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这些面试错误你可能意识不到 但是面试官很介意
Job interview mistakes that you might not notice—but recruiters will

来源:中国日报    2018-11-23 08:49

        Many people have sensitivities to perfumes, colognes and cigarette smoke, and some organizations have designated their workplace as fragrance-free. Know that any scent becomes more potent in a closed-door interview environment. Even if you always wear a fragrance, skip it on the day of your interview.        许多人对香水、古龙水和香烟味敏感,一些机构规定工作场所不准用香水。要知道,任何味道在密闭的面试环境中威力会更强大。即使你一直都用香水,在面试那天也不要用。
        If you lack confidence, the hiring manager will as well. Consider the difference between “I think I could learn that program” versus “I know I could learn it.” Role-playing the interview will remove the hesitancy from your words and voice.        如果你缺乏自信心,招聘主管对你也会没信心。衡量一下“我认为我可以学习这个项目”和“我知道我可以学习”之间的差异。在面试前进行角色扮演模拟将会让你的措辞和语调少些犹疑。
        This shows a lack of consistency and solid follow-through. Sending a generic thank you or having typos or other errors in it sends red flags. Always include points specific to the meeting in your note and restate your interest in the role.        这展现出你缺乏一致性和良好的后续执行能力。漫不经心地发一张泛泛的感谢函,里面有错字或其他错误都会让你的面试效果亮起红灯。在感谢函中一定要提到面试的具体细节,并重申你对这一职位的兴趣。
        Many candidates try to bring up all new material in the interview, avoiding any mention of what’s in the resume. This is a mistake. The hiring manager hasn’t spent as much time with your resume as you have—in fact, the interview may be the first time he’s had to look at it. Weave in relevant points from your resume when discussing your accomplishments, as well as how you performed day-to-day responsibilities.        许多求职者在面试中都会侃侃而谈简历上没有的东西,避而不谈简历上的内容。这是错误的。招聘主管对你的简历不会像你自己那么熟悉——事实上,他也许在面试时才第一次看你的简历。在谈论自己的成就时,要加进简历上的相关内容,以及你在日常工作中的表现。
        Always have several extra copies of your resume. Bring a notepad and pen, and jot down notes during the interview. Arriving without these items can signal you’re unprepared or not interested in the opportunity.        永远要多带几份简历。带上笔记本和笔,在面试过程中做笔记。面试不带东西对面试官而言可能意味着你没做准备或对这个工作机会不感兴趣。
        Sometimes people think that if they were recruited for the role, they need to be “sold” on the opportunity and can coast through the interview. This is not the case. A hot job market is not an excuse for apathy. Showing a lack of interest in the firm, failing to ask any questions of the hiring manager, or looking bored will keep you out of contention.        有时人们认为如果他们被招募去应聘某个岗位,招聘方要向他们推销这个职位,然后他们可以轻松过关。事实并非如此。你在就业市场上受欢迎并不是表现冷漠的借口。表现出对公司缺乏兴趣、没有向招聘主管提任何问题,或者露出无聊的表情,都会让你出局。
        Asking how long it will be until you’re promoted, can take vacation, or work remote are not appropriate early in the process. Raising any of these issues before you’ve discussed the job itself is premature – and sends the wrong message.        多久才能升职、休假或远程工作这类问题在求职初期都不适合问出口。在你讨论职位之前提出这些问题都为时过早,而且会传达出错误的讯息。
        Practicing the meeting from start to finish may uncover additional gaffes and enable you to correct them before you walk into the real thing. When it comes to the job interview, there’s just no substitute for in-person practice and preparation.        此外,完整的情景模拟面试将能帮助你发现其他问题,从而能让你在真正的面试到来前加以改正。在求职面试这件事上,没有什么比亲身实践和准备更重要的了。

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