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Outnumbered: Hugh, Claire and six more couples who met on screen

来源:中国日报    2018-07-03 13:30

        It's been revealed that on-screen partners Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner have become a couple in real life.        据报道,银幕情侣休-丹尼斯和克莱尔-斯金纳在现实生活中也成为了情侣。
        The pair starred in all five series of Outnumbered, the BBC sitcom about a couple bringing up three children.        两人共同出演了五季《子女闹翻天》。这部英国广播公司出品的喜剧讲述了一对夫妇养育三名子女的故事。
        Dennis confirmed the relationship to the Mail on Sunday, saying: "I am very, very happy, we are so very happy... It's nice and yes, it's so lovely."        丹尼斯上周日向《每日邮报》确认了两人的关系。他说:“我非常非常开心,我们都很开心。这太美妙,太有爱了。”
        Dennis, 56, and Skinner, 53, have both had previous long-standing marriages.        56岁的丹尼斯和53岁的斯金纳都曾有过维系多年的婚姻。
        Fans of their show took to Twitter to say how happy the news had made them.        该剧的粉丝们纷纷在推特上表达喜悦之情。
        Skinner and Dennis first met on the set of Outnumbered, where they played the frazzled parents to three children.        斯金纳和丹尼斯相识于《子女闹翻天》的片场,扮演三个孩子疲惫不堪的父母。
        Despite working together since 2007 - when the show first aired - the couple only got together in the last year.        尽管在2007年就曾合作(这部英剧该年上映),但两人去年才走到一起。
        1. Cheryl and Liam Payne        谢丽尔和利亚姆-佩恩
        Cheryl and Liam, who have just announced they are separating, first locked eyes in 2008 when the former Girls Aloud star was a judge on The X Factor.        谢丽尔和利亚姆最近刚宣布分手。两人相识于2008年,彼时高声歌唱女子乐队成员谢丽尔在《英国偶像》担任导师。
        Payne, aged 14, turned up to audition for the reality show but didn't get put through.        14岁的佩恩参加了这场真人秀,但没能晋级。
        "I think you've got charisma," Cheryl told him after he performed jazz standard Fly Me to the Moon, adding: "I think you're really cute."        在佩恩表演完标准爵士乐《带我飞向月球》后,谢丽尔对他说:“我觉得你充满了魅力,非常可爱。”
        Eight years and two marriages later, the pair officially announced they were a couple by posting a picture of themselves on Instagram.        在历经八年和两段婚姻之后,两人在Ins上传合影,公布恋情。
        They went on to have a son named Bear in 2017.        2017年,两人的儿子贝尔出生。
        2. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher        米娜-古尼斯和艾什顿-库奇
        Kunis and Kutcher met on the set of sitcom That '70s Show, which first aired in 1998.        古尼斯和库奇相识于情景喜剧《70年代秀》的拍摄片场,这部喜剧1998年首播。
        But they didn't officially start dating until 2012, after Kutcher's eight-year marriage to actress Demi Moore broke down.        但两人直到2012年才开始约会。之前库奇和黛米-摩尔有一段维持了八年的婚姻。
        The pair were engaged in 2014 and welcomed their first child, Wyatt, later that year. The stars reportedly tied the knot in 2016.        两人在2014年订婚,当年末迎来第一个孩子怀亚特。据报道两人在2016年结婚。
        3. Judi Dench and Michael Williams        朱迪-丹奇和迈克尔-威廉姆斯
        Dench and Williams starred together in ITV sitcom A Fine Romance.        丹奇和威廉姆斯合作出演了英国独立电视台喜剧《浪漫之旅》。
        In real life, Dame Judi and her late husband had a similar story of slow-blooming love.        在现实生活中,朱迪和她已故的丈夫也有一段类似的慢热恋爱故事。
        According to Dame Judi, they first met in a London pub in 1960 while they were acting in separate plays. Their paths crossed regularly for the next nine years.        据朱迪介绍,1960年两人在伦敦一家酒吧相识,当时他们在出演不同的剧目。之后九年两人也经常合作。
        But it wasn't until they both did a stint at the Royal Shakespeare Company in the late 1960s that they finally started dating, marrying in 1971.        但直到20世纪60年代末期,两人都加入了皇家莎士比亚公司之后才开始约会。两人在1971年结婚。
        4. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck        珍妮弗-嘉纳和本-阿弗莱克
        Affleck and Garner first met on the set of Pearl Harbor in 2000. At the time Garner was married to fellow actor Scott Foley.        2000年拍摄影片《珍珠港》时,本-阿弗莱克和嘉纳相识。当时嘉纳已经和另一位男星斯科特-福利结婚。
        Two years later they made Daredevil, their next film together, and a romance began.        两年后,两人又合作拍摄了《超胆侠》,渐生情愫。
        "We met on Pearl Harbor... but we fell in love on Daredevil," Affleck said in a 2014 interview.        阿弗莱克2014年接受采访时说:“我们在拍摄《珍珠港》时相识,但在拍摄《超胆侠》时坠入爱河。”
        This was despite the fact Affleck was in a relationship with singer Jennifer Lopez - even going on to propose to her later in 2002.        但当时阿弗莱克是歌手珍妮弗-洛佩兹的男友,甚至还在2002年末向她求婚。
        By 2004, however, the engagement was off and Garner had split from her husband, paving the way for the pair to get together.        2004年这一婚约取消。嘉纳也已经和丈夫分手。两人终于有机会在一起了。
        Affleck and Garner were married in 2005 and went on to have three children. They later divorced in 2017.        两人在2005年结婚,生了三个孩子,但在2017年离婚。
        5. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell        戈尔迪-霍恩和库尔特-拉塞尔
        Hawn and Russell met on the set of 1968 film The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band, when she was 21 and he was a fresh-faced 16-year old.        1968年,霍恩和拉塞尔在拍摄影片《独一无二的家庭乐队》时相识,当时霍恩年仅21岁,而拉塞尔则是一个面带稚气的16岁小伙儿。
        But the duo didn't begin dating until 15 more years had passed.        15年之后,两人才开始约会。
        Their paths continued to cross and they eventually worked on Swing Shift together in 1983. By this time Goldie had split from her second husband, and the pair have been together happily unmarried ever since.        之后两人也多有合作,1983年共同出演了影片《小迷糊的清泪》。此时戈尔迪-霍恩已经和第二任丈夫分手。现在这对情侣幸福地在一起,但一直没有结婚。
        On the idea of marrying Russell, Hawn has previously said: "I would have been long divorced if I got married. If you need to be bound to someone, then it's important to be married.        关于是不是要嫁给拉塞尔,霍恩之前说:“如果我之前嫁给了他,可能早早地就离婚了。如果你非得和谁绑在一起,结婚就很重要。”
        "If you are independent, then it's important to not be married. We like the choice and we chose to stay."        “如果你很独立,就用不着结婚了。我们喜欢这个选择,继续做恋人。”
        6. Michael J Fox and Tracy Pollan        迈克尔•J•福克斯和特瑞西•宝兰
        Fox and Pollan first met on the set of Family Ties in 1982. Although they had an on-screen romance, the pair didn't become a real-life item straight away.        福克斯和宝兰最初于1982年在《家族的诞生》片场相识。尽管他们扮演银幕情侣,但两人并没有立即坠入爱河。
        It wasn't until later - after Pollan ended her relationship with actor Kevin Bacon - that the stars got together while working on Bright Lights, Big City in 1987.        直到特瑞西•宝兰结束与男星凯文-贝肯的恋情之后,两人在1987年联袂出演影片《灯红酒绿》时才开始恋爱。
        They tied the knot in 1988 and celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary this month. They have four children.        两人在1988年结婚,有四名子女,本月还迎来了结婚30周年纪念。

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