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最恶心食物博物馆挑战你的胃 门票是呕吐袋
15 'Disgusting' Foods Will Have Your Taste Buds Begging for Mercy

来源:中国日报    2018-11-26 13:17

        Bull penis          牛鞭
        The long and short of it is that bull penis is featured on menus in China, and is purported to have aphrodisiacal powers.        简而言之,牛鞭是中国菜单上的一道菜,而且据传有壮阳功效。
        This and other strange foods are featured at the Disgusting Food Museum in Mälmo, Sweden.        最近,瑞典马尔默市的恶心食物博物馆展出的各种奇怪食物中就有牛鞭。
        Casu marzu          意大利卡苏马苏活蛆奶酪
        How do you improve a nice sheep-milk pecorino? In Sardinia, you start by cracking open the cheese and letting a whole lot of flies settle in. As they eat, poop and lay their eggs in the cheese, the flies impart unique flavors that are only improved by the texture of the wriggling maggots after they hatch. Yes, you're supposed to eat them, too.        怎么才能提升一个美味羊奶佩科里诺干酪的口味呢?在撒丁岛,首先你得敲开干酪,然后让一大堆苍蝇进去安居。让它们在干酪中吃喝拉撒又产卵,这些苍蝇会为干酪赋予一种独有的味道,而这种味道只有在蠕动的蛆孵化出来之后才能更美味。没错,你吃奶酪的时候得连着蛆一起吃。
        Century egg          松花蛋
        Enjoyed in China for hundreds of years, the century egg is a duck, chicken or quail egg steeped for up to five months in a special broth that includes black tea, salt, lime and wood ash.        松花蛋在中国已有几百年历史,用鸭蛋、鸡蛋或者鹌鹑蛋,在红茶、盐、石灰和木灰混合特制的汤中浸泡上5个月制成。
        Cuy          烤豚鼠
        In Peru, people have been raising and eating guinea pigs — called cuy — for about 5,000 years. They are usually served fried or roasted whole.        在秘鲁,人们饲养并食用豚鼠的历史已经有大约5000年了,在当地,这道美食被称为cuy。经常是整只豚鼠炸着吃或者是烤着吃。
        Bat soup          蝙蝠汤
        Soup made with fruit bats was so popular in Guam that the bats were nearly eaten into extinction. When the bats are cooked, they produce a strong, urine-like smell, but their meat is allegedly sweet and tastes somewhat like chicken, according to the Disgusting Food Museum.        在关岛,用果蝠制作的汤太流行了,以至于这儿的蝙蝠差点被吃灭绝了。根据恶心食物博物馆描述,蝙蝠被做熟以后,它们会散发出一种强烈的尿液般的味道,但是据说它们的肉味甘甜,吃起来像鸡肉。
        Haggis          羊杂布丁
        Haggis, a much-loved pudding in Scotland, is made of minced sheep's liver, lungs and heart, combined with onions, fat and oatmeal. The pudding is cooked in a casing — traditionally a sheep's stomach.        Haggis是一种备受苏格兰人喜爱的布丁。制作布丁使用的是切碎的羊肝、羊肺和羊心,混上洋葱、油脂和燕麦片。需要把羊杂放在肠衣中烹制,传统的烹制方法是放在羊肚中。
        Jell-O salad          果冻沙拉
        So-called salads made of gelatin with bits of fruits and vegetables suspended inside became hugely popular in the United States during the 1920s and 1930s. They continued to appear on American tables through the 1970s, when their popularity began to wane.        在20世纪20年代至30年代期间,用明胶和水果丁及蔬菜丁制成的所谓沙拉火遍美国。在整个20世纪70年代,这道沙拉还在不断地被端上美国人的餐桌,不过受欢迎程度已经开始下滑。
        Kale pache          羊头汤
        Kale pache, or sheep's head soup, is a traditional slow-cooked dish in Iran, and is made with the sheep's hooves as well as its head.        Kale pache,也就是羊头汤,是伊朗传统的一道慢炖菜,用的是羊蹄和羊头炖汤。
        Kiviak          基维亚克
        To make kiviak, a traditional Inuit food from Greenland, up to 500 small birds called auks are stitched up inside a sealskin and stored under a rock for three months. Once the birds are done fermenting, they are eaten for special occasions.        基维亚克是格陵兰岛上传统的因纽特人食物,制作基维亚克要用上500只小海雀,然后将其缝进海豹皮中,在石头下储藏3个月。当海雀在海豹皮中的发酵过程结束之后,人们会在节日庆典等庆祝时享用这道菜。
        Kumis          马奶酒
        Kumis, a fermented drink made from mare's milk, is popular among people of the central Asian steppes. Higher sugar content in mare's milk makes kumis more alcoholic than kefir, another fermented drink made from cow, goat or sheep milk.        马奶酒是一种用马奶制成的发酵酒,颇受中亚草原地区人们的喜爱。马奶中较高的含糖量使得马奶酒比克菲尔的酒精含量更高。克菲尔是另外一种使用牛奶或羊奶制成的发酵酒。
        Salty licorice          咸味甘草
        The salty tang of Finnish black licorice — flavored with ammonium chloride — is certainly an acquired taste, but many newcomers to the candy quickly learn to love it.        芬兰黑甘草糖强烈的咸味绝对是慢慢才会爱上的一种味道,虽然有着氯化铵的味道,但是许多新接触这种糖的人很快就爱上了它。
        Baby mice wine          老鼠仔酒
        Found in southern China and in Korea, this alcoholic brew is infused with the bodies of hairless baby mice.        中国南部和韩国都有这种酒,制作这种酒要将无毛的小老鼠浸泡在白酒中。
        Nattō          纳豆
        In Japan, nattō — sticky, slimy soybeans fermented with the bacteria Bacillus subtilis — is a traditional dish and a popular breakfast food.        在日本,粘到拔丝的纳豆是一种传统食物,而且是一种非常受欢迎的早餐食品。制作纳豆要用黄豆和枯草杆菌发酵。
        Sheep eyeballs          羊眼
        Pickled sheep eyeballs served floating in juice are sometimes used as a hangover remedy in Mongolia.        在蒙古,一杯漂着腌羊眼的果汁是解酒良品。
        Su gallu         羊仔奶酪
        Made in Sardinia, su gallu is a cheese that ferments in the stomach of a slaughtered baby goat, made from the sheep's milk that was its very last meal.        意大利撒丁岛的又一杰作,su gallu是一种奶酪,让小羊仔喝下羊奶作为最后一餐,然后将其宰杀,再让羊奶在其胃中发酵。
                 馆长塞缪尔·韦斯特表示,虽然博物馆以“恶心”为名,但他的实际目的并不是以奇怪的食物恶心游客,而是通过食物,引发众人对文化差异的思考。对一种文化背景的人来说是恶心的东西,也许对另一种文化背景的人来说,却是美味。俗话说的好,one man's meat is another man's poison。

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