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5 Takeaways From Bob Woodward’s Book on the Trump White House

来源:纽约时报    2018-09-07 01:59

        WASHINGTON — A new book by Bob Woodward, the longtime Washington Post reporter, portrays a White House with relentless infighting and a work culture so toxic and volatile that many of President Trump’s top advisers and cabinet members became accustomed to working around their boss, whom they described as unstable and uninformed.        华盛顿——《华盛顿邮报》资深记者鲍勃·伍德沃德(Bob Woodward)的新书描写的白宫内讧不断,里面的工作文化如此之毒恶且反复无常,以至于特朗普总统的许多高级顾问和内阁成员们养成了绕开他们的上司工作的习惯,在他们的描述中,这个上司显得既不稳定又无知。
        “Fear: Trump in the White House,” which is set for a public release next Tuesday and already sits atop Amazon’s best-seller list, is one in a series of insider accounts published this year that have drawn the ire of the West Wing. “Fire and Fury,” by the writer Michael Wolff, and “Unhinged,” by the former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman, also reported the kind of hostility and interpersonal feuding that Mr. Woodward depicts. Mr. Trump reacted to both books with numerous tweets targeting the authors.        《恐惧:特朗普在白宫》(Fear: Trump in the White House)将于下周二公开发行,目前已位于亚马逊畅销书排行榜榜首,这是今年出版的一系列内部人士叙述之一,它们都引起了白宫西翼的愤怒。作家迈克尔·沃尔夫(Michael Wolff)写的《炮火与怒火》(Fire and Fury)、以及前白宫顾问奥马罗萨·马尼戈特·纽曼(Omarosa Manigault Newman)写的《精神失常》(Unhinged),也披露了伍德沃德描述的那种敌视情绪和彼此间的争执。特朗普对两本书都发了大量针对作者的推文。
        On Tuesday, after copies of Mr. Woodward’s book leaked to reporters, Mr. Trump told The Daily Caller that parts of it may have been made up.        周二,在伍德沃德的书泄露给记者后,特朗普对《每日通话》(The Daily Caller)说,书中的部分内容可能是编造的。
        “It’s just another bad book. He’s had a lot of credibility problems,” Mr. Trump said of Mr. Woodward.        “这只是又一本烂书而已。他有许多可信性问题,”特朗普提到伍德沃德时说。
        Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, called it “nothing more than fabricated stories.”        白宫新闻秘书萨拉·哈克比·桑德斯(Sarah Huckabee Sanders)称书中“除了编造的故事,什么都没有”。
        Here are some key takeaways from the book.        下面是书中的一些主要内容的选录。
        The Russia investigation is a constant source of anxiety for Mr. Trump, and for his lawyers.
        In late January, Mr. Woodward wrote, Mr. Trump sat down with John Dowd, then an outside lawyer advising the president on the White House’s interactions with Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel. The idea was to stage a mock interview between the president and Mr. Mueller, who was angling to question Mr. Trump. During the session, Mr. Trump repeatedly lied and contradicted himself, insulted the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey, then exploded in anger, ranting for a half-hour about the investigation being a “hoax.”        伍德沃德写道,今年1月底,特朗普与约翰·多德(John Dowd)见了面,多德当时是一名外部律师,在白宫与特别检察官罗伯特·S·穆勒三世(Robert S. Mueller III)的沟通上为总统提供建议。穆勒当时有意问询特朗普,顾问们的想法是模拟一次总统与穆勒的对话。在多德与特朗普见面期间,特朗普多次撒谎,并自相矛盾,还侮辱了联邦调查局前局长詹姆斯·B·科米(James B. Comey),然后怒气大发,大声抱怨了半个小时,把调查说成是一场“骗局”。
        Mr. Dowd tried to demonstrate why their meeting was reason for Mr. Trump not to do an interview with Mr. Mueller, citing the president’s schedule demands.        多德试图以此来说明,特朗普为什么不应该接受穆勒的问询,并建议以总统的日程安排很忙为理由。
        “It’s not that you’re lying or you’re bad or anything like that,” Mr. Dowd told him. “Given your daily intake — just look what we’ve done this afternoon.”        “这并不是说你在撒谎,或者你很坏或是别的什么,”多德告诉特朗普。“考虑到你每天的事情——光看看今天下午我们都做了些什么吧。”
        Mr. Dowd handed him a letter addressed to Mr. Mueller asserting the president’s right to terminate the investigation. Mr. Trump loved it.        多德递给特朗普一封给穆勒的信,信中强调了总统终止调查的权力。特朗普很喜欢。
        The day after, a gleeful Mr. Trump called Mr. Dowd. “I slept like a rock,” the president said. “I love that letter.”        第二天,满怀欣喜的特朗普打电话给多德。“我昨夜睡得像块石头,”总统说。“我喜欢那封信。”
        By March, little progress had been made with Mr. Mueller. On March 5, Mr. Dowd met with the special counsel and one of his deputies and explained why he was trying to keep Mr. Trump away from them.        到了3月份,对穆勒做的工作几乎没有进展。3月5日,多德与特别检察官及一名副手见了面,解释了他为什么不想让特朗普与他们见面。
        “I’m not going to sit there and let him look like an idiot,” he said.        “我不会袖手旁观,让他看上去像个白痴,”多德说。
        Later that month, Mr. Dowd told Mr. Trump why he should avoid an interview: “It’s either that or an orange jumpsuit.”        那个月的晚些时候,多德告诉特朗普,他为什么应该避免接受问询:“要么不接受问询,要么就得进监牢。”
        Mr. Mueller engaged in lively conversations for months with Mr. Trump’s lawyers.
        The book offers the first extensive look at dialogue between Mr. Mueller and those involved in the Russia investigation. Mr. Woodward recounted Mr. Dowd’s zigzagging relationship with the special counsel’s office, and the lengths he went to to build a rapport with Mr. Mueller in the heat of negotiations over an interview with Mr. Trump. Mr. Dowd fluctuated between credulity and outrage, at one point telling Mr. Trump after an especially trying meeting with Mr. Mueller that the president may have been right about the special counsel all along.        这本书首次对穆勒和参与通俄调查的人之间的对话做了广泛的描述。伍德沃德讲述了多德与特别检察官办公室的曲折关系,以及在关于特朗普接受问询的激烈谈判中,多德为了与穆勒建立融洽的关系所做的努力。多德在轻信和愤怒之间波动,在与穆勒的一次特别难缠的会面后,多德一度对特朗普说,在特别检察官的问题上,总统可能从来都是正确的。
        Mr. Woodward wrote that Mr. Dowd would tell Mr. Mueller that the president did not have time for the inquiry while he was juggling the responsibilities of his new job.        伍德沃德写道,多德会告诉穆勒,总统新上任不久,工作繁忙,没时间接受问询。
        “I’m very sensitive to that,” Mr. Mueller reportedly responded. “I’m doing the best I can.”        据称,穆勒回答说,“我对这一点非常敏感。我将尽力而为。”
        Still, Mr. Mueller at one point told Mr. Dowd that he could acquire a grand jury subpoena, which Mr. Dowd interpreted as a threat.        不过,穆勒有一次对多德说,他可能得到大陪审团的传票,多德认为那是一种威胁。
        “I’m not trying to threaten you,” Mr. Mueller reportedly told Mr. Dowd. “I’m just thinking of the possibilities here.”        穆勒据称对多德说,“我不是在试图威胁你们。我只是在考虑这里面的各种可能性。”
        In one meeting with Mr. Mueller, Mr. Dowd, to make plain just how much he feared that Mr. Trump would commit perjury, asked Jay Sekulow, another one of Mr. Trump’s lawyers, to re-enact Mr. Trump’s practice session from January. Mr. Sekulow, playing Mr. Trump, imitated an answer to a question about Mr. Comey.        在与穆勒的一次见面中,多德为了明确表示自己对特朗普可能犯伪证罪有多担心,请来了特朗普的另一名律师杰伊·塞库洛(Jay Sekulow)来重现1月份与特朗普进行的那次演习。假扮特朗普的塞库洛仿效了对关于科米问题的回答。
        “Sekulow’s answer was classic Trump — an answer spun out of thin air, with contradictions, made-up stuff, anger,” Mr. Woodward wrote. “A perfect performance. A perfect Trump.”        “塞库洛的回答是典型的特朗普式的——是凭空捏造出来的回答,充满了矛盾、捏造的东西和愤怒,”伍德沃德写道。“完美的表演。完美的特朗普。”
        Mr. Trump’s advisers are repeatedly stunned by the president’s lack of interest in and knowledge of major issues.
        Mr. Woodward used several defense-related meetings to illustrate the president’s problem grasping his own administration’s policy, including a July 2017 gathering at the Pentagon between Mr. Trump, military brass and members of his cabinet.        伍德沃德用几次与国防有关的会议来说明,特朗普总统在理解他自己政府的政策上存在问题,比如2017年7月在五角大楼举行的一次会议,在场的有特朗普、军方高层,以及特朗普的内阁成员。
        “When are we going to start winning some wars?” Mr. Trump groused as those around him tried to clarify the purpose of the war in Afghanistan. “We’ve got these charts. When are we going to win some wars? Why are you jamming this down my throat?”        就在他周围的人试图阐明阿富汗战争的目的时,特朗普发牢骚说,“我们什么时候能开始打赢几仗?我们看到的都是这些图表。我们什么时候能打赢几仗?你们为什么总给我讲这些东西?”
        Mr. Trump attacked the generals and cabinet members in the room, leaving Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson exasperated. He’s a “moron,” Mr. Tillerson reportedly said once Mr. Trump had left, using an expletive.        特朗普攻击了在场的将军和内阁成员,令时任美国国务卿的雷克斯·W·蒂勒森(Rex W. Tillerson)怒不可遏。据称,蒂勒森在特朗普离开后说,他是个“白痴”,还用了一个脏字。
        At a January meeting of the National Security Council, Mr. Trump asked why the United States was spending so much on the Korean Peninsula.        在今年1月举行的一次国家安全委员会(National Security Council)会议上,特朗普问美国为什么要在朝鲜半岛上花那么多钱。
        Defense Secretary Jim Mattis replied that the administration was trying to prevent World War III. After Mr. Trump left the room, Mr. Woodward wrote, Mr. Mattis told people that Mr. Trump understood the topic like a “fifth or sixth grader.”        国防部长吉姆·马蒂斯(Jim Mattis)回答说,美国政府是在试图阻止第三次世界大战。伍德沃德写道,特朗普离开房间后,马蒂斯告诉在场的人,特朗普对这方面的理解像是一个“五年级或六年级的小学生”。
        In another episode, Gary D. Cohn, the former chief economic adviser to Mr. Trump, “stole” a letter from Mr. Trump’s desk that the president had planned to sign, withdrawing the United States from a trade deal with South Korea. Mr. Woodward wrote that Mr. Cohn told a colleague that he had to “protect the country.” Mr. Trump apparently never realized the letter had disappeared.        还有一次,特朗普的前首席经济顾问加里·D·科恩(Gary D. Cohn)从特朗普的办公桌上“偷走”了一封特朗普打算在上面签名的信,该信宣布美国退出与韩国的一项贸易协定。伍德沃德写道,科恩告诉一位同事,为了“保护国家”他不得不这样做。特朗普显然从未意识到那封信不见了。
        In his interview with The Daily Caller, Mr. Trump denied that Mr. Cohn had taken the letter. “There was nobody taking anything from me,” he said.        在接受《每日通话》采访时,特朗普否认科恩拿走了那封信。“没有人从我这里拿走过任何东西,”他说。
        Mr. Woodward also prints a summary of the July 2017 meeting written by a senior White House official who spoke with its attendees.        伍德沃德的书中还附带了一名白宫高级官员为2017年7月的那次会议写的一份总结,该白宫官员与参加会议的人交谈过。
        “It seems clear that many of the president’s senior advisers, especially those in the national security realm, are extremely concerned with his erratic nature, his relative ignorance, his inability to learn, as well as what they consider his dangerous views,” it read.        “似乎很明显,总统的许多高级顾问们,尤其是国家安全领域的顾问们,都极其担心他的古怪性格、他的相对无知、他的不愿学习,以及在他们看来很危险的看法,”总结写道。
        Mr. Trump himself was not a primary source for the book.
        Mr. Woodward conducted most of his interviews on “deep background,” meaning he could incorporate the material without citing from whom it came. Throughout the book, he described settings and events with exhaustively reported detail, incorporating what he said in a note in the book were “hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand participants.”        伍德沃德的大部分采访都是以获取“深度背景”的方式进行的,这意味着他可以在书中使用这些材料,但不给出提供材料者的名字。在整本书中,他对场景和事件进行了详尽无遗的描述,他在一个注释中说,书中的内容是“花了数百个小时采访直接参与者”的结果。
        But, Mr. Woodward said in the same note, Mr. Trump declined to be interviewed, leaving the tale largely his advisers’ telling.        但伍德沃德也在同一个注释中说,特朗普拒绝接受采访,使这本书成了他的顾问们讲述的故事。
        The Washington Post published audio of an 11-minute call between Mr. Woodward and Mr. Trump in which Mr. Woodward warned the president that his book would be severe, and expressed regret that he never had a chance to incorporate Mr. Trump’s view of his own job. Mr. Trump sounded incredulous that he never got to sit for an interview and defend himself to the author. Mr. Woodward told him that he made the request to at least a half-dozen people close to the president, and that it was never granted.        《华盛顿邮报》发表了伍德沃德和特朗普之间一段11分钟的电话录音,伍德沃德警告总统,他的书会很严厉,并为没有机会将特朗普的观点纳入其中表示遗憾。特朗普听上去仿佛不相信自己竟然从未坐下来接受这位作者的采访,并为自己辩护。伍德沃德告诉他,他曾向至少六位与总统关系密切的人提出要求,然而从来没有得到过批准。
        On the call, Mr. Trump sounded worried, repeating his refrain that it would be a “bad” book for him, and that Mr. Woodward did not understand just how successful he had been in office.        在电话里,特朗普听上去很担心,一再说他认为这会是一本“糟糕”的书,而且伍德沃德不明白他执政有多么成功。
        “So we’re going to have a very inaccurate book, and that’s too bad,” Mr. Trump said.        “所以我们会有一本非常不准确的书,太糟糕了,”特朗普说。
        “It’s going to be accurate, I promise,” Mr. Woodward responded.        “我保证,它会是准确的,”伍德沃德回答。
        “Yeah, O.K.,” Mr. Trump said. “Well, accurate is that nobody’s ever done a better job than I’m doing as president.”        “是啊,好吧,”特朗普说。“嗯,准确的是,在总统这个位子上,没人比我做得更好。”
        John F. Kelly, the chief of staff, quickly soured on Mr. Trump
        幕僚长约翰·F·凯利(John F. Kelly)很快就对特朗普感到不满。
        Mr. Kelly, who has long been rumored to be close to resigning, once called Mr. Trump an “idiot” and said the White House staff was operating in “crazytown,” according to the book.        根据这本书的说法,长期以来一直传言即将辞职的凯利曾称特朗普是“白痴”,说白宫工作人员都在“疯狂城”工作。
        “It’s pointless to try to convince him of anything,” Mr. Kelly bemoaned in a meeting. “He’s gone off the rails.”        “试图说服他任何事都是没有意义的,”凯利在一次会议上哀叹道。“他脑子坏了。”
        Mr. Trump came to be suspicious of Mr. Kelly’s scrupulousness, finding workarounds, such as calling members of Congress when Mr. Kelly was not in the room.        特朗普开始怀疑凯利小心翼翼的态度,他找到了变通的办法,比如趁凯利不在房间的时候给国会议员打电话。
        When Mr. Cohn tried to resign over comments Mr. Trump had made after a white nationalist march in Charlottesville, Va., in August 2017, Mr. Trump belittled him but persuaded him to stay. Mr. Kelly then pulled Mr. Cohn aside to express his dismay over how Mr. Cohn was treated.        当科恩因特朗普在2017年8月弗吉尼亚州夏洛茨维尔的白人民族主义者游行后所做的评论时而辞职时,特朗普对他表示轻蔑,但劝他留下来。凯利随后将科恩拉到一边,对科恩的待遇表示惊讶。
        “That was the greatest show of self-control I have ever seen,” Mr. Kelly said. “If that was me, I would have taken that resignation letter and shoved it up his ass six different times.”        “这是我见过的最优秀的自我控制,”凯利说。“换了我的话,我会拿起这封辞职信,往他的屁眼里塞六次。”
        Still, Mr. Kelly shared some of Mr. Trump’s paranoia about bad press.        不过,凯利和特朗普一样,对恶劣的媒体有一些妄想。
        “I’m the only thing protecting the president from the press,” Mr. Woodward quoted Mr. Kelly as saying in a meeting. “The press is out to get him. They want to destroy him. And I’m determined to stand in the way, taking the bullets and taking the arrows.”        “我是唯一保护总统不受媒体危害的人,”伍德沃德引述凯利在一次会议上的发言。“记者倾巢出动去抓他。他们想毁了他。而我决心站在中间,为他挡子弹和箭。”
        On Tuesday, Mr. Kelly denied in a statement that he had ever called Mr. Trump an “idiot.”        周二,凯利在一份声明中否认曾称特朗普为“白痴”。
        Mr. Trump, apparently unconcerned about the rest of the book’s drama involving Mr. Kelly, posted the statement on Twitter on Tuesday evening.        特朗普显然并不关心这本书中涉及凯利的其他戏剧性情节,周二晚上,他在Twitter上贴出了这样一份声明。

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