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‘Good Arguments’? Canadian Ambassador Criticized Over Huawei Remarks

来源:纽约时报    2019-01-24 04:10

        MONTREAL — Canada’s ambassador to China came under sharp criticism on Wednesday for appearing to politicize a high-profile legal case by saying publicly that the Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou had a good chance of avoiding extradition to the United States.        蒙特利尔——周三,因公开表示华为高管孟晚舟有很大可能避免被引渡到美国,疑似将这宗备受关注的法律案件政治化,加拿大驻华大使麦家廉(John McCallum)遭到尖锐的批评。
        Speaking at a news conference for Chinese-language news media on Tuesday in Markham, Ontario, the ambassador, John McCallum, surprised seasoned observers of diplomatic protocol by offering an assessment of the case against Ms. Meng, who was arrested in December by Canadian authorities in Vancouver at the request of the United States.        周二,在安大略省万锦市(Markham)举行的中文新闻媒体新闻发布会上,麦家廉大使主动就孟晚舟的案子给出了评估,令外交规约的资深观察人士感到意外。加拿大当局应美国的要求于12月在温哥华逮捕了孟晚舟。
        Referring to comments that President Trump made this year that he was willing to intercede in the case if it would help secure a trade deal with China, Mr. McCallum said that Mr. Trump’s intervention, among other factors, had buttressed Ms. Meng’s case to avoid extradition.        特朗普总统今年曾发表看法,称如有助于和中国达成贸易协议,他愿意介入该案件。在谈及此事时,麦家廉称,特朗普的干预及其他因素,已经给孟晚舟的案子避免引渡提供了支持。
        “I think she has quite good arguments on her side,” Mr. McCallum said in remarks broadcast in the Canadian news media. He also cited “the issue of Iran sanctions which are involved in her case, and Canada does not sign on to these Iran sanctions.”        “我认为在她那一方可以进行很好的抗辩”,麦家廉在加拿大新闻媒体播出的评论中称。他还引用“她的案子中涉及的伊朗制裁问题,加拿大并未参与对伊朗的这些制裁”。
        He added, “So I think she has some strong arguments that she can make before a judge.”        他补充说,“因此我想她在法官面前可以提出强有力的抗辩。”
        The remarks by Mr. McCallum, unusual for a senior diplomat in a sensitive case under the global spotlight, have complicated matters for the Canadian government, which has emphasized that it would not interfere politically in the case.        作为一名高级外交官,麦家廉在一宗全球瞩目的敏感案件上的言论非同寻常,令加拿大政府处于更复杂的境地,该政府已经表示不会对案件进行政治干预。
        The arrest put Canada in the middle of a thorny legal battle between China, which says that Ms. Meng’s arrest was an abuse of law, and the Trump administration. The Americans are seeking to extradite Ms. Meng to stand trial on charges that she lied to American banks about Huawei’s efforts to evade Iran sanctions.        逮捕事件让加拿大陷入了一桩棘手的法律斗争:一边是称孟晚舟被捕是滥用法律的中国,另一边是特朗普政府。美国方面正在寻求将孟晚舟引渡受审,罪控是她曾在华为绕过伊朗制裁的问题上对美国的银行撒了谎。
        Canada has been concerned about three citizens held in China, including Michael Kovrig, a former diplomat, and Michael Spavor, a businessman, who have been detained on suspicion of “endangering national security.” The third Canadian, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, 36, was sentenced to death this month in China for drug smuggling.        三名在中国被拘捕的公民也令加拿大感到担忧,其中包括前外交官康明凯(Michael Kovrig)和因涉嫌“危害公共安全”被捕的商人迈克尔·斯帕沃尔(Michael Spavor)。第三名加拿大人是36岁的罗伯特·劳埃德·谢伦伯格(Robert Lloyd Schellenberg),他因贩卖毒品本月在中国被判处死刑。
        Asked on Wednesday whether he agreed with Mr. McCallum’s assessment, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canada was “a country of the rule of law.”        周三,在被问及是否同意麦家廉的评估时,加拿大总理贾斯汀·特鲁多称,加拿大是个“法治国家”。
        “We will make sure the rule of law is properly and fully followed,” Mr. Trudeau said during a news conference in La Loche, Saskatchewan. “That includes the opportunity for her to mount a strong defense. That is part of our justice system.”        “我们将确保恰当、充分地遵循法治,”特鲁多在萨斯喀彻温省拉罗什的一场新闻发布会上说。“这包括让她有机会进行强有力的辩护。这是我们司法体系的一部分。”
        Adam Austen, a spokesman for Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, said no political considerations have been applied in the case. “With respect to Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer, Canada is conducting a fair, unbiased and transparent legal proceeding,” he said.        外交部长克里斯蒂亚·弗里兰(Chrystia Freeland)的发言人亚当·奥斯汀(Adam Austen)说,该案件从未有过政治考量。“就华为首席财务官孟晚舟而言,加拿大正在实施公平、无偏见、透明的法律程序,”他说。
        But the Conservative opposition leader Andrew Scheer criticized Mr. McCallum, a former minister of immigration in Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal Party government, saying that it was “completely unacceptable” for him to comment on a case pending in a Canadian court.        但对曾在特鲁多的自由党政府任移民部长的麦家廉,保守倾向的反对党领导人安德鲁·希尔(Andrew Scheer)提出了批评,称他对加拿大法庭的待决案件发表评论,是“完全不可接受的”。
        “John McCallum, as ambassador, has a very special place in this whole dynamic. He’s not someone with an opinion, or a professor opining,” Mr. Scheer told CBC News on Wednesday. “If I were prime minister I would fire John McCallum.”        “麦家廉大使在这整件事情的进行中处于非常特殊的位置。他不该有个人意见,或像教授一样发表见解,”希尔周三对加拿大广播公司(CBC)说。“如果我是总理,我会撤了麦家廉。”
        The United States is expected in the coming days to formally request that Canada extradite Ms. Meng. It has until Jan. 30 to make the request. Once it is made, the Canadian courts will then decide whether she can be extradited, with a final determination made by the minister of justice.        美国预计将在未来几天内正式要求加拿大引渡孟晚舟,截止日期是1月30日。一旦要求提出,加拿大法庭将决定她是否可以被引渡,最终决定将由司法部长作出。
        The formal request would come at a sensitive moment: American and Chinese officials plan to meet in Washington next week for a critical round of negotiations to end a monthslong trade war.        正式要求将会在一个敏感时刻发出:美国和中国的官员计划于下周在华盛顿会晤,进行旨在结束数月之久贸易战的关键一轮谈判。
        Mr. McCallum is known to speak his mind. Last year, he observed that in key policy areas such as the environment, global warming, free trade and globalization, Canada’s policies were closer to those of China’s government than those of the United States under President Trump.        麦家廉向来有话直说。去年,他评论称在环境、全球变暖、自由贸易和全球化等关键政策领域,加拿大的政策更接近中国政府,而不是特朗普治下的美国。

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