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Hello Kitty将被拍成好莱坞电影 动画版还是真人版待定
Hello Kitty to be made into Hollywood film

来源:中国日报    2019-03-08 08:44

        Hello Kitty, whose image already appears on pyjamas, pencil cases, and the sides of buses, is to grace the big screen after the brand's owner signed the feline icon's first film deal.        睡衣、铅笔盒、公交车身上随处可见的凯蒂猫即将登上大屏幕,凯蒂猫品牌所有者已经签下了凯蒂猫的首个电影合同。
        After five years of discussions, Sanrio, the Japanese firm which manages the character, has signed a deal with a unit of Warner Bros, New Line Cinema.        经过五年的商讨,凯蒂猫所属的日本三丽鸥公司和华纳兄弟公司旗下的新线电影公司终于达成了协议。
        The film's plot is not yet decided.        电影的情节还没有定下来。
        "A search for writers and creative talent will commence immediately," Sanrio said in a statement.        三丽鸥在一份声明中表示“将会立即开始寻找编剧和创意人才。”
        The film will be made by Flynn Picture Company, the production company behind blockbuster films Rampage and Skyscraper, starring Dwayne Johnson.        这部电影将由弗林电影公司拍摄,该公司曾拍出了巨石强森主演的《狂暴巨兽》和《摩天营救》等大片。
        It will be produced by New Line Cinema, a unit of Warner Bros, responsible for the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies.        电影的制片将由华纳兄弟旗下的新线电影公司担任,新线电影公司曾制作过《霍比特人》和《指环王》三部曲。
        Over the last 45 years, the mouthless cartoon cat adorned with trademark hair bow has generated billions of dollars.        过去45年来,这只头戴标志性蝴蝶结、没有嘴巴的卡通猫咪已带来了数十亿美元的收入。
        The simple line-drawn image has appeared on merchandise including clothing, toys and stationery, targeted mostly at young children, but also more recently popular with some adults.        这个简笔画形象出现在衣服、玩具、文具等商品上,针对的消费人群主要是小孩,但近年来在一些成年人当中也很受欢迎。
        Hello Kitty-branded products are sold in 130 countries worldwide, with the range extending from prosecco to plimsolls.        凯蒂猫品牌的产品在全世界130个国家有售,涵盖了从葡萄酒到帆布鞋等各种产品。
        Hello Kitty is also licensed for amusement parks and cafés, while last year a Japanese railway firm splashed the image on its bullet train, painted in pink and white.        特许经营的凯蒂猫游乐园和餐厅也是遍地开花。去年一家日本铁路公司将凯蒂猫的形象用在新干线列车上,整列火车都被刷成粉色和白色。
        Although the brand typifies the Japanese trend for "kawaii" or cuteness, the character itself is identified as British, "born in a suburb of London", because when she was created in the 1970s, British culture was fashionable in Japan.        尽管凯蒂猫品牌代表了日本的卡哇伊(可爱)文化,这个角色本身却是英国人,“出生于伦敦郊区”,因为凯蒂猫创作于20世纪70年代,当时英国文化在日本很流行。
        She also has a twin sister, Mimmy.        凯蒂猫还有一个双胞胎妹妹,叫咪咪。
        Sanrio said Hello Kitty's popularity was down to the "heartfelt message of friendship" the brand offered its fans.        三丽鸥公司表示,凯蒂猫如此受欢迎源于该品牌向粉丝献上了“真诚的友情”。
        A statement from New Line Cinema said the firm was thrilled to have the opportunity to explore use of the "timeless" intellectual property.        新线电影公司在一份声明中称,该公司很高兴能有机会来探索使用这一永恒的知识财产。
        "Hello Kitty and her friends have been part of our shared culture for decades and we look forward to exploring where her newest adventure will take her," it added.        该公司称:“几十年来,凯蒂猫和她的朋友们一直是我们共享文化的一部分,我们期待着投入到凯蒂猫的最新探险中去。”

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