署和平协议,正式结束朝鲜半岛战争。
        “We are talking about it with them,” Mr. Trump said. “Sounds kind of strange but that could be the easy part.”        “我们正在和他们讨论这件事,”特朗普说。“虽然听起来有点奇怪,但这可能是相对容易的部分。”

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