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Huawei’s Reclusive Founder Rejects Spying and Praises Trump

来源:纽约时报    2019-01-16 01:42

        BEIJING — To entrepreneurs in China, he is a legend akin to Steve Jobs.        北京——对于中国的企业家来说,他是一个与史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)类似的传奇人物。
        To United States officials, he is the secretive mastermind behind a company that is extending the Chinese government’s ability to infiltrate computer systems and data networks around the world.
        But for all his fame and power, Ren Zhengfei, the 74-year-old founder and chief executive of the Chinese technology giant Huawei, may no longer have the luxury of letting his company’s success speak for itself.        但是,虽然中国科技巨头华为的创始人兼首席执行官、74岁的任正非享有盛名和权力,但他也许不再能享受让世人共睹公司成功的乐趣了。
        In his first public comments since United States authorities arranged for the arrest of his daughter Meng Wanzhou, who is also Huawei’s chief financial officer, Mr. Ren told a group of reporters on Tuesday that he missed his daughter very much, and that he would wait to see if President Trump intervened in her case. He called Mr. Trump a “great president,” and said that his tax cuts had helped American business.        自从美国政府安排逮捕了他的女儿、华为首席财务官孟晚舟之后,任正非首次公开发表言论,周二,他对一群记者说,他非常想念女儿,他在等着看特朗普总统是否出面干预孟晚舟的案子。他把特朗普称为一名“伟大的总统”,还说特朗普的减税帮助了美国企业。
        Ms. Meng was arrested in Canada last month on accusations of defrauding banks to help Huawei’s business in Iran. Washington is seeking her extradition, but Mr. Trump has suggested that he might intercede if it would help China and the United States reach a deal to end their trade war. Huawei has said that it is unaware of any wrongdoing by Ms. Meng.        孟晚舟是上个月在加拿大被逮捕的,她被控欺诈银行以帮助华为在伊朗的业务。虽然华盛顿正在寻求将她引渡到美国,但特朗普已暗示,如果能帮助中美两国达成协议、结束两国之间贸易战的话,他可能会出面干预。华为说,公司不知道孟晚舟有任何不当行为。
        Mr. Ren’s comments also came less than a week after the Polish authorities said that they had arrested a Huawei employee there on charges of spying for Beijing. The company fired the man on Saturday.        任正非发表上述言论不到一周前,波兰当局称,他们已逮捕了一名在波兰工作的华为员工,罪名是为北京从事间谍活动。华为在上周六解雇了该男子。
        Mr. Ren insisted that his company has not spied for China.        任正非坚称,他的公司没有为中国进行间谍活动。
        “I love my country. I support the Communist Party. But I will never do anything to harm any country in the world,” Mr. Ren said on Tuesday. A company spokesman confirmed his remarks.        “我爱我的国家。我支持共产党。但我绝不会做任何伤害世界上其他国家的事情,”任正非周二说。一名公司发言人证实了他的这些话。
        Huawei has 180,000 employees and has become the world’s largest maker of telecommunications equipment. It estimates that it generated more than $100 billion in sales last year, and it sells more smartphones around the world than Apple. Yet Mr. Ren seldom appears in public.        华为有18万名员工,并已成为全球最大的电信设备制造商。公司估计去年的销售额超过了1000亿美元,华为在全球的智能手机销量已超过苹果。然而,任正非却很少在公开场合露面。
        When he has spoken to the news media in the past, he has played down his achievements, attributing Huawei’s success to its employees’ hard work. He has said that his company has never spied for any government — an assertion that has not eased the concerns of American counterintelligence officials.        他以前接受新闻媒体采访时总是淡化自己的成就,将华为的成功归因于员工的辛勤工作。他曾表示,自己的公司从未为任何政府进行过间谍活动——这个说法并未缓解美国反情报官员的担忧。
        For most of its existence, Huawei was opaque to people in China, too.        在华为成立以来的大部分时间里,它对中国人来说也是一个谜团。
        It was founded in 1987, but it did not begin publishing the names and biographies of its board members until its 2010 annual report. Mr. Ren spoke to the news media for the first time in 2013. The following year, he told The Independent of London that he had no hobbies, prompting a colleague to lean in and suggest that he enjoyed reading and drinking tea.        虽然公司成立于1987年,但直到2010年发布公司年报时,才开始公布董事会成员的名字和个人信息。任正非在2013年首次接受了新闻媒体的采访。次年,他对伦敦的《独立报》说,他没有业余爱好,导致一位同事倾身提醒,他喜欢读书和喝茶。
        Mr. Ren was born in 1944, in the mountainous southwestern province of Guizhou. His parents were teachers; he was one of seven children. His father, Ren Moxun, was the son of a master ham maker in Zheijang Province. Growing up, Mr. Ren wrote in a 2001 article, the family was so poor that he did not own a proper shirt until after high school.        任正非1944年出生于中国西南部多山的贵州省。他的父母都是教师,共有七个孩子。父亲任摩逊是浙江省一个做火腿的大师傅的儿子。任正非在2001年的一篇文章中写道,小时候家里非常穷,直到高中毕业他才有了一件像样的衬衫。
        According to an official company biography, he studied engineering in college and joined the Chinese military’s infrastructure engineering corps in 1974 to help build and run a factory manufacturing synthetic fibers for textiles. At a time when China had no private sector economy to speak of, it was not unusual for college graduates to join the military.        据公司发布的一份正式的个人信息,任正非在大学读的是工程,1974年入伍成为中国军队的一名基建工程兵,帮助建设和运营了一家生产纺织用合成纤维的工厂。中国在那个时代还没有私营经济可言,大学毕业生参军并不罕见。
        The infrastructure engineering corps was disbanded in 1983, according to the official biography. A few years later, Mr. Ren and business partners founded Huawei in what he called, in a 2016 interview with the official news agency Xinhua, a “rundown shack.” The company started as a reseller of telephone equipment imported from Hong Kong, but later started developing its own technology.        据那份正式信息,基建工程兵的建制在1983年撤销了。几年后,任正非和几名商业伙伴创建了华为,他在2016年接受官方通讯社新华社采访时说,华为是在一个“烂棚棚”里起家的。公司最初是一家从香港进口电话设备的经销商,但后来开始开发自己的技术。
        As it expanded around China and then across the world, Huawei inculcated a die-hard competitive spirit in its employees, pushing them to work harder and move faster than the company’s rivals. Huawei today still speaks proudly of its “wolf culture.”        随着公司在中国继而在全世界的扩张,华为给它的员工灌输了一种顽固的竞争精神,促使他们比公司的对手更拼命工作、行动更迅速。华为至今仍对它的“狼性文化”引以为豪。
        “We will always have wolf culture,” Mr. Ren said in an interview last year with Xinhua. “Catching prey might be difficult. But the wolf is unrelenting.”        “我们永远都是狼文化,”任正非在去年接受新华社采访时说。“可能吃到肉有困难,但狼是不屈不挠的。”
        Mr. Ren has a reputation for being blunt in conversation. In 2010, Rick Perry, then the governor of Texas, spoke at the ribbon-cutting for Huawei’s new American headquarters in Plano.        任正非以说话直言不讳著称。2010年,时任德克萨斯州州长的里克·佩里(Rick Perry)在华为设在普莱诺(Plano)的美国新总部剪彩仪式上发表讲话。
        “If you didn’t know any better, you’d say he grew up out in West Texas,” Mr. Perry, who is now President Trump’s energy secretary, said, according to a video of the event posted online by the governor’s office.        根据州长办公室在网上发布的一则活动视频,现任特朗普政府能源部长的佩里说,“如果不太了解,你会说他长在德州西部。”
        That penchant for brutal honesty has not spared the members of Mr. Ren’s family who also have worked for Huawei: Ms. Meng and her husband, plus two of Mr. Ren’s siblings.        这种冷酷坦诚的倾向在同样为华为效力的任正非家人身上也不例外:孟晚舟和她的丈夫,外加任的两个兄弟姐妹。
        For a long time, people in the telecom industry speculated about whether Mr. Ren would pick one of these relatives to lead the company after his death. But in a 2013 letter to employees that was shared on a company website, Mr. Ren said that his successor needed to have vision, good character and a deep understanding of both new technologies and customers’ needs.        长期以来,电信行业的人都在揣测,任正非是否会选择这些亲戚中的一位在他死后领导公司。但分享于公司网站的2013年致员工的一封信中,任正非称,他的继任者需要有远见、优秀的品质,以及对新技术与客户需求的深刻理解。
        “My family members do not possess these qualities,” he wrote. “Therefore they will never join the line of succession.”        “这些能力我的家人都不具备,”他写道。“因此,他们永远不会进入接班人的序列。”
        Mr. Ren’s plain speaking has not managed to make United States officials feel comfortable about allowing Huawei’s gear into the country’s internet infrastructure.        任正非直白的讲话方式,未能让美国官员们对于允许华为的设备进入该国网络基础设施感到放心。
        Huawei executives have said repeatedly that they are independent of the Chinese government and military. They have challenged Western governments to produce evidence that the firm’s products are vulnerable to state meddling.        华为的高管们曾反复表示过,他们独立于中国政府和军方。他们向西方的政府发起挑战,要求出示其公司产品易受国家干预的证据。
        According to a diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks, Mr. Ren told the American consul general in Guangzhou in 2008 that if Huawei really had ties to Beijing, the company would be in real estate, not telecom equipment. That, he said, was where the easy money was.        根据维基解密发表的一份外交电报,任正非曾于2008年告诉美国驻广州总领事称,如果华为真和北京有牵连,那么公司就会是在房地产,而非电信设备领域。他说,那个才是好挣钱的地方。
        But for some of Huawei’s critics, such assurances do not outweigh larger concerns about the Chinese government’s behavior in the digital realm.        但对于一些华为的批评人士,这样的保证无法抵消对于中国政府在数字领域行为的更大担忧。
        “It’s not really about Ren’s roots in the P.L.A., in my opinion,” said Andrew Davenport, the chief operating officer of RWR Advisory Group, a Washington-based risk consulting firm, referring to the People’s Liberation Army. “It’s just the fact that they’re Chinese, and are tainted by their government’s poor record on cyberespionage.”        “在我看来,这其实无关乎任在解放军的根系,”位于华盛顿的风险咨询公司RWR咨询集团(RWR Advisory Group)首席运营官安德鲁·达文波特(Andrew Davenport)称,他指的是中国人民解放军。“只不过是出于这样一个事实,即他们是中国人,他们受到政府在网络间谍活动方面糟糕记录的拖累。”
        Mr. Davenport added: “Any global Chinese tech actor is at risk of being considered a liability, because they’re going to be susceptible to doing what Chinese government wants them to do.”        达文波特补充说:“任何全球性的中国科技角力者都存在被视为不利因素的风险,因为他们很容易受中国政府的影响,去做政府想要他们做的事情。”

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