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Fight Fire With Fire, or Be Civil With Trump? The Obama Coalition Is Unsure

来源:纽约时报    2018-11-01 03:50

        LAS VEGAS — John Toles-Bey wants to be clear: He loves Barack Obama.        拉斯维加斯——约翰·托尔斯-贝(John Toles-Bey)想澄清一件事:他喜欢贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)。
        Mr. Toles-Bey, a 62-year-old small-business owner, voted for the former president twice, after never participating in elections in his life. He now follows politics incessantly, an obsession he credits to Mr. Obama’s influence. He started a T-shirt company called You Can’t Trump God after Mr. Obama left office, because President Trump’s election sent him into a downward emotional spiral that only religion could counteract.        62岁的小企业主托尔斯-贝一生本来从没参加过任何选举,后来却两次为这位前总统投票。他现在不断关注政治,他说这种兴趣都是因为受到奥巴马影响。奥巴马卸任后,托尔斯-贝创办了一家T恤公司,名为“特朗普大不过上帝”(You Can’t Trump God),因为特朗普总统的当选使他陷入了一种只有宗教才能抵消的恶劣情绪中。
        But even as Mr. Toles-Bey waited outside one of Mr. Obama’s recent rallies, he wondered aloud if his political hero’s signature idealism had a place in today’s flame-throwing political climate.        虽然奥巴马前不久的一次集会,托尔斯-贝就等在外面,但他还是满腹狐疑,他的政治英雄标志性的理想主义,在如今恶劣的政治气候中是否还占有一席之地。
        “It’s a different world we’re living in,” Mr. Toles-Bey said. “And we need something different.”        “我们眼下生活在另一个世界,” 托尔斯-贝说。“我们需要不同的东西。”
        As Mr. Obama has crisscrossed the country in support of Democratic candidates, nerves are rattling among some members of the coalition that fueled his historic rise from backbencher in the Illinois Statehouse to America’s first black president. A week of domestic terrorism has shocked the political system ahead of the 2018 elections. And while Mr. Obama’s speeches this election cycle have largely stuck with his trademark themes of idealism and hope, some of his supporters wonder if they’re witnessing a living time capsule from a bygone era of civil political rhetoric.        为了支持民主党候选人,奥巴马在全国到处奔波,令其联盟中的一些成员感到不安,这些成员推动了他从伊利诺伊州议会的普通议员到美国第一任黑人总统这一历史性崛起。在2018年选举之前,一整周的国内恐怖主义令政坛震惊。在这个选举周期中,奥巴马的演讲主要是坚持他的理想主义与希望这个标志性主题,但他的一些支持者在想,他们目睹的是不是一种活生生的时间胶囊,封存了属于平民政治修辞的逝去时代。
        Mr. Obama remains the top Democratic surrogate in the country, and he will be lending his star power to some of the most closely watched Democratic candidates during the campaign’s final week, including Andrew Gillum in Florida, Stacey Abrams in Georgia and Joe Donnelly in Indiana. But the election of Mr. Trump has tested the former president’s theory of measured change, his advisers acknowledge. It has also jaded some of the legions of voters Mr. Obama brought into the Democratic fold, including young people and minorities.        奥巴马仍然是美国最大的民主党代理人,在竞选活动的最后一周,他把自己的明星影响力借给一些最受关注的民主党候选人,包括佛罗里达州的安德鲁·吉勒姆(Andrew Gillum)、佐治亚州的史黛丝·艾布拉姆斯(Stacey Abrams)和印第安纳州的乔·唐纳利(Joe Donnelly)。但他的顾问们承认,特朗普当选已经考验了这位前总统的衡量变革理论。而且,还使奥巴马带入民主党阵营的一些选民团体感到厌倦,包括年轻人和少数族裔。
        Mr. Obama’s advisers say the former president sees “resisting” Mr. Trump and inspiring voters as a false choice. They point to his speeches this summer that broke with long-held tradition by heavily criticizing Mr. Trump, even if he rarely mentioned the current president by name.        奥巴马的顾问说,这位前总统认为,“抵制”特朗普,并以此激励选民是错误的选择。他们指出,他今年夏天发表的言论打破了长期以来的传统,严厉批评了特朗普,即使他很少提及现任总统的名字。
        Still, like Mr. Toles-Bey, some supporters of Mr. Obama have come to want a fist, not a handshake, in an era when the new generation of progressives is hitting back harder at Mr. Trump than the former president usually does.        尽管如此,在这个时代,新一代进步人士猛烈回击特朗普,比前总统通常的做法更加强硬,和托尔斯-贝一样,奥巴马的一些支持者更想挥拳,而不是握手。
        “For a long time, older generations have told us, ‘This is how politics is supposed to work,’ but we’re pushing back on that,” said Gabriella Lorance, a 20-year-old who went to see Mr. Obama with her two friends in Milwaukee. She was 10 when he was first elected president.        “很长一段时间里,前辈告诉我们,‘政治就应该这样发挥作用’,但我们正在抵制这一点,”20岁的加布里埃拉·劳伦斯(Gabriella Lorance)说,她带着两个朋友参加奥巴马在密尔沃基的集会。当他第一次当选总统时,她才10岁。
        They took a moment to list their favorite politicians: Jason Kander, the former Missouri secretary of state; Beto O’Rourke, the Senate candidate for Texas; and Sharice Davids of Kansas, a former mixed martial arts fighter who could become the first lesbian Native American elected to Congress.        她们花了一点时间才列出自己最喜欢的政治家:前密苏里州务卿贾森·坎德尔(Jason Kander);德克萨斯州参议院候选人贝托·奥卢克(Beto O'Rourke);堪萨斯州的沙里斯·戴维斯(Sharice Davids),她曾是一名综合格斗选手,可能成为第一位当选国会议员的女同性恋美国原住民。
        Mr. Obama didn’t make the cut.        奥巴马榜上无名。
        “There has to be a reframing of how we go about making change,” said LaTosha Brown, an organizer and co-founder of Black Voters Matter. She said that although she respected Mr. Obama, particularly because he was a former community organizer, she had come to see him as a “constitutionalist” in a political era that requires more radical action.        “黑人选民很重要”(Black Voters Matter)的组织者和联合创始人拉托沙·布朗(LaTosha Brown)说:“必须重新考虑如何进行变革。” 她说虽然自己尊重奥巴马,特别是因为他是前社区组织者,但在一个需要更激进行动的政治时代,她开始把他视为“宪法主义者”。
        Eric Holder, the former attorney general who served under Mr. Obama and is eyeing a run for president, caught the ire of Mr. Obama’s network when he took a more dark spin on the famous Michelle Obama line, “When they go low, we go high.”        奥巴马任内的司法部长埃里克·霍尔德(Eric Holder)正在谋求竞选总统,他把握住了奥巴马支持人群中的愤怒,对米歇尔·奥巴马(Michelle Obama)的名言“他们往低处走,我们向高处行”做了一点修改,使其变得更狠。
        “When they go low, we kick them,” Mr. Holder said in Georgia this month. “That’s what this new Democratic Party is about.”        “他们往低处走,我们就踢他们,”霍尔德本月在佐治亚说。“这就是新的民主党要做的事。”
        Mr. Obama’s speeches are littered with appeals to conservatives, and in Milwaukee he oscillated between indicting the modern Republican Party and appealing to those he called “compassionate conservatives” interested in building a coalition.        奥巴马的讲话充满了对保守派的诉求,在密尔沃基,他在指责现代共和党与吸引那些有意结盟的“有同情心的保守派”(奥巴马的叫法)之间摇摆不定。
        But the next generation of Democrats may forgo such wavering in favor of a more uncompromising tone.        但是下一代民主党可能会放弃这种摇摆不定,转而采取更加不妥协的态度。
        Valerie Jarrett, a close adviser to Mr. Obama, said in an interview that he understands the frustration among Democrats during Mr. Trump’s administration. Ms. Jarrett said that while it might be “harder” for the president to try to “appeal to our better angels” during this political time, it remained necessary.        奥巴马的亲密顾问瓦莱丽·贾勒特(Valerie Jarrett)在接受采访时表示,他理解特朗普执政期间民主党人的沮丧情绪。贾勒特说,虽然在这个政治时期,奥巴马想“求助于我们心中更好的天使”,这可能会“更难”,但仍然是必要的。
        Mr. Obama “wouldn’t be who he is if he were to change his message now,” Ms. Jarrett said. “The question isn’t just, Do you give people what, in a moment, they think they want to hear? You give them the message that you think is important for them to hear. That’s what leadership is about.”        奥巴马“如果现在要改变他想传递的信息,那就不是他了”, 贾勒特说。“问题不仅仅是,你是否能在当时给予人们认为他们想听到的东西,你要向他们传达你认为对他们来说很重要的消息。这就是领导力的意义。”
        Some of Mr. Obama’s supporters agreed with Ms. Jarrett. Kasey Dean, 28, who waited for Mr. Obama before his rally in Nevada last week, said it was the duty of politicians to uplift the country in moments of uncertainty — not to sink to fear. Hallie Sebena, 34, who saw Mr. Obama’s rally in Milwaukee, said “there are ways to fight back without being dirty.”        奥巴马的一些支持者同意贾勒特的观点。 28岁的凯西·迪恩(Kasey Dean)上周在内华达州的集会上等待奥巴马先生,他表示政治人物有责任在不确定的时刻鼓舞国家——不要陷入恐惧之中。34岁的哈莉·塞本纳(Hallie Sebena)参加了奥巴马在密尔沃基举行的集会,她说,“有很多干净的反击手段。”
        “We need conversations that begin from a place of civility,” Ms. Sebena said.        “我们需要以文明的方式开始对话,”塞本纳说。
        Other liberal voters said they had been so enraged by Mr. Trump’s administration that it changed what they look for in a Democratic messenger.        其他自由派选民表示,他们对特朗普政府的行为感到非常愤怒,以至改变了对民主党信使的期待。
        Maybe it should be someone who is more of a “fighter,” said Tom Mooshegian, 64, in Las Vegas.        64岁的汤姆·穆什吉亚(Tom Mooshegian)在拉斯维加斯说,也许他应该是一个更像“斗士”的人。
        Mr. Obama did not publicly respond to Mr. Holder’s comments, but repeatedly in his speeches this summer, the former president has made an impassioned plea for his brand of politics: hopeful, civil and driven by incremental progress.        奥巴马没有公开回应霍尔德的评论,但在今年夏天的演讲中,这位前总统多次为自己的政治风格——充满希望、彬彬有礼、受到渐进式进步的推动——做出慷慨激昂的辩护。
        “There’s something at stake in this election that goes beyond politics,” Mr. Obama said in Milwaukee last week. “What is at stake is a politics that is decent. And honest. And lawful. That tries to do right by people and that’s worthy of this country we love.”        “这次选举的利害关系超出了政治范畴,” 奥巴马上周在密尔沃基说。“存亡攸关的是一种体面的政治,一种诚实合法的政治。是关于让人们做正确的事情。是关于我们的国家是否值得爱。”

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