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It Wasn’t Me: Pence, Pompeo and a Parade of Administration Officials Deny Writing Op-Ed

来源:纽约时报    2018-09-07 09:44

        WASHINGTON — A day after a senior administration official described President Trump as amoral, impetuous, petty and ineffective in an anonymous essay, the denials from the upper echelon of the administration started to roll in.        华盛顿——在一名政府高级官员的一篇匿名文章述称特朗普总统无德、草率、小气、不称职一天后,政府高层的否认开始滚滚而来。
        The mystery writer is not Vice President Mike Pence, a spokesman said Thursday. “Our office is above such amateur acts,” the vice president’s spokesman, Jarrod Agen, said in a morning Twitter post, referring to the Op-Ed published on Wednesday in The New York Times.        一位发言人周四说,那名神秘作者不是副总统迈克·彭斯(Mike Pence)。“我们的办公室不屑于做出这种业余行为,”副总统的发言人贾罗德·阿根(Jarrod Agen)在上午的一条推中这样提及周三发表在《纽约时报》上的那篇专栏文章。
        “It is not mine,” Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, said.        “那不是我写的,”美国国务卿迈克·庞皮欧(Mike Pompeo)说。
        “Patently false,” said Dan Coats, the national intelligence director, responding to rumors that he or his principal deputy wrote the piece. “We did not.”        “显然是假的,”国家情报局局长丹·科茨(Dan Coats)回应该文章是由他或他的主要副手撰写的传闻时说。“我们没有。”
        Press officers for the secretaries of the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Treasury and Housing and Urban Development also issued denials on behalf of their bosses.
        The author, whose identity is known to The Times editorial page department, describes him or herself as one of many senior officials in the Trump administration who are “working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.”        《纽约时报》社论部知道作者的身份,称作者是特朗普政府里“从内部不懈努力,以挫败他的部分议程和最糟糕的倾向”的许多高级官员之一。
        Since the piece was published, there has been a scramble to identify the anonymous official, prompting text analysis and speculation about motive. Mr. Trump demanded that The Times “turn him/her over to government at once,” citing national security concerns.        自从文章发表以来,人们争相辨认这位匿名官员的身份,进行文本分析和动机猜测。特朗普以国家安全为由,要求时报“立即把他/她移交给政府部门”。
        And what was to be an important week in Washington marked with nomination hearings for a new Supreme Court justice and Republican efforts to maintain their majority in the House with the midterm elections just weeks away, instead evolved into a week of denials.        这周本该是华盛顿很重要的一周,参议院正在对新任最高法院大法官候选人进行提名听证,共和党也在为了几周后的中期选举中能维持众议院多数席位而努力,但这周却发展成了各种否认的一周。
        First, Mr. Trump and his aides pushed back against allegations in a new book about his presidency by Bob Woodward of The Washington Post. And now similar denials arrived from senior administration officials who want to assure the president that they are not the “gutless” anonymous person whom Mr. Trump suggested might even be treasonous.        先是特朗普及其助手们对《华盛顿邮报》(The Washington Post)的鲍勃·伍德沃德(Bob Woodward)在一本新书中关于特朗普总统任职以来的种种说法进行反驳。而为了向总统保证自己不是特朗普所说的“没勇气的”匿名者(特朗普甚至暗示那可能算叛国),政府高级官员现在又纷纷出面做出类似的否认。
        Mr. Trump and his aides are placing blame on a favorite scapegoat, the news media, for the startling details about some of the president’s closest aides doing end-runs around him to stave off what they considered dangerous policy decisions.        特朗普及其助手们正在把新闻媒体报道的一些令人震惊的细节——比如一些与总统最接近的助手们绕开他迂回推进,以避免他们认为危险的政策决定——归咎于他们最喜欢用的替罪羊:新闻媒体。
        At one point, the anonymous official wrote, there was talk of the cabinet invoking the 25th Amendment to declare Mr. Trump unable to discharge his duties, but no one wanted a constitutional crisis.        这位匿名官员写道,有人曾考虑让内阁援引第25修正案,宣布特朗普无法履行其职责,但没人想引发一场宪法危机。
        The White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, tweeted the main phone number of The Times and directed those who wanted to know the identity of “this gutless coward” to call.        白宫新闻秘书萨拉·赫卡比·桑德斯(Sarah Huckabee Sanders)在Twitter上发布了《纽约时报》的主要电话号码,让那些想知道“这个没胆量的懦夫”身份的人给《纽约时报》打电话。
        The president spent much of Wednesday afternoon and evening fuming at the media. And on Thursday morning, he resumed his venting, and thanked the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for continuing to have faith in him.        总统把周三下午和晚上的大部分时间都花在对媒体泄愤上。周四一大早,他又开始发泄,还感谢了朝鲜领导人金正恩继续对自己抱有信心。
        The anonymous official also wrote that the president “shows a preference for autocrats and dictators,” and mentioned Mr. Kim.        那位匿名官员在文章中也提到了总统“对专断者和独裁者的偏爱”,并提了金正恩的名字。
        “The Deep State and the Left, and their vehicle, the Fake News Media, are going Crazy — & they don’t know what to do,” Mr. Trump said in another tweet on Thursday.        “深暗势力和左派们,以及他们的工具、假新闻媒体都快疯了——他们不知道该怎么办了,”特朗普在周四的另一条推文中说。
        With the denials came a renewal of vows of sorts.        否认变成了各种形式的重申誓言。
        Traveling in India, Mr. Pompeo said if he felt he was not able to “execute the commander’s intent,” he would resign.        正出访印度的庞皮欧表示,如果他觉得他已无法“执行指挥官的意图”的话,他会辞职。
        “And this person instead, according to The New York Times, chose not only to stay, but to undermine what President Trump and this administration are trying to do,” he said. “I have to tell you, I find the media’s efforts in this regard to undermine this administration incredibly disturbing.”        “而据《纽约时报》说,那个人不仅选择留在政府里,还要破坏特朗普总统和本届政府的努力,”庞皮欧说。“我不得不告诉你,我认为媒体在这方面做出的削弱本届政府的努力令人非常不安。”
        Mr. Coats said, “From the beginning of our tenure, we have insisted that the entire IC remain focused on our mission to provide the president and policymakers with the best intelligence possible,” using an acronym to refer to the intelligence community.        A spokesman for Kirstjen M. Nielsen, the Homeland Security secretary, said Ms. Nielsen did not write the essay. She was busy “protecting the homeland — not writing anonymous and false opinion pieces for The New York Times,” the spokesman, Tyler Q. Houlton, said. “These types of political attacks are beneath the secretary and the department’s mission.” Similar denials were issued on behalf of Jim Mattis, the defense secretary, and Ben Carson, the secretary of housing and urban development.

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