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Makeup artist reveals where and how to apply blusher according to your face shape

来源:中国日报    2018-06-26 13:48

        While many people think concealer and foundation are the secrets to clear, youthful-looking skin, in fact it's blusher that can take ten years off your face.        很多人认为遮瑕膏和粉底是让肌肤年轻透亮的秘密,但其实腮红可以让你的脸庞看起来年轻10岁。
        But if you want to look younger in an instant, you'll need to get the placement just right.        但如果你想迅速重返青春,你的腮红得打对地方。
        Speaking to FEMAIL, leading Revlon makeup artist, Mia Hawkswell, revealed where you should apply your blusher depending on your face shape.        知名的露华浓美妆专家米娅-霍克斯维尔跟每日邮报网站女性专栏的读者分享秘诀,告诉大家如何根据脸型打腮红。
        THE GOLDEN RULES         黄金法则
        First things first, Mia shared the golden rules for applying blusher - whatever your face shape.        米娅首先和大家分享了打腮红的黄金法则——适用于任何脸型。
        'In order to flatter any face, it's important to remember you want to draw the eye up,' Mia told Daily Mail Australia.        米娅告诉每日邮报澳大利亚版说:“为了让脸庞更漂亮,要记住你需要让眼睛看起来更有神,这很重要。”
        'A soft C shaping around the eye on top of the cheekbone will help to instantly brighten your eye area and lift your face. It's a godsend for more mature faces.'        “在颧骨上方围绕眼部,打上柔和的C型腮红,立即就会提亮你的眼部区域,让你更加容光焕发。这有助于打造更成熟的脸庞。”
        She also said that when you're applying to the apples of the cheeks, you should 'never smile'.        她还说道,在苹果肌部位打腮红时,“绝对不要笑”。
        'This area will naturally drop when not smiling,' she explained. 'Keep your application light and very blended, without stripes.'        她解释说:“不笑的时候,苹果肌会自然下垂。腮红要打得清淡协调,看不出纹路。”
        She added that in general, soft pink, coral and peach are best for fair skin, while mauve and peach work for medium complexions. Berry and brick-red shades are best for darker skin.        她补充说,一般而言,白皙的皮肤最适用浅粉色、珊瑚色和桃红色的腮红。中等肤色更适用淡紫色和桃红色。深色皮肤最适用紫红色和砖红色。
        But you can also be guided by your eye colour.        但还可以根据跟你的瞳孔颜色搭配腮红。
        'Green eyes suit peachy and apricot tones, while blue and grey eyes suit cooler pinky tones,' she said.        “绿色瞳孔适用于桃红色和杏黄色,蓝色和灰色瞳孔适用于淡粉色调。”
        'Brown eyes generally as a rule can wear most colours well.'        “棕色瞳孔和大多数颜色的腮红都很搭。”
        SQUARE FACE         方脸
        So if you want to best suit a square face, how and where should you apply your blusher?        想知道怎么给方脸打腮红?打在哪里吗?
        'You need to aim to soften your angles with a square face shape,' Mia explained.        米娅说:“你要使你的方脸看上去棱角更柔和。”
        'Apply directly to the apples in a circular motion, and into the hollows of your cheeks.'        “直接在苹果肌打上圆形的腮红,一直打到脸颊的凹陷处。”
        This will contribute to making your face look softer and less angular.        这会使你的脸型更柔和,棱角不那么凸显。
        HEART FACE         尖脸
        When it comes to having a heart-shaped face, what you need to create is an illusion of 'balance'.        如果你有一张尖脸,就要让脸部看起来更“匀称”。
        'Sweep your blusher from the apple of the cheek upwards towards the temple,' Mia explained.        米娅说:“要从脸颊的苹果肌向太阳穴方向打腮红。”
        Again, start lightly and slowly build up your product.        此外,还要把腮红轻轻地扫上去,慢慢增加用量。
        Mia said that cream blushers can often be a good option, as they can be applied easily with dabbing fingers and then built up.        米娅说,液体腮红膏是个不错的选择,可以用手指快速涂上,并逐渐增加用量。
        ROUND FACE         圆脸
        If you are someone with a round face, then what you'll be keen to do is slim it down.        如果你有张圆脸,你应该会想让脸看起来瘦一些。
        To do this, Mia recommends applying your blusher 'under the cheekbone, and softly blending it out towards the apple'.        为此,米娅建议大家在颧骨下方打腮红,并轻柔地向苹果肌扫去。
        What you need to remember here, however, is that you shouldn't apply your blusher to the apples as this will make your round face look even more circular.        但你要记住,不要把苹果肌也打上腮红,这会让你的圆脸看上去更圆。
        LONG FACE         长脸
        Long and narrow might be just what the woman with the round face is looking for.        圆脸的女性常常希望自己的脸型变得又长又瘦。
        But too long and thin and you can feel as though all you want to do is make your cheeks look wider.        但如果脸型太长太瘦,你巴不得让脸颊显得更宽一些。
        In this respect, Mia advocates blending blusher across the cheeks, towards your ears.        鉴于此,米娅建议人们从脸颊朝耳朵方向打腮红。
        This will help to make your face look wider.        这会使你的脸型看起来更宽。
        OVAL FACE         鸭蛋脸
        Last but not least, the perennial favourite - the oval face - is one that needs little highlighting.        最后这一点也很重要,大家最爱的鸭蛋脸最不需要凸显某一部位。
        For this face shape, highlight your cheekbones by sweeping blush upwards from the apples.        对鸭蛋脸来说,要从苹果肌的位置往上扫腮红,凸显颧骨就可以了。

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