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只用打卡不用上班 瑞典火车站花钱招“无用员工”
Swedish experimental project to hire someone to do nothing for the rest of their life

来源:中国日报    2019-03-12 08:53

        If the idea of getting paid a decent monthly wage to do nothing, or whatever you want, for the rest of your life sounds appealing, you may be interested in this Swedish experimental art project that plans to hire a very lucky person for a responsibility-free job with just one very simple requirement.        如果你觉得在余生领取一份体面的月薪而不用做任何事情(或者说你想干什么就干什么)听上去很有吸引力,那么你或许会对这个瑞典实验艺术项目感兴趣。该项目打算雇用一个非常幸运的家伙来做不用承担任何责任的工作,而这个工作只有一个非常简单的要求。
        This government-funded conceptual art project/ideal employment opportunity in Gothenburg, Sweden will select one very lucky applicant to show up at a train station currently under construction in the city every day and punch a time clock. This will turn on a set of fluorescent lights over the boarding platform to let everyone know that the useless employee showed up at work that day.        这个由政府资助的概念艺术项目/理想就业机会位于瑞典哥德堡,将选出一位非常幸运的申请人每天前往该市正在建设的火车站打卡签到。打卡时,登车月台上还会亮起一组荧光灯,以便让所有人都知道那个无用员工那天上班了。
        After that, the person is free to do anything they want, or nothing at all, just as long as they return to the station to clock out and turn off the lights when their shift is over. They don’t have to hang around the train station during working hours, and they can quit or be replaced by someone else anytime they want. As long as they don’t get another job, the position is guaranteed for the rest of their lives.        在那之后,这个人就可以自由地去做任何自己想做的事情,或者根本不做任何事情,只要在下班时回去打卡并关灯就行了。这个人既不必在工作时间待在火车站附近闲逛,也可以随时退出或找个人替换自己。只要这个人没有找到另一份工作,余生就可以一直保留这个职位。
        You might be wondering what a job that basically only requires you to clock in and clock out every day pays. Well, according to Atlas Obscura, the selected candidate will earn a monthly salary of about $2,320, plus annual raises, benefits, vacation time and a guaranteed pension fund. It’s not the best paying job in the world, but considering that “whatever the employee chooses to do constitutes the work”, the offer isn’t bad at all.        你也许会感到好奇:这份除了让你每天上下班打卡什么都不用做的工作会给你多少钱?根据Atlas Obscura网站的说法,被选中的候选人将获得约2320美元(15596元人民币)的月薪,再加上年度加薪、福利、休假时间以及有保障的养老金。尽管这不是世界上最高薪的工作,但考虑到“无论员工选择做什么都算是在工作”,这个职位可并不坏。
        In 2017, Public Art Agency Sweden and the Swedish Transport Administration announced an international competition for artists willing to contribute ideas for the design of Gothenburg’s Korsvagen train station, offering a prize of 7 million Swedish krona to the winner.        2017年,瑞典公共艺术机构和瑞典运输管理局举办了一场国际比赛,以此吸引艺术家们为哥德堡的科斯瓦根火车站的设计出谋划策,并为获胜者提供了700万瑞典克朗(约500万人民币)的奖金。
        Only instead of coming up with actual design ideas, Swedish artist duo Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby suggested that the prize money be used to pay one worker’s salary and give them absolutely nothing to do all day. And that’s how their “Eternal Employement” project began.        瑞典艺术家二人组西蒙·戈尔丁和雅各布·塞内比并没有提出实际的设计理念,反而表示不如用这笔奖金来支付一个工人的工资,并且让他整天无所事事。于是乎,他们的“永久雇佣”项目就此诞生。
        The two artists even came up with a plan to ensure that the prize money would be enough to pay the useless employee for “eternity”, which in this case means 120 years. By setting up a foundation to prevent the prize money from being taxed and then investing it in an equity fund, they came to the conclusion that there was a 75% chance that they’d be able to pay a $2,312 monthly wage, plus an annual salary increase of 3.2 percent, for 120 years or more.        这两位艺术家甚至想出了一个计划,以确保奖金足以“永久”(在该项目中意味着120年)雇用这个无用员工。他们计划通过设立一个基金会来防止这笔奖金被征税,然后再将其投资于股票基金。他们最后得出结论,这笔钱有75%的可能性足以支付每月2312美元的工资,以及应付一年一度3.2%的涨薪,并维持120年或更长时间。
        The jury apparently loved the artists’ original idea as their project was announced as the winner in October of last year. There was an uproar in Sweden about it, with politicians from all sides of the aisle accusing them of wasting taxpayers’ money.        评审团显然很喜欢这两位艺术家的独特见解,因为他们的项目在去年十月被宣布获胜。这件事随即在瑞典引起了轩然大波,各方政客都在指责他们浪费纳税人的钱。
        Others just called the idea stupid and worthless, which the artists fully agree with. They acknowledge that paying someone to show up at a train station two times a day just to punch a time clock is unproductive and pointless, but that’s the whole idea.        其他人则只是将这个想法称为愚蠢至极且毫无价值,这也是艺术家们所完全认同的。艺术家们承认,花钱雇人每天两次前往火车站却只是为了打个卡,这样既徒劳无功也毫无意义,但这就是他们的整个想法。
        If you’re already thinking “where do I sign up?” I have some bad news for you. Because Korsvagen train station is still under construction, the position will only become available in 2026, after the station is inaugurated. The artists will start taking in applications a year earlier.        如果你已经在琢磨“我该去哪里报名?”了的话,那么我有一些坏消息要告诉你。由于科斯瓦根火车站仍在建设中,成功应聘该职位的人将在该站于2026年开通后才能上岗。而艺术家们则将在车站开通前一年才开始接受申请。

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