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等了那么久的电影 11月终于要上映了
Five films to watch in November

来源:中国日报    2018-10-31 08:48

        Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald        《神奇动物:格林德沃之罪》
        Finally we are back to Hogwarts! At least that’s what’s teased in the trailers of this 10th blockbuster set in JK Rowling’s wizarding world – the second in her Fantastic Beasts series. But even though there’s a glimpse of what is to become Harry Potter’s school, actual children are largely absent from an adventure bristling with darkness, monsters and moral conflict. Unlike the Potter movies, which these chronologically predate, the added thrill of the Beasts series is none of us muggles know what the story will be in advance – and we won’t spoiler them for you, except to say that this one centers around that nice Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) and a younger Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) attempting to stop and kill the powerful dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp). Released Nov 16 in the US and Chinese mainland. (Credit: Warner Bros)        我们终于要回到霍格沃茨魔法学校了!至少《神奇动物2》的预告片是这么暗示的。《神奇动物:格林德沃之罪》是关于J·K·罗琳魔法世界的第10部电影,也是《神奇动物》系列的第二部。尽管我们将一窥哈利波特学校的原貌,但这部充斥着黑暗、怪物和道德冲突的冒险电影中却没有几个真正的小孩。和《哈利波特》系列电影不同,发生在哈利波特时代之前的《神奇动物》系列更扣人心弦的地方在于你们这些麻瓜都不会提前知道故事的情节——而我们也不会剧透给你。我们能告诉你的只有这个:善良的纽特·斯卡曼德(小雀斑埃迪·雷德梅恩饰)和年轻的阿不思·邓布利多(裘德·洛饰)将试图阻止并杀死强大的黑巫师盖勒特·格林德沃(约翰尼·德普饰)。该片将于11月16日在美国和中国内地同步上映。(资料来源:华纳兄弟公司)
        Girl        《女孩》
        Fifteen-year-old Lara dreams of being a ballerina, but she faces a tougher challenge than most. As well as the usual blood, sweat and tears demanded by classical training at her top-flight Belgian academy, Lara is simultaneously preparing for gender reassignment – she was born in the body of the boy. A sensation at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where it won the ‘Queer Palm’ and boasting the coveted 100 percent ‘fresh’ rating on film reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, Lukas Dhont’s achingly intimate coming-of-age drama is brilliantly believable. A couple of wounding moments at school aside, Lara’s conflicts are largely internalized – rather than the slings and arrows of anti-trans prejudice her biggest battle being with the mirror (there’s a lot of unflinching nudity). Young actor/dancer Victor Polster is mesmerizing as Lara – this is a star-making turn, whether or not you agree with the casting of another cisgender male in a transgender role. Released Nov 1 in the Netherlands, Nov 2 in Norway, Nov 15 in Hungary, Nov 16 in US and Nov 22 in Greece (Credit: Netflix)        15岁的劳拉梦想成为一名芭蕾舞者,但“她”面临的挑战比多数人都要艰巨。除了在一流比利时学院的古典训练所需付出的心血、汗水和泪水,劳拉还要为变性做准备——“她”是个男儿身。这部电影轰动了今年的戛纳电影节,并斩获了同志金棕榈奖,在烂番茄上的新鲜度高达100%。卢卡斯·德霍特导演的这部青少年成长题材作品直击私密生活的痛楚,给人的感觉又如此真实可信。除了在舞蹈学校的几次受伤,劳拉的大部分痛苦不是来自对变性有偏见的人们的中伤和攻击,而是来自内心,“她”最大的斗争都发生在镜子前(有很多大尺度的裸体镜头)。年轻的演员兼舞者维克多·波尔斯特出演劳拉——不论你是否赞成让男性来扮演男变女的变性角色,他必将因为这个角色而出名。该片将于11月1日在荷兰上映,11月2日在挪威上映,11月15日在匈牙利上映,11月16日在美国上映,11月22日在希腊上映。(资料来源:奈飞公司)
        Widows        《寡妇特工》
        To say this heist thriller was feverishly anticipated would be an understatement. Thrillingly, it doesn’t disappoint. Widows is the first film in five years from 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen, who became the first black film-maker to win the Oscar for best picture. If that wasn’t enough of a draw, he co-wrote this film with Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn (based on a 1983 British TV series by Lynda La Plante) and led a charge on the zeitgeist by creating a female-driven, ethnically diverse cast packed with hot rising talent (Cynthia Erivo, Elizabeth Debicki and Daniel Kaluuya) as well as wise older hands (Liam Neeson, Jacki Weaver, Robert Duvall). Viola Davis, always magnetic, leads a gang of women who decide to carry through with a heist after their criminal husbands were killed on the job. Released Nov 6 in the UK, Nov 15 in Argentina, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal and Turkey, Nov 16 in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, US and South Africa,  Nov 22 in Australia, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands and Russia, Nov 23 in Romania, Nov 28 in France, Nov 29 in Brazil, Nov 30 in Spain (Credit: 20th Century Fox)        说这部抢劫惊悚片备受期待真是轻描淡写了。让你的小心脏颤抖吧,这部电影不会让你失望的。《寡妇》是《为奴十二年》导演史蒂夫·麦奎因五年来的第一部作品,麦奎因是首位赢得奥斯卡最佳影片奖的黑人导演。如果这还不够有说服力,和他合作编写剧本的是《消失的爱人》的编剧吉莉安·弗林。该片基于林达·拉·普朗特1983年的一部英剧,领衔的演员以女性为主,种族多样化,而且不乏炙手可热的新星(辛西娅·艾莉佛、伊丽莎白·德比齐、丹尼尔·卡卢亚)和老戏骨(连姆·尼森、杰基·韦佛、罗伯特·杜瓦尔)。影片讲述了在罪犯丈夫作案被杀后,一群寡妇在魅力女人维奥拉·戴维斯的领导下,决定完成丈夫未竟的抢劫事业。该片将于11月6日在英国上映,11月15日在阿根廷、捷克共和国、意大利、葡萄牙和土耳其上映,11月16日在保加利亚、立陶宛、挪威、波兰、瑞典、美国和南非上映,11月22日在澳大利亚、德国、丹麦、希腊、匈牙利、荷兰和俄罗斯上映,11月23日在罗马尼亚上映,11月28日在法国上映,11月29日在巴西上映,11月30日在西班牙上映。(资料来源:20世纪福克斯公司)
        The Grinch        《绿毛怪格林奇》
        Dr Seuss’s zany 1957 picture book, How The Grinch Stole Christmas! is a much beloved classic in the US. The rest of the world, however, is more likely to have nodding acquaintance with the Grinch via the 2000 box-office smash featuring Jim Carrey, smothered under a Santa’s sack-worth of lurid, pea-colored make-up. Thankfully technology’s moved on a bit since then and this third screen adaptation (there’s also a cult 1966 TV movie narrated by Boris Karloff) is a whizzy 3D, state of the art CG animation, promisingly brought to you by the makers of Despicable Me, Sing and The Secret Life Of Pets. This time it’s Dr Strange and Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch who voices the hairy, scary, grumpy green anti-hero who resolves to spoil everyone’s fun and steal Christmas. Released November 8 in Brazil, Czech Republic, Lebanon and Slovakia, November 9 in the UK, Norway, Sweden, US and Vietnam, November 22 in Argentina and Portugal, Nov 23 in Bulgaria and Romania and Nov 28 in France, Nov 29 in Australia, Columbia, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore, Nov 30 in Spain, Lithuania and Poland (Credit: Universal Pictures)        苏斯博士1957年的搞笑图画书《偷走圣诞节的贼》是深受美国人喜爱的经典作品。但是世界其他国家的人主要是通过金凯利2000年主演的卖座电影(《圣诞怪杰》)才认识绿毛怪格林奇的。当时金凯利脸上化着豌豆绿色的夸张妆容,厚重得都可以装满圣诞老人的口袋了。还好后来技术进步了,第三部荧屏改编作品(之前还有一部1966年的电视动画短片,由鲍里斯·卡洛夫配音)是炫酷3D电影,采用最先进的CG动画技术,而且还是由《卑鄙的我》、《欢乐好声音》和《爱宠大机密》的制片人制作的。这一次《奇异博士》和《神探夏洛克》的主演本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇将为这个吓人又脾气乖戾的绿毛怪配音,这个反英雄式人物下决心要破坏所有人的乐趣,偷走圣诞节。该片将于11月8日在巴西、捷克共和国、黎巴嫩和斯洛伐克上映,11月9日在英国、挪威、瑞典、美国和越南上映,11月22日在阿根廷和葡萄牙上映,11月23日在保加利亚和罗马尼亚上映,11月28日在法国上映,11月29日在澳大利亚、哥伦比亚、德国、丹麦、意大利、荷兰、新西兰和新加坡上映,11月30日在西班牙、立陶宛和波兰上映。(资料来源:环球影业)
        Shoplifters        《小偷家族》
        “Throughout his career, film-maker Hirokazu Kore-eda has worried family relationships like a bone (particularly the father-son bond), as though they held the key to deciphering the soul of Japanese society. And perhaps they do” writes Deborah Young in her review for The Hollywood Reporter. Literally titled ‘Manbiki Kazoku’ (‘The Shoplifting Family’ in Japanese), Shoplifters sees Kore-eda return to his pet preoccupation. The family who shoplifts together stays together in the case of this film’s makeshift group of impoverished folk who uneasily share both lodgings and loot to stay afloat. Things get even tougher when one day a starving, battered little girl is co-opted into their number. Winner of the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where Kore-eda previously won the Jury Prize in 2013 for Like Father, Like Son. Shoplifters is a typically subtle, modestly scaled, thoughtfully paced (film critics’ speak for slow) offering, whose borderline plotless story will repay patient viewers with a wealth of warmth and tender humanity. Released Nov 8 in Russia, Nov 15 in Australia, Nov 22 in Portugal,  Nov 23 in the UK and the US (Credit: Magnolia Pictures)        黛博拉·杨在《好莱坞报道》的评论中写道:“电影导演是枝裕和在他的整个电影生涯中都在忧心家庭关系(特别是父子关系),似乎家庭关系是解锁日本社会灵魂密码的钥匙。也许事实就是如此。”在这部名为《小偷家族》的电影中,是枝裕和又回到了自己最喜爱的主题。影片讲述了一个靠偷窃为生的“家庭”,这些贫困潦倒的小偷们为了维持生计不得不住在一起,分享偷来的东西。有一天,一个快要饿死的衣衫褴褛的小女孩加入了这个大家庭,这使得他们的生活变得更加窘迫。这部电影在今年的戛纳电影节上获得了金棕榈奖,此前是枝裕和在2013年曾凭借《如父如子》获得评审团大奖。《小偷家族》是一部情感微妙、层层深入、步调沉稳(影评人的意思是节奏缓慢)的电影,虽然没有清晰的故事线,但是耐心看完的人会感受到阳光般的温暖和温情。该片将于11月8日在俄罗斯上映,11月15日在澳大利亚上映,11月22日在葡萄牙上映,11月23日在英国和美国上映。(资料来源:木兰花影业)

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