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Astrologer reveals where you should travel to according to your star sign

来源:中国日报    2019-04-04 14:09

                 白羊座 ARIES(3月21日-4月19日
        An action packed adventure        推荐:探险之旅
        They suggested those who are this star sign think of travelling anywhere where they can do something that brings out the excitement in life, such as cave diving, bungee jumping, skydiving and white water rafting.        两位占星家建议白羊座的人们考虑去那些旅行项目能给生活带来兴奋感的地方,比如参加洞穴潜水、蹦极、跳伞和白水泛舟。
        'Aries is known for bravery and always loves a good challenge, so wherever they go as long as there is some sort of adventure, they are bound to find a way to have a heck of a good time!,' they said.        她们说:“白羊座以勇敢著称,总是热爱挑战,所以只要在旅行地能参加冒险活动,他们肯定就能玩得很愉快。”
                 金牛座 TAURUS(4月20日-5月20日
        Amalfi Coast, Italy        推荐:意大利阿玛尔菲海滩
        Taureans love a touch of luxury, which is why a trip to the stunningly beautiful Amalfi Coast, Italy, will suit them well.        金牛座的人们喜欢奢侈感,因此去绝美的意大利阿玛尔菲海滩旅行再合适不过了。
        The Amalfi Coast is a gorgeous 50 kilometre coastline stretches along the southern edge of Italy's Sorrentine Peninsula.        绚丽的阿玛尔菲海滩海岸线长达50公里,在意大利索伦托半岛南端绵延伸展。
        'Taurus loves to indulge in sensual pleasures like good food and drink, and there should be no shortage of this here.        占星家说:“金牛座喜欢沉浸在愉快的感觉中,尽享美食美酒,而这里应有尽有。”
                 双子座 GEMINI(5月21日-6月20日
        New York, New York!        推荐:去纽约!
        The duo said that those who are a Gemini are best suited to New York, the fast paced city that never sleeps.        两位占星家表示,双子座的人们最适合去纽约这座快节奏的不眠之城。
        The hustle and bustle of New York City is incredibly unique and will have those who are born between May 21 to June 20, thriving.        纽约的喧嚣气氛非常独特,会让双子座的人热血沸腾。
        'Geminis are also air signs, meaning they are quite hard to lock down and love quickly bouncing from one place to the next.        “双子座还是风象星座,所以双子座的人们很难安定下来,喜欢到处游历。”
        'This is what makes New York the perfect destination, everything is right at their fingertips, at all times. The possibilities are truly endless!'.        “所以纽约是他们的理想之选,一切尽在弹指间,充满无尽可能。”
                 巨蟹座 CANCER(6月21日-7月22日
        Great Barrier Reef, Australia        推荐:澳大利亚大堡礁
        Although Cancerians are mostly known for being homebodies and enjoying the comfort of their nest, when they feel secure they will come out of their shell for some 'fun in the sun'.        尽管巨蟹座最出名的特征是喜欢宅在家里,享受家中的舒适,但当他们感到安全时,还是会走出家中,寻找“阳光下的乐趣”。
        'From boat rides to snorkelling to scuba diving, and even helicopter tours, there are so many different ways to explore this amazing ecosystem.'        “划船、浮潜、水肺潜水、甚至乘直升飞机旅行,有很多不同的方式探索大堡礁令人惊叹的生态系统。”
        Bali, Indonesia        推荐:印尼巴厘岛
        According to the astrology experts Leos love a place where they can be their most 'royal, regal, and naturally fierce selves'.        据两位占星学家所说,狮子座喜欢那些能让自己显得“最高贵、最豪华”,体现出自己“天生热情”的地方。
        'It doesn't hurt that this beautiful island also offers some of the most luxurious and pampering spas, retreat centres, and wellness experiences available around the world!' They said.        “而且,这座美丽的岛屿还给游客提供了一些全球最奢华、最舒适的水疗中心、休闲中心和健康体验。”
        'Fiery and a natural born leader, this is the perfect place for any Leo to go and shout it from the rooftops.        “狮子座是天生的领导者,情感炽烈,巴厘岛是所有狮子座人们的完美之选,他们可以体会到在屋顶呼喊的感觉。”
                 处女座 VIRGO(8月23日-9月22日
        Machu Picchu, Peru        推荐:秘鲁马丘比丘
        'Besides the magnificent view, health conscious and nature loving Virgos will love getting in a good workout as they hike through Machu Picchu and parks of the Inca trail in high altitudes,' they explained.        “除了壮美的风景外,注重健康又钟爱大自然的处女座徒步穿越山脊之上的马丘比丘和印加古道连接起的公园时,还能好好锻炼一下身体。”
        They added that Virgos are the 'ultimate protectors of the Earth', which means they will love the sustainable aspect of the Sacred Valley.        他们还补充说,处女座是“地球的终极保护者”,这意味着他们会爱上圣谷可持续发展的一面。
        With gardens, mountains, farms, and pastures that run through this stunning place, the people have such a bountiful love for the land and desire to protect it.        花园、山脉、农场和牧场遍布这片绝美之处,让人们对这片土地爱得深沉,想要保护它。
                 天秤座 LIBRA(9月23日-10月22日
        The banks of the Seine, Paris        推荐:巴黎塞纳河岸
        A trip to Paris screams romance, and whether single or committed, all Librans will have an amorous time in the 'City of Love'.        去巴黎来一趟浪漫之旅吧,不管你是单身还是心有所属,天秤座人都能在“爱情之城”享受到多情时光。
        'Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, this sign enjoys elegant evenings filled with art, music, culture, and the possibility of a whirlwind romance, of course,' they said.        “天秤座的守护神是爱与美丽之神维纳斯,他们喜欢充满艺术、音乐和文化气息的优雅夜晚,当然还可能邂逅一段闪电恋爱。”
        'Walking down the banks of the Seine offers a picturesque view in itself, but will also have you passing the Pont des Arts, the Louvre, the majestic Notre-Dame cathedral and the Île Saint-Louis.        “沿着塞纳河岸漫步,你不仅能看到如画般美景,还会路过巴黎锁桥、卢浮宫、宏伟的巴黎圣母院和圣路易岛。”
                 天蝎座 SCORPIO(10月23日-11月21日
        Los Angeles, California        推荐:加州洛杉矶
        Scorpio is considered to be a deep and brooding, but always beautiful, sign, which is why Los Angeles is considered to be the perfect match.        人们认为天蝎座的人心思深邃,难以捉摸,但他们也很出色,因此洛杉矶是他们旅游的理想去处。
        The City of Angles has nearly everything anyone could want to do, from the beach to the snowy mountains that are just a short road trip away and the gorgeous Southern California valleys, deserts, and mountains.        人们想做的所有事情,在洛杉矶都能实现,这里有海滩、不远处还有雪山、有壮丽的南加州峡谷、沙漠,还有高山。
                 射手座 SAGITTARIUS(11月22日-12月21日
        Angkor Wat, Cambodia        推荐:柬埔寨吴哥窟
        The astrologists said people who fall into this sign are often drawn to philosophy, mysticism, and the studying of ancient cultures, which means they will quench their thirst at Angkor Wat, one of the largest religious monuments in the world.        两位占星家表示,射手座的人们常常被哲学、神秘主义和古文化研究吸引,吴哥窟能满足他们的渴望。吴哥窟是全球最大的宗教遗迹之一。
        'With so many sprawling temple complexes before you, there is plenty of space for a Sagittarius to roam, absorb, and do what you do best - be free.'        “你的眼前遍布庙宇,有足够的空间自由自在地徜徉、吸收文化气息。”
                 摩羯座 CAPRICORN(12月22日-1月19日
        Easter Island, off the coast of Chile        推荐:智利沿海复活节岛
        Capricorns are a hard working sign so when they get away, a trip to truly unwind and relax is what they need.        摩羯座是努力奋进的一族,所以他们需要的是完全放松的旅行。
        This earth based sign recharges best when they are alone or in small groups and since Easter Island is the most uninhabited island in all of the world, they said it is the perfect place for them to get some alone time.        摩羯座是土象星座。摩羯座的人们在独自旅行,或者参加小规模的旅行团时,最能恢复元气。复活节岛在全球的岛屿中最荒无人烟,所以两位占星家认为这里是摩羯座独处的理想去处。
        'Not to mention, Capricorns have incredible stamina, so the distance is no problem and they'll be ready to explore as soon as they get there. Not an inch of that island will go uncharted!'        “更不必说,摩羯座有着非凡的毅力,距离对他们来说不成问题。他们抵达之后就会马上开始游览,足迹遍布全岛每个角落。”
                 水瓶座 AQUARIUS(1月20日-2月18日
        Bullet train (Shinkansen) ride, Japan        推荐:乘坐日本新干线
        Aquarians are fans of the unconventional and technology usually piques their interest due to their future-forward thoughts.        水瓶座偏爱非常规,有未来概念的科技最能激起他们的兴趣。
        'Immerse yourself in a completely different culture in Japan and ride a bullet train (Shinkansen) between major cities, experiencing speeds up to 198 miles per hour!,' the astrologists suggested.        两位占星家建议说:“搭乘新干线列车,沉浸在完全不同的日本文化中,穿梭于大都市,体验时速198英里(约合318.7公里)的快感!”
        'If you're interested in fashion, check out the Harajuku district in Tokyo, or if trekking through traditional, historical sites is more your jam, head to Kyoto to marvel at some beautiful temples.'        “如果你喜爱时尚,就去东京的原宿地区逛逛。或者如果你更喜欢去传统的历史古迹游览,就去京都吧,那里有美丽的庙宇让你一饱眼福。”
                 双鱼座 PISCES(2月19日03月20日
        Iceland        推荐:冰岛
        According to Ms Huang and Ms Pavlova, Pisceans love a place where they can get in tune with themselves.        两位占星家说,双鱼座的人们喜爱和自己“搭调”的地方。
        'They tend to be very artistic, open minded, curious, and joyful no matter where they are, so they definitely won't mind the cold,' they said.        他们说:“不管身在何方,双鱼座的人们总是那么风雅、开放、好奇和快乐,所以他们当然不介意寒冷。”
        'And if they do, the hot springs are just the place to be able to fully enjoy everything this magical destination has to offer!        “如果怕冷,就去泡个温泉,在那里你可以充分享受到这个迷人的目的地带给游客们的一切美妙感受。”

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