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20 damaging habits you should break before you turn 30

来源:中国日报    2019-01-03 08:50

        Supporting fast fashion.        购买快时尚服装
        "Before turning 30 I made a decision to stop buying items that support fast fashion," Laura, an operations officer from London, told Business Insider. "That means no Zara! I have already given up on H&M and Primark. They say that most items are worn just seven times, so my goal is to buy things you will wear many times even if it costs more."        伦敦的运营专员劳拉告诉商业内幕网说:“在30岁之前,我做了一个决定:再也不买任何快时尚的衣物。这意味着不买Zara!我已经放弃了H&M和Primark。他们说这些牌子的大多数单品都只能穿7次,所以,我的目标是购买能穿很多次的衣物,即使贵一点也可以。”
        Clinging on to friendships that have run their course.        对已经缘尽的友谊不愿放手
        The further into your 20s you go, you may find the fewer friends you have. As you leave university and begin your career, some relationships just don't last the distance — and operations officer Laura says you should accept this.        你越接近30岁,你可能发现自己的朋友越少。你离开大学开始职场生涯后,有一些友谊是捱不过距离的。劳拉称,你应该接受这个事实。
        "Having lived abroad for a number of years since uni, I learnt a while ago not to lose sleep over friendships that fall by the wayside. Now I put a lot more effort and time into worthwhile friendships.        “在上完大学后我在国外住了几年,在不久之前我学会了不要因为半途而废的友情而失眠。现在我会把更多精力和时间投入到有价值的友谊上。”
        Drinking cheap wine.        喝廉价葡萄酒
        James, former technology editor at BI UK, said: "Drinking cheap wine is a damaging habit that I thankfully broke in recent years."        商业内幕网英国分站的前技术编辑詹姆斯说:“喝廉价葡萄酒是个有害健康的坏习惯,还好我几年前戒掉了。”
        There's a theory that spending a few more pounds on a bottle might mean you savour it, enjoy it more, and possibly even drink less of it. Whether or not that's true, it's worth educating yourself on what you like.        有一种理论是,买更贵的酒意味着你能更好地品尝和享受,也许还能让你少喝点。不论这是不是真的,学会品鉴自己喜欢的东西都是值得的。
        Letting other people shop for you.        让其他人替你购物
        "By now you should have developed your own sense of style and figured out what clothes best represent who you are," said Tom, lifestyle reporter at BI UK. "By all means seek advice from fashionable friends but letting your mum or your girlfriend or anyone else shop for you will mask your personality in what you're wearing.        商业内幕网英国分站的生活版记者汤姆说:“时至今日你应该有自己的时尚品味,知道哪种衣服能最好地展现自己。务必从时尚的朋友那里寻求建议,但如果让你母亲或女友等其他人帮你购物,就会在着装上掩盖你的个性。”
        "Experiment, go shopping by yourself and eventually you will refine a style that you're comfortable in and that everyone else will recognize as iconically you."        “试试看,自己去购物,最终你会提炼出让自己感觉舒适并具有标志性的风格。”
        Putting your physical health before your mental health.        把身体健康看得比心理健康更重要
        "Don't put your (outwardly) physical health before your mental health," Megan, office manager and HR coordinator at BI UK, said. "Diet and exercise should make you feel good about yourself, not guilty. Routines are great but when the way you physically treat yourself affects the way you mentally treat yourself then the balance is wrong."        商业内幕网英国分站的办公室经理和人事协调员梅根说:“不要将外在的身体健康看得比心理健康更重要。饮食和锻炼应该让你自我感觉良好,而不是感觉愧疚。生活规律很重要,但如果你对待身体的方式影响了你对待心灵的方式,那这平衡就被打破了。”
        Not being able to cook for yourself.        不会自己做饭
        Microwave meals and pot noodles are all very well when you're a student, but as you get a bit older, it starts to look a bit sad. According to Kieran, BI UK's news editor, knowing how to cook proper meals is a habit you have to get into.        学生时代,吃微波炉食品和方便面还说得过去。但随着年岁渐长,还这么吃就有点可悲了。商业内幕网英国分站的新闻编辑基兰认为,自己下厨做饭是你必须养成的习惯。
        Spending time with people who make you feel insignificant.        和让你感到自卑的人在一起
        Megan said: "Cut the people who make you feel insignificant. Why pour energy into the people who don't like you when you could be spending time with the friends who love you?        梅根说:“和那些让你自卑的人断绝来往。为什么要把精力花费在那些不喜欢你的人身上,而不和那些真心关爱你的朋友在一起呢?”
        "Not everyone is going to like you, so don't spend time forcing it. Learn to love the people who like you just as you are."        “想让每个人都喜欢你是不可能的,所以也不用花时间讨好别人。学着爱那些喜欢你本真的人。”
        Running out of money at the end of the month.        做“月光族”
        "It's time to look at where your money goes, and look at ways of saving money without going without," Hannah, a charity worker from London, said.        伦敦慈善工作者汉娜说:“是时候关心一下你的钱都去了哪里,找到把钱省下来、不让自己没钱花的办法。”
        There are plenty of budgeting apps out there that can help you to work out where you're spending most.        现在有很多省钱应用程序都能帮忙了解你在哪方面支出最多。
        Not spending enough time with your parents.        不多花时间陪父母
        "It can be easy to become 'too busy' to make plans with family a priority," said Ali, senior editor at BI UK. "However, as you get older, you realize how this is actually the most important thing. This can be as simple as picking up the phone a couple of times a week, going for lunch, or spending a weekend together as often as you can. Friends come and go, but your family will — and should — always be number one."        商业内幕网英国分站的高级编辑阿里说:“人们很容易以忙为借口把家庭计划抛诸脑后。但是,随着你年纪增长,你会意识到其实家庭才是最重要的。家庭计划可以很简单,每周打几次电话,吃吃午饭,或者经常共度周末。朋友来来去去,但是家人会——也应该——永远排在第一位。”
        Never calling your older relatives.        从来不和年长亲戚通电话
        If you have a lot of relatives, it can be easy to assume they will always be around. But this simply isn't true, and you'll kick yourself when they're gone that you didn't call them more.        如果你有很多亲戚,你很可能想当然地认为他们会永远在那里。但这并不是真的,在他们去世后,你会责怪自己为什么以前没有多给他们打打电话。
        "Pick up the phone and call your grandma," said Lindsay, psychology and relationships reporter at BI UK. "It won't take a long time out of your day, and it will mean so much to her. You don't want to wish you talked to her more when she's gone."        商业内幕网英国分站的心理学家和情感关系记者林赛说:“拿起电话打给你奶奶。这不会花你太多时间,但对她却意义重大。你不会想等到老人家去世才后悔没有和她多说说话。”
        Comparing your life to other people's.        把自己的生活和他人作比较
        It's hard, but try to stop "looking sideways," said Leon, senior video producer at BI UK.        商业内幕网英国分站的高级视频制作人里昂说,不和别人比很难,但试着不要“这山望着那山高”。
        "Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook and comparing your life to the lives of your friends is not healthy," he said. "No one's Instagram life is real, people only post what they want other people to see, you need to be very aware of this while using these apps otherwise you'll constantly be thinking your life sucks and everyone else is having a great time and that simply isn't true."        他说:“浏览Ins和脸书页面,把你的生活和朋友的生活作比较,这种行为不利于健康。没有谁的Ins生活是真实的,人们只上传他们想让别人看到的东西,你在用这些应用程序时必须清醒意识到这一点,否则你会时时刻刻觉得自己的人生糟透了,其他人却过得很好,而这根本不是真的。”
        Being a couch potato.        做“沙发土豆”
        Sometimes it's necessary to have some "me time." But you'll feel a lot more accomplished if you actually get out and about some weekends. Claudia, a video producer at BI UK, said leaving the house is something you should definitely learn to do.        有时候给自己一些私人专属时间很有必要。但如果你在周末时出去转转会更有成就感。商业内幕网英国分站的视频制作人克劳迪娅说,你应该学会多出门走走。
        "Be active, have a hobby, take a day trip on Sundays or weekend in general rather than sitting on the couch all day," she said        她说:“活跃一点,培养一个爱好,周末出去玩玩,而不是整天坐在沙发上。”
        Holding grudges.        心怀怨恨
        As we get older, drama can feel more and more irritating. So don't hold grudges, said Rosie P, former lifestyle writer at BI UK.        随着年岁增长,生活中的冲突和摩擦越来越让人心烦。曾担任过商业内幕网英国分站生活版撰稿人的罗茜·P说,不要心怀怨恨。
        "That unhealthy behavior is really damaging to past, present, and future relationships — you don't want to end up bitter," she said. "It's better to swallow pride and be the bigger person in the long run."        她说:“这种不健康的行为对过去、现在和未来的感情关系都很有杀伤力——你肯定不愿意自己到头来变成一个牢骚满腹的人。长远来看,最好是放下傲气,宽宏大量一些。”
        Spending more time watching TV than you do reading.        看电视的时间比看书的时间还多
        "Stop spending all of your time in front of the TV screen and never actually reading a book," said Ali. "You never feel good about yourself after a Netflix binge, but reading a book is both relaxing and educational. Whether it's a novel or non-fiction, it doesn't matter — it'll give you a sense of accomplishment that crushing episodes of a new series never will."        阿里说:“不要把所有时间都花在看电视上,一本书也不看。追剧永远不会让你感觉良好,但看书却既能让你放松身心又得到教益。不论看的是小说还是非虚构作品,都没关系——看书能给予你成就感,而追新剧却永远做不到这点。”
        Not looking after your teeth.        不爱护牙齿
        That includes brushing twice a day, (even after nights out), regular visits to the dentist, and yes, flossing.        爱护牙齿要做到每天刷牙两次(甚至在夜出归来后也要刷),定期去看牙医,当然还要用牙线清洁牙缝。
        "You only have one set of teeth — so look after them!" Dina, managing editor at BI UK, said.        商业内幕网英国分站的执行编辑迪娜说:“你只有一副牙齿,所以要好好爱护它们!”
        Obsessing over online dating.        沉迷于网恋
        You might be at the age where everyone else seems to be settling down, while you're still single, but you shouldn't obsessively worry about it. Definitely don't go on dates every night of the week out of desperation.        你也许到了同龄人都安定下来的年纪,却依然单身,但你不应该过分担忧。不要因为绝望而天天晚上出去相亲。
        "If someone isn't right for you, they simply aren't right for you," said Lindsay. "Don't fret if someone you're dating hasn't replied to you in a few days, or people on dating apps aren't arranging anything with you. If they were the one, it would be easy, and they would be treating you properly. So stop trying to force it and let it happen organically."        林赛说:“如果某人不适合你,就是不适合你。如果你在交往的人几天都没回复你的信息,或者婚恋应用程序上的人没有约你见面,不要烦躁。如果你遇到了对的人,一切都会顺风顺水,对方也会好好待你。不要试图强迫感情,而是让其自然发展。”
        Not wearing sunscreen.        不涂防晒霜
        "Over doing the sun bathing — as you get older it's even more important to look after and protect your skin," said Hannah.        汉娜说:“比起日光浴,护肤对年纪渐长的你更为重要。”
        And this isn't only while you're on the beach — most skin specialists recommend you introduce a moderate SPF factor into your daily skincare regime through winter as well as summer.        不光是海滩上要注意防晒,许多皮肤专家建议你不要只在夏天防晒,在冬天也要每日涂中度防晒系数的护肤品。
        Constantly worrying about what people think.        总是担心别人的眼光
        Worrying about what people think was the single most popular habit to break of all of the colleagues and friends we spoke to, so it's probably worth taking note of.        在和同事朋友聊天时发现,担心别人的想法是大家最普遍的一个习惯,所以值得一提。
        Emily, a private chef from London, says: "I spent far too much of my 20s worrying about what other people think, generally worrying in my 20s was a real waste of energy."        伦敦的一名私人厨师艾米丽说:“我在二十多岁的时候花太多时间担心别人的想法了,基本上都是在浪费精力。”
        Not having a long-term plan.        没有长远计划
        "Not having a long term plan is something that I have been guilty of," Leon said. "By the time you're 30 you should know what you want from life and have a rough idea of when you'll be moving/getting married/having children/changing jobs, etc."        里昂说:“过去,我一直都没有长远计划。到30岁前你应该知道你想要什么,而且应该对何时搬迁新居、结婚生子、变换工作有个粗略计划。”
        Charlotte, an account manager in music, told Business Insider that in the leadup to her 30s she has started each year by sitting down and thinking through the main aspects of her life, from relationships to careers, to figure out what she wants to change or develop in each area.        音乐客户经理夏洛特告诉商业内幕网说,在她年近三十时,她每年年初都会坐下来想一想自己生活中从感情关系到事业的方方面面,思考出自己在每个方面想要做出的改变和进步。
        Trying to store all important dates and appointments in your head.        试图用脑子记住所有重要的日子和约会
        Alan, sports reporter at BI UK, said: "Get a calendar and put all the important dates in it at the start of the year so you remember things."        商业内幕网英国分站的体育版记者阿兰说:“在年初找本日历,把所有重要的日子都标出来,方便你记住。”
        Whether your system is paper or electronic, finding a system that works for you will make you feel more organised, which can help to reduce stress.        不论你用的是纸质日历还是电子日历,找到一个适合你的系统会让你感觉更有条理,有助于减压。

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