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世行报告称中国营商环境大幅改善 较去年提升30多位
Doing Business Report: China Carries Out Record Business Reforms, Edges into Top 50 Economies

来源:中国日报    2018-11-05 14:08

        China carried out a record number of reforms during the past year to improve the business climate for small and medium enterprises, earning the country a spot in this year’s top 10 global improvers, says the World Bank Group’s Doing Business 2019: Training for Reform report.        根据世界银行近日发布的《2019年营商环境报告:强化培训,促进改革》,中国在过去一年里为中小企业改善营商环境实施的改革数量创纪录,位列今年营商环境改善幅度全球前十。
        China implemented the largest number of reforms in the East Asia and Pacific region. As a result, China advanced to a global ranking of 46 this year, up from 78 last year.        在东亚和太平洋地区,中国实施的改革数量最多。因此,中国的全球营商环境排名从去年的第78位跃升至第46位。
        “China has made rapid progress in improving its business climate for domestic small and medium enterprises in the past year. This progress, which now puts China among the top 50 economies in the world, signals the value the government places on nurturing entrepreneurship and private enterprise,” said Bert Hofman, World Bank Country Director for China.        世界银行中国局局长郝福满说:“在过去一年,中国在改善国内中小企业营商环境方面取得了飞速的进步。这种进步使中国位居全球50大经济体,也表明政府非常重视培育创业精神和民营企业。”
        《2019        年营商环境报告》以中国的北京和上海作为样本城市。过去一年的改革亮点有:
        Starting a Business was made easier through the introduction of online registration systems and simplifying social security registrations.        在“开办企业”方面,中国通过推出网上注册系统和简化社会保障登记流程,使“开办企业”更为便捷。
        Getting Electricity was made easier by expanding network capacity and making the connection process free of charge. The introduction of a new mobile application for customers has also reduced the time to obtain an electricity connection to 34 days, from 143 days.        在“获得电力”方面,中国通过网络扩容和提供全免费的接电服务,以及推出面向客户的手机APP,使接电时间从143天缩短为34天。
        Progress made in the areas of Starting a Business and Getting Electricity are particularly impressive. Since last year, three procedures were removed and consequently it now takes 9 days to start a business, on par with most OECD high income countries. In addition, Beijing is now one of only two cities in the world where the process of starting a business is completely free.        中国在“开办企业”和“获得电力”两个领域取得了重大进展。去年以来,两个领域共取消了3项程序,如今开办企业只需要9天,与经合组织多数高收入国家的平均水平持平。另外,北京是全球仅有的两个开办企业完全免费的城市之一。
        Getting an electricity connection is also entirely free in China. Japan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are the only two other countries in the world to share this distinction.        中国的接电服务也完全免费。世界上其他接电免费的国家仅有日本和阿联酋。
        Dealing with Construction Permits was made easier by streamlining the process of obtaining building permits and certificates of completion, as well as registering new buildings with the real estate registry. Building quality controls were also improved by introducing stricter qualification requirements for professionals in the construction industry and the improvement of public access to information.        在“办理施工许可证”方面,中国不仅通过简化申办施工许可、竣工验收流程和新建筑的不动产登记使办事更便利,还对建筑施工专业人员实行了更严格的资质要求,并改善了公众获取信息的方式,从而加强了建筑质量控制。
        Registering Property was made easier by streamlining administrative procedures and by increasing the reliability and transparency of the land administration system.        在“登记财产”方面,通过简化管理程序和增强土地管理系统的可靠性和透明度,使“登记财产”更便利。
        Protection of minority investors was strengthened by increasing shareholders' rights and role in major corporate decisions, clarifying ownership and control structures and requiring reimbursement of legal expenses incurred by shareholders.        在“保护少数投资者”方面,通过加强股东在公司重大决策中的权利和作用,明晰所有权和控制结构,以及要求对股东产生的法律费用给予报销,使“保护少数投资者”得到加强。
        Paying Taxes was made easier by abolishing the business tax, allowing for joint filing and payment of all stamp duties and by implementing several administrative reforms to lower the compliance time.        在“纳税”方面,通过取消营业税,允许所有印花税联合申报和缴纳,并通过实施多项行政管理改革缩短纳税合规时间,使“纳税”更便利。
        The time and cost of Trading Across Borders was reduced by implementing a single window, eliminating administrative charges, increasing transparency and encouraging competition.        在“跨境贸易”方面,通过实施“单一窗口”,取消行政性收费,增强透明度并鼓励竞争,压缩了“跨境贸易”的时间和成本。
        Remarkable progress has also been made on almost all components of Trading Across Borders. For instance, the cost to import (border compliance) has been reduced to $326, from $745.        中国在“跨境贸易”的几乎所有领域都取得了显著进步。比如,进口的边境合规成本从745美元降低到326美元。
        China also remains one of the best economies in the world to resolve a commercial dispute. It takes 496 days and costs 16 percent of the value of the claim; far better than the OECD high income average of 582 days and 21 percent. Globally, China is ranked 6 in this area.        在解决商业纠纷方面,中国平均耗时496天,成本占索赔额的16%,位列世界最佳经济体之一,好于经合组织高收入经济体平均水平(582天和21%),列全球第6位。
        Despite the progress made since last year, China can do better in the area of Dealing with Construction Permits, with a global rank of 121. A business needs to complete 20 procedures in order to obtain all permits and authorization to build a warehouse in China, compared with an average of 15 procedures in the East Asia and Pacific region. Nonetheless, with the latest progress made on the building quality control index, China already performs close to the standard established by OECD high income economies with a score of 11 out of 15.        尽管中国的营商环境在过去一年里取得了显著进步,但中国在“办理施工许可证”领域依然还有很大提升空间(排名第121位)。在中国,企业修建一座仓库办理所有许可证和授权需要完成20项程序,而东亚太平洋地区平均为15项。不过,由于在建筑质量控制指数方面取得的最新进展,中国的表现已接近经合组织高收入经济体所建立的标准,在满分15分中获得11分。

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