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From Child’s Abuse to the Dark Web: Germans Recoil at a Mother’s Role

来源:纽约时报    2018-08-08 05:38

        BERLIN — The case would have stoked public outrage if the mother had known her young son was being raped and had done nothing to stop it.        柏林——本来,要是这位母亲知道自己年幼的儿子遭到强奸却放任不管,这起案子就是会引起公愤的。
        But when Germans heard that she and her boyfriend had raped the boy themselves and served him up to pedophiles on the dark web, the fury only grew.        但当德国人听说她和男朋友就是强奸这名男孩的人,并且让他为暗网上的恋童癖服务时,公众更是怒上加怒。
        The mother and her companion — identified only as Berrin T., 48, and Christian L., 39, in keeping with German privacy laws — were convicted on Tuesday of sexually abusing her son over the course of two years, beginning when he was about 7. The abuse included inappropriate touching, rape and making videos that were placed as advertisements on the dark web for pedophiles — among them a German soldier — who paid the couple thousands of dollars to abuse the boy.        按照德国的隐私法,这名母亲及其伴侣的身份仅被公开为48岁的贝林·T(Berrin T.)和39岁的克里斯蒂安·L(Christian L.)。周二,两人被判对这名女性的儿子实施性侵罪名成立,时间长达两年,从男孩约7岁时就开始了。侵犯行为包括不适当的触摸、强奸和拍摄在暗网上用作面向恋童癖广告的视频,这些恋童癖中还有一名德国士兵。他们向这对情侣支付了数以千计美元,来侵犯这名男孩。
        For many Germans, the most horrific part of a horrific case was the woman’s complicity, which violated deeply held assumptions about motherhood and contradicted the common image of sexual predators as male. But the case also shocked the country for the severity of the abuse and the failure of authorities to protect the child, despite repeated opportunities for intervention.        对许多德国人来说,这个骇人听闻的案件最可怕之处在于,这名女子也是同谋,这有违人们对母性根深蒂固的假设,并且与性侵者通常为男性的形象相左。但这个案子之所以让举国震惊,还因为其中性侵的严重程度,以及尽管有过多次干预的机会,当局仍未能保护好这名儿童。
        Interest groups and politicians called for an investigation and for better training of social workers and judges in recognizing potential sexual abuse of children. Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig, Germany’s independent commissioner for questions pertaining to sexual abuse of children, called for an inquiry to determine what signals may have been missed.        利益团体和政治人士呼吁进行调查,并且要求对社工及法官在识别出儿童可能受到性侵方面进行更好的培训。德国负责儿童性侵问题的独立专员约翰-威廉·勒里希(Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig)呼吁展开调查,以找出人们可能错过了哪些信号。
        “There were obviously structural problems in cooperation between the courts and authorities that must now be thoroughly investigated,” Mr. Rörig said. “The case in Staufen has exposed an array of misjudgments and failures. We owe it to this child to draw the right consequences.”        “法院和当局的合作中很明显存在结构性问题,现在必须彻底调查,”勒里希表示。“施陶芬发生的这个案子暴露了一系列误判和不足。我们需要得出公正的结果,这是我们欠这个孩子的。”
        The pair, who lived in Staufen, in southwestern Germany, were arrested in September 2017. They were found guilty on Tuesday of 40 charges of aggravated sexual assault, including rape, forced prostitution, distribution of child pornography and child endangerment. Both had admitted at the start of the 11-day trial to abusing the boy, now 10.        这对情侣住在德国西南部的施陶芬,于2017年9月被捕。周二,两人被判严重性侵犯40项罪名成立,包括强奸、强迫卖淫、传播儿童色情片及危害儿童罪。在这个为期11天的审判一开始,两人就已经对侵犯这名现已10岁的男孩表示认罪。
        Christian L. was also found guilty of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl in early 2015. He was sentenced to 12 years in jail and ordered to remain in preventive custody upon his release.        克里斯蒂安·L还因在2015年年初性侵一名2岁女孩被判罪名成立。他被判处入狱12年,并且法庭命令他获释后需被防范性监管。
        According to the court, Berrin T. helped facilitate her boyfriend’s contact with the little girl, who was mentally and physically disabled. Several months later, in May 2015, the girl’s mother broke off contact with the couple, effectively ending her abuse.        据法庭表示,贝林·T帮忙推进了男友与这名小女孩的接触,这名小女孩在智力和身体上均存在残疾。几个月后的2015年5月,女孩的母亲与这对情侣断绝往来,有效地结束了两人的侵犯行为。
        Christian L., a known pedophile with a criminal record who had previously shown an interest in abusing little girls only, then began abusing the boy, the court said. Berrin T. did nothing to stop the increasingly perverse advances on her son, which began with showing him pornographic videos and bribing him with expensive gifts in exchange for being allowed to touch him inappropriately, it said.        法庭称,克里斯蒂安·L是一个有犯罪前科的恋童癖,此前只对小女孩表现出过兴趣,后来开始侵犯这名男孩。贝林·T没有做任何事情阻止对她儿子变本加厉的不正当的举动,这种举动一开始是向他展示色情视频,用昂贵礼物进行贿赂,让男孩允许他以不适当的方式进行触摸,法庭说。
        When the trial opened in June, Christian L. admitted to the charges of abuse, telling the judge “I am the main culprit.”        当审判于6月开始时,克里斯蒂安·L承认虐待指控,告诉法官“我是罪魁祸首”。
        But the presiding judge, Stefan Bürgelin, handed a longer prison sentence, of 12 and a half years, to the boy’s mother. She was always present during the assaults, the court said, initially calming the child and then sexually assaulting him herself.        但是主审法官斯特凡·伯格林(Stefan Bürgelin)判处男孩的母亲12年半监禁。法官说,在性侵期间她总是在场,先是安抚孩子,然后自己性侵他。
        In his pronouncement, the judge cited a video showing Berrin T. violating her son as evidence that her offenses were not only sexual, but also included emotional and psychological abuse. He said she broke her son’s trust in his “closest female caregiver” and robbed him of the protection of his home.        在宣判中,法官引用一段显示贝林·T侵犯儿子的视频,证明她不仅有性侵犯罪行,还有情感和心理虐待。他说,她辜负儿子对“最亲密的女性照顾者”的信任,并剥夺了家庭为他提供的保护。
        “If the boy dared to show or voice any resistance, he was frequently ignored, or dismissed with physical abuse,” the court said, adding that the couple would “regularly shout at him” and insult him using “an utterly contemptuous choice of words.”        “这个男孩如果敢于表现或表达任何反抗,往往会遭到忽视或身体虐待,”法庭说,而且,这对男女会“经常对他大喊大叫”并使用“完全鄙视性的词汇”来侮辱他。
        Before the arrest, the youth services agency considered the man a potential danger to children because he had been caught with child pornography in an unrelated case, and was ordered by the authorities to stay away from children. The agency also knew that he was frequently in the boy’s home.        在这次逮捕之前,青年服务机构认为这名男子对儿童构成潜在危险,因为他曾在一件与此案无关的案件中被抓到拥有儿童色情制品,并被当局命令远离儿童。该机构也知道他经常留在这个男孩的家中。
        In early 2017, the agency’s concern was great enough to temporarily place the boy in a foster home, but he was returned to his mother after she convinced a family court that she was aware of her boyfriend’s history and could protect her son from him.        2017年初,该机构非常担忧,于是暂时将这个男孩安置在寄养家庭中,但他的母亲对一个家庭法庭声称知道男友的历史,并且可以保护儿子免受他的伤害,于是他又被送回母亲家中。
        The mother, who had sat stonily throughout the trial, showed no emotion while the sentence was read out, German news media reported. She chose not to challenge the ruling, which in addition to jail sentences, included fines worth 42,500 euros, or $49,200, to be paid to the victims.        据德国新闻媒体报道,这位母亲在整个审判过程中一直坐在那里,在判决被宣读时没有表现出任何情绪。她选择不对该裁决提出质疑,裁决除了判处监禁外,还包括向受害者支付4.25万欧元(约合4.92万美元)的罚款。
        “She accepts full responsibility for what happened to her son,” Matthias Wagner, an attorney who represented the mother told the Badische Zeitung newspaper. “This is important for the boy. He can now be certain that this process is over.”        “她对儿子的遭遇承担全部责任,”代表这位母亲的律师马蒂亚斯·瓦格纳(Matthias Wagner)告诉《巴登日报》(Badische Zeitung)。“这对这个男孩来说很重要。他现在可以确定这个过程结束了。”
        But in a country where a mother’s “right to the protection and welfare of society” is enshrined in the Constitution, it was the role played by Berrin T. that most appalled Germans.        但是,在一个母亲的“社会保护和福利权利”载入宪法的国家,贝林·T所扮演的角色是最令德国人震惊的。
        “When parents become criminals to their children, the state must protect the child, with everything in its power,” the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper wrote in a commentary. “It must protect children from their parents.”        “当父母对孩子犯下罪行时,国家必须尽其所能地保护孩子,”《南德意志报》( Süddeutsche Zeitung)在评论中写道。“它必须保护孩子不受父母伤害。”
        The identities of the victims were not made public, in keeping with child protection laws. Authorities have placed the boy in the care of a foster family.        根据儿童保护法,受害者的身份未公开。当局已将该男孩安置在寄养家庭中。
        Several of the men who paid to assault the boy have also been convicted, and on Monday, one was handed a 10-year prison sentence by a Spanish court. All but one found their victim on the dark web — parts of the internet that are concealed from view and are used for anonymity and criminal activity.        付款性侵这名男孩的几个男子也被定罪,周一,其中一人被一个西班牙法院判处10年徒刑。除了一人之外,所有人都是在暗网上找到受害者的——暗网是指部分隐藏在人们视线之外的互联网世界,用于匿名和犯罪活动。
        Peter Egetemaier, chief of the criminal police in Freiburg, said investigators were lucky to get a tip from an anonymous user who came across the videos advertising the boy. A buyer had asked whether he could kill the boy after assaulting him, leading the tipster to alert both the federal police and the state police.        弗莱堡刑事警察局长彼得·埃格特梅尔(Peter Egetemaier)表示,调查者幸运地从一个匿名用户那里得到了提示,该用户看到了这个男孩的广告视频。一名买家询问他是否可以在性侵这个男孩之后杀死他,于是该告密者提醒联邦警察和州警察注意此事。
        “It was an exceptional case — we were very lucky — but it won’t always be like this,” said Mr. Egetemaier in a telephone interview. Because Christian L. cooperated with authorities, they were able to glean crucial insights into the netherworld of criminal pedophilia that takes place online.        “这是一个例外情况——我们非常幸运——但并不总是这样,” 埃格特梅尔在电话采访中说。由于克里斯蒂安·L与当局合作,他们得以收集网上恋童癖犯罪世界的重要线索。
        Confident that they have found everyone involved in the boy’s case, Mr. Egetemaier’s team is combing through material they collected to try to find suspects in unrelated cases.        埃格特梅尔的团队确信他们已经找到了所有涉及该男孩案件的人,他们正在梳理收集的材料,试图找到其他无关案件中的嫌疑人。
        “He opened a door to this very dark world for us,” Mr. Egetemaier said.        “他为我们打开了通往这个黑暗世界的大门,” 埃格特梅尔说。

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