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U.S. Renews China Travel Warning, Citing Risk of Arbitrary Detention

来源:纽约时报    2019-01-07 11:39

        The United States renewed a travel advisory for China on Thursday that warned American citizens could face arbitrary detention there, a move that came amid tense relations between the countries dominated by trade disputes and the recent American-requested arrest of a high-profile Chinese executive in Canada.        周四,美国更新了前往中国的旅行建议,警告美国公民可能会在那里面临任意拘捕,此举正值两国关系处在紧张时期。紧张关系主要是因为贸易争端,以及不久前加拿大应美国要求逮捕了一位知名的中国高管。
        The rights of foreign citizens in China have received renewed focus because of public concern over the fate of an American family barred from leaving the country, Sandra Han and her two adult children, Victor and Cynthia Liu. The arrest in Vancouver last month of Meng Wanzhou, an executive of the Chinese tech giant Huawei, has also raised the specter of potential retaliatory arrests of Americans or Canadians in China.        由于公众担心被禁止离开中国的美国家庭——桑德拉·韩(Sandra Han)及其两名成年子女维克多·刘(Victor Liu)和辛西娅·刘(Cynthia Liu)——的命运,外国公民在该国的权利问题再次引起了关注。中国科技巨头高管孟晚舟上月在温哥华被捕,也引发了美国或加拿大公民在中国可能遭遇报复性逮捕的担忧。
        The travel advisory issued by the State Department on Thursday was a routine renewal of a similar warning issued in January 2018. It urged Americans to “exercise increased caution in China” because of so-called exit bans, a legal tool the authorities there use to bar a person from leaving the country.        周四国务院发布的旅行警告是对2018年1月发布的一个类似警告的常规更新。由于所谓的禁止离境——中国当局用来禁止一个人离开该国的法律工具,它敦促美国公民“在中国要更加警惕”。
        People subjected to a ban typically learn of its existence only when they try to leave China, and no method exists for them to determine when the ban has been lifted, the State Department said.        国务院称,被禁止离境的人往往是在试图离开中国时才得知该限制的存在,而且他们无法确定禁令何时已被解除。
        The advisory warned that United States citizens under a ban have been “harassed and threatened” and “may be detained without access to U.S. consular services or information about their alleged crime.” They could also face “prolonged interrogations and extended detention for reasons related to ‘state security.’”        该警告称,被禁止离境的美国公民遭到了“骚扰和威胁”,且“可能会在无法获得美国领事服务或关于其被控罪行信息的情况下被拘捕”。他们还可能面临“因‘国家安全’相关原因而遭到长时间的审讯和长期拘留”。
        Canada’s leading newspaper, The Globe and Mail, reported Thursday that China had detained 13 Canadians since Ms. Meng’s arrest, a higher number than the three Canadians previously reported to have been detained after her arrest on Dec. 1.        加拿大主要报纸《环球邮报》(The Globe and Mail)周四报道,自孟晚舟被捕以来,中国已拘捕了13名加拿大公民,高于此前报道的自她于12月1日被捕以来3名加拿大公民被捕的数字。
        But a spokesman for Canada’s foreign ministry said it did not have reason to believe that the arrests were retaliatory, although the spokesman said two of the Canadians — Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor — were arrested for unspecified reasons of national security.        但加拿大外交部发言人称,没有理由相信这些逮捕是报复性的,虽然该发言人称其中两名加拿大人——康明凯(Michael Kovrig)和迈克尔·斯帕沃尔(Michael Spavor)——是由于国家安全相关的不明原因被捕。
        The State Department said China had used exit bans to compel foreign citizens to resolve civil disputes or to cooperate with investigations. Exit bans have also been used to turn foreigners into bait meant to lure other people, like fugitives, to the country.        国务院称,中国用禁止离境的做法迫使外国公民解决民事争端或配合调查。离境禁令还用于把外国公民变成诱饵,以诱引其他人前来该国,如外逃人员。
        That appears to have been the motive behind the exit ban applied since last June to Ms. Han and her children, whose father, Liu Changming, is a former executive at a state-owned bank and accused of participation in a $1.4 billion fraud case. The children have said their father severed ties with the family in 2012.        这似乎是自去年6月以来,对桑德拉·韩及其子女实施离境禁令的背后动机,他们的父亲刘昌明曾是一家国有银行的高管,被指控为14亿美元违规放贷案的核心人物。子女们称,他们的父亲在2012年就与家庭断绝了联系。
        Some people subjected to an exit ban have been imprisoned, including Ms. Han, a naturalized American citizen who was arrested and sent to a secret prison days after the family arrived in China in June to visit a sick relative.        被禁止离境的一些人遭到了监禁,包括归化美国公民桑德拉·韩。去年6月,他们一家人到中国探望一位生病的亲戚,几天之后,她被逮捕并关进了一座秘密监狱。
        Others, including her children, Mr. Liu, an American-born undergraduate at Georgetown University, and Ms. Liu, a naturalized American employed by the consulting firm McKinsey & Company in New York, are allowed to move freely within China. But they are forbidden to leave the country.        其他人,包括她的孩子——美国出生、在乔治敦大学(Georgetown University)读本科的维克多·刘,和受雇于纽约麦肯锡咨询公司(McKinsey & Company)的归化美国公民辛西娅·刘,可以在中国境内自由行动,但被禁止离开该国。
        The Liu family’s case has drawn the attention of American officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who criticized the practice of exit bans during a visit to China in October and mentioned the family to a top Chinese foreign policy official, Yang Jiechi, at a meeting in Washington in November.        刘家的案子引起了包括国务卿迈克·庞皮欧(Mike Pompeo)在内的美国官员的重视,他在10月份到访中国时谴责了禁止离境的做法,并在11月华盛顿的会晤中,向中国的最高外交政策官员杨洁篪提起了这一家人的情况。
        In a letter sent in August to John R. Bolton, the national security adviser, Ms. Liu said she and her brother were being used as pawns in China’s investigation into her estranged father.        在8月份写给国家安全顾问约翰·R·博尔顿(John R. Bolton)的信中,辛西娅·刘说,在中国对其已断绝联系的父亲展开调查时,她和弟弟被当作了人质。
        “The investigative officers have made abundantly clear that neither my brother nor I am under any form of investigation,” Ms. Liu wrote. “We are being held here as a crude form of human collateral to induce someone with whom I have no contact to return to China for reasons with which I am entirely unfamiliar.”        “调查人员已经非常明确地表示,我弟弟和我都没有受到任何形式的调查,”辛西娅·刘写道。“我们被关押在这里,被当做一种残酷的人类抵押品,诱使跟我没有联系的那个人返回中国,个中原因我完全不了解。”
        Lu Kang, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, brushed off the State Department’s warning on Friday, saying that China would “always adhere to the law in justly dealing with the tiny number of foreign nationals” suspected of crimes.        周五,中国外交部发言人陆慷没有理会国务院的警告,称“对极少数涉嫌在华违法犯罪的外国公民,中国办案机关始终坚持依法公正处理”。

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