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来源:中国日报    2018-07-08 09:00

                 瑞士 四森林州湖
        Sustainable Switzerland.        永远生态环保的瑞士。
        The medieval city Lucerne is choked with tour buses, but new developments around the spacious lake it sits on (called Lake Lucerne by tourists but known as Vierwaldstättersee to locals) promise to thin crowds and offer accessible doses of authentic Swiss Alps.        中世纪城市卢塞恩挤满了观光巴士,但它所处的广阔湖泊(游人把它唤作卢塞恩湖,当地人称之为“四森林州湖”)周围正在开发新的旅游景点,届时将大大分散如织的游人,让你领略纯正的瑞士阿尔卑斯风光。
                 美国 夏威夷考艾岛
        The island’s ubiquitous aerial tours do deliver jaw-dropping views of the towering Na Pali Coast sea cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and other blockbuster locations. But plunging deep into the Garden Island’s wild side requires hitting a trail.        从空中全角度观赏这座岛屿,那景观美得令人窒息,你能鸟瞰巴利海岸海崖、倾泻而下的瀑布以及超级大片级别的风景。但如果要深入探寻这个花园岛屿的野生风貌,则需要另辟蹊径。
        Marked hiking paths lead on to the floor of Waimea Canyon, through the shallow bogs of Alakai Swamp, and across unbelievably lush landscapes.        标识好的登山路能指引游客到达威美亚峡谷,一路可以饱览Alakai沼泽的浅浅泥塘和令人难以置信的醉人风光。
                 意大利 巴斯利卡塔
        Caves, beaches and more in Italy's secret southern region.        神秘的意大利南部有洞穴、海滩等美景,却鲜为人知。
        This is a chance to visit Italy's southern region before the world catches on. Between the heel that is Puglia and the toe that is Calabria, you will find Basilicata, the arch of Italy's foot.        趁世人还未发现这片美丽的土地,不妨赶紧去意大利南部一探究竟。意大利在地图上好似一只靴子,普利亚区是它的鞋跟,卡拉布里亚区则是鞋尖,而中间的足弓地带就是巴斯利卡塔区。
        Despite a storied and ancient past, the region has been overlooked in modern times. Easily Italy's best-kept secret, Basilicata is revered for beautiful beaches, ancient towns and a dearth of organized crime.        尽管这片地区传说众多,历史悠久,如今却依然鲜为人知。可以说,巴利斯卡塔地区是意大利最大的秘密。这儿有风景优美的沙滩,还有古老的小镇,别担心,这里没有黑帮组织。
        Qinghai Lake is China's largest inland saltwater lake. This view is one of the great draws of Qinghai Province in China's far northwest every June and July.        青海湖是中国最大的内陆咸水湖,这片大好风光是每年六七月中国大西北的青海省最迷人的景点之一。
        Few tourists make it to this part of China to enjoy this oil painting of a scene, not counting packs of mad cyclists who come for Tour de Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race every summer.        并没有太多游人来到这里欣赏这油画般的美景,不过每年夏季都有一群风风火火的自行车手聚集到这里参加环青海湖国际公路自行车赛。
                 云南美景众多,在此推荐一下香格里拉普达措国家公园(Pudacuo National Park, Shangri-la)。
        Pudacuo is the first national park in China to meet the criteria set by The World Conservation Union.        普达措是中国首个符合世界自然保护联盟保护标准的国家级公园。
        More than 20% of the country's plant species and around one-third of its mammal and bird species call this wetland plateau home.        这个湿地高原养育着中国超过20%的植物以及大约1/3的哺乳动物和鸟类。
        Photographers especially love the area's many types of orchids and China's highly endangered black-necked cranes.        摄影家们尤爱这里种类繁多的兰花和国家一级保护动物黑颈鹤。
        A journey into some of the most sublime landscapes on earth.        探寻地球极致风景之旅。
        Xinjiang is increasingly attracting visitors for its extraordinary natural beauty and fascinating history and culture. In short, a visit to Chinese Takla Makan Desert makes for an exploration of China's past and its cultural diversity, or simply a journey into some of the most sublime landscapes on earth.        新疆凭借其独特的自然景观及迷人的历史与文化,吸引着越来越多的旅行者。简言之,一趟塔克拉玛干沙漠之旅,既可以领略极致的自然美景,也可以探寻中国的历史以及其多样的文化。
        In terms of natural beauty there are few places like Xinjiang autonomous region. Not only is it home to the spectacular Altai and Kunlun mountains and the lush Nalati and Bayanbulak grasslands, but also the vast and rugged Taklimakan Desert. There are few places in China and around the world that have such a rich natural landscape as Xinjiang.        在自然风光方面,新疆有惊人的壮丽山川(阿尔泰山和昆仑山),草原(那拉提草原和巴音布鲁克草原)以及广阔无垠的塔克拉玛干沙漠。在中国,乃至全世界,都少有地方能像新疆一样,有着如此丰富多样的自然景观。
        With regard to cultural diversity, Xinjiang is home to 13 different ethnic groups including Uyghur, Hui, Kazakh and Tajik. The visitors have the opportunity to experience each of these amazing cultures, including their unique foods and customs.        在文化多样性方面,新疆地区有13个不同的民族,包括维吾尔族、回族、哈萨克族、塔吉克族等。游客们可以体验这些不同的文化及其独特的美食与习俗。

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