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来源:中国日报    2019-01-06 09:00

        With its dry season stretching from November to April, there are few more reliable destinations for a sunny escape than Phuket in winter. Thailand’s biggest island is a holiday icon, starting as a backpacker bolt-hole and now a mainstream favorite. Besides jade-hued water, fine beaches, palm trees and massage, the sunsets from Phromthep Cape at the southern tip are marvelous.        在普吉岛,旱季从每年11月开始到持续到转年4月,所以要享受阳光,普吉岛是非常保险的选择。普吉岛是泰国最大的岛屿,最早是背包客的珍藏,后来成为主流人群的最爱,现在甚至成为了假日的标志。除了宝蓝色的水域、细白的沙滩、棕榈树和泰式按摩,在神仙半岛看日落也是极佳的体验。
                 ▌意大利西西里(Sicily, Italy)
        Winter in Sicily means fewer crowds, bright blue skies, and almond trees in full bloom. It also means you’ll have the island’s stunning Baroque towns and extraordinary archeological sites all to yourself and that you’ll be able to ski on Mount Etna, indulge in delicious cuisine, and enjoy beautiful Taormina at its most relaxed.        冬日的西西里人少、天蓝,扁桃树花盛开。你可以慢下来好好欣赏让人叹为观止的巴洛克小镇和考古遗址。如果你想滑雪,可以去埃特纳火山,这是欧洲最高的火山。在西西里,还可以纵情品尝当地美食,游览陶尔米纳古镇。
                 ▌中国西双版纳(Xishuangbanna, China)
        Xishuangbanna in Yunnan province is one of the most-visited spots in China. As the country’s only tropical rainforest nature reserve, it has surprising biological diversity. The climate is humid and warm here, and the temperature gap between the coldest month and the hottest month is only 10 degrees Celsius, which makes it one of the ideal places to enjoy pleasant temperatures during the cold months.        云南的西双版纳是中国最受欢迎的景点之一。它是中国唯一的热带雨林自然保护区,动植物资源异常丰富。西双版纳的气候温暖潮湿,全年温差不超过十度,是冬日里躲避寒潮的最佳去处之一。
                 ▌越南归仁(Quy Nho’n, Vietnam)
        Sitting between the busy coastal cities of Nha Trang and Hoi An, Quy Nho’n is a relatively unknown, quiet beach town. The intense resort development seen in the country’s more popular seaside locations has yet to reach this region, making for a perfect place for a relaxed getaway. Besides fresh seafood, there lies a pretty cove beach around a dozen kilometers south of Quy Nho’n, where there is a collection of fine guesthouses popular with independent travelers.        繁忙的港口城市芽庄和会安之间,坐落着安静的海滨小城归仁。这里暂时还没被越南的海边度假村建设热潮席卷,是一个放松的好地方。除了不错的海鲜,归仁以南十几公里有一个小海湾,风景迷人,更有许多精致的酒店,颇受自由行客人的喜欢。
                 ▌美国阿拉斯加(Alaska, the United States)
        Alaska has a natural landscape that seems at times untouched by humanity. Anchorage, the state's largest city, has the quintessential Iditarod Dog Race, which alone is worth a trip to see. Head over to the city of Fairbanks, to witness the amazing spectacle of Northern Lights and to take a dogsled tour. Don't forget to explore the incredible Mendenhall Ice Caves, located near the capital of Alaska, Juneau.        阿拉斯加自然景色出众,有时候看起来尚未受到人类的影响。安克雷奇是阿拉斯加最大的城市,每年都会举行狗拉雪橇比赛,赛事本身就值得前去观看。还可以前往费尔班克斯市看极光,体验当地特色的狗拉雪橇。别忘了让人不可思议的门登霍尔冰洞,就在阿拉斯加首府朱诺附近。
                 ▌俄罗斯贝加尔湖(Lake Baikal, Russia)
        Lake Baikal in Siberia holds the distinction of being the world's deepest lake and also for being labeled one of the clearest and oldest lakes known to man. The serenity experienced here during the winter is priceless. Combined with breathtaking views of the frozen lake and sunny skies, Lake Baikal is a hidden gem unknown to many tourists and foreigners. Ice fishing and ice-skating are popular activities here.        位于西伯利亚的贝加尔湖是世界上最深的湖泊,同时也是最清澈最古老的湖泊之一。有幸冬季在这里感受它的静谧,会是非常宝贵的体验。冰冻的湖面和明媚的阳光也是让贝加尔湖让人叹为观止的景色。迄今为止,贝加尔湖的秀色就像隐秘的宝石,依然不为太多游客所知。冰钓和滑冰也是贝加尔湖的特色运动。
                 ▌日本新雪谷(Niseko, Japan)
        Who would have thought Japan would be thought of as an idyllic winter retreat? Well, it surely is! It offers excellent skiing in Niseko, which is very popular with foreigners. A winter village/event is held every year at a ski resort in Furano City. It features a full snow-made café and bar that will provide you with a highly interesting après-ski time! Japan also hosts many celebrated festivals during the winter, the most famous being the Sapporo Snow Festival in February. The festival features hundreds of ice sculptures and snow statues.        谁会想到日本也是冬季旅游胜地呢?不过它确实是。北海道的新雪谷每年都会吸引大量外国游客。富良野的一家滑雪场每年都会举办冬季活动,其中会有一个冰雪堆成的咖啡馆和酒吧,是滑雪之后的好去处。日本每年冬季都会举办很多活动,其中最著名的是每年二月的札幌冰雪节,可以见到上百个冰雕雪雕。
                 ▌中国新疆(Xinjiang, China)
        Xinjiang is increasingly attracting visitors for its extraordinary natural beauty and fascinating culture. Near the border of Kirgizstan, Mongolia and Russia, there lies the Kanas Lake, around which lives the Tuwa tribe. The valiant ethnic group has a long history and many customs. Hemu village, covered in snow and hidden in forests, is hailed as a fairyland in winter. It was ranked by the China National Geography as one of the six most beautiful villages in the country.        新疆凭借其独特的自然景观及迷人的历史与文化,吸引着越来越多的旅行者。在北疆,靠近吉尔吉斯斯坦、蒙古和俄罗斯坐落着美丽的喀纳斯湖,湖畔居住着图瓦族人,这个骁勇善战的民族有着悠久的历史和叼羊等独特的民族风俗。森林深处冰雪覆盖的禾木村在寒冷冬日就像童话中的雪乡,曾被中国国家地理评为中国最美六乡村之一。

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