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Chinese Woman Arrested at Mar-a-Lago Had a Hidden Camera Detector, Prosecutors Say

来源:纽约时报    2019-04-09 03:30

        WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The Chinese woman who was arrested after gaining entry to President Trump’s private club while carrying four cellphones and other electronic equipment had stored even more electronics in her hotel room, including a device used to detect hidden cameras, a federal prosecutor said Monday.        佛罗里达西棕榈滩——一名联邦检察官周一表示,携带四部手机及其他电子设备进入特朗普总统私人俱乐部后被捕的中国女子,在她的酒店房间存放了更多电子设备,包括用以探测隐藏摄像头的装置。
        The woman, Yujing Zhang, 32, was arrested March 30 after telling Secret Service agents that she had come to use the pool at Mar-a-Lago and showing two Chinese passports. After the authorities determined that the event she said she had come to attend did not exist, she was arrested and charged with lying to a federal officer and accessing a restricted area.        3月30日被捕的该女子名叫张玉静(音),32岁。此前她告诉特勤局(Secret Service)特工,她是前来使用马阿拉歌的游泳池,并出示了两本中国护照。在当局判定她说自己前来参加的活动并不存在后,她被逮捕,并被控向联邦官员撒谎以及擅自进入禁区。
        Ms. Zhang had entered the property with four cellphones, a hard drive and a thumb drive infected with malware, according to federal court records. Upon searching her hotel room, investigators found another cellphone and a radio frequency device that detects hidden cameras, Assistant United States Attorney Rolando Garcia said.        据联邦法院记录,张玉静进入庄园时携带有四部手机、一个硬盘和一个感染了恶意软件的U盘。助理联邦检察官罗兰多·加西亚(Rolando Garcia)称,在搜查了她的酒店房间后,检察人员发现了另一部手机和一部可探测隐藏摄像头的无线射频装置。
        She also had nine U.S.B. drives and five SIM cards in her room at the Colony Hotel, along with several debit cards and about $8,000 in cash, including about $700 in Chinese currency, Mr. Garcia said during a bond hearing at the U.S. District Court in West Palm Beach.        加西亚在西棕榈滩地区联邦法院的保释听证会上称,在她位于殖民地酒店(Colony Hotel)的房间里,还有9个U盘和5张SIM卡,另有几张借记卡和价值约8000美元的现金,其中包括价值约700美元的人民币。
        Mr. Garcia told U.S. Magistrate Judge William Matthewman that Ms. Zhang is a “serious flight risk” because she “lies to everyone that she encounters.”        加西亚告诉联邦治安法官威廉·马修曼(William Matthewman),张玉静“极有可能畏罪潜逃”,因为她“对所遇到的每个人都撒谎。”
        She told authorities at the club that she had carried multiple phones to the resort because she was afraid to leave them in her hotel room, Mr. Garcia said. She told the court in an appearance last week that she had only about $5,000 in the bank.        加西亚说,她当时在俱乐部告诉当局,她携带多部手机前来庄园是因为不敢把它们放在酒店房间。上周出庭时,她告诉法庭称她银行里大约只有5000美元。
        “Someone who is afraid of her property being stolen at the hotel does not leave so much cash and credit cards in a hotel room,” Mr. Garcia said.        “担心财产在酒店被盗的人不会把这么多现金和借记卡留在酒店房间,”加西亚说。
        Ms. Zhang came to the United States on March 28 from Shanghai on a B-1 visa that has been revoked, meaning that if the court does release her from jail pending trial, she would be transferred to immigration custody, Mr. Garcia said.        加西亚称,张玉静于3月28日持B-1签证从上海来到美国,她的签证现已被撤销,这意味着就算法庭在候审期间将她释放,她也会被转至移民羁押。
        “She has really no ties to the Southern District of Florida, or the United States of America, for that matter,” he said.        他说,“她与佛罗里达南区没什么关联,其实和整个美国都没有。”
        Ms. Zhang’s assistant federal public defender, Robert Adler, said in the court hearing that Ms. Zhang did not attempt to hide the four cellphones when she entered the club.        张玉静的助理联邦公设辩护律师罗伯特·阿德勒(Robert Adler)在法庭听证会上说,在进入俱乐部时,张玉静并未试图隐藏四部手机。
        “We have heard the government has no reason to believe Ms. Zhang was a spy,” Mr. Adler said.        “我们听说政府并没有理由认为张玉静是间谍,”阿德勒称。
        The Secret Service agent who questioned Ms. Zhang after her arrest, Samuel Ivanovich, said during testimony that she was not carrying any lock-picking or eavesdropping gear. His four-and-a-half hour interrogation of Ms. Zhang was recorded by video, Mr. Ivanovich said, but it lacked sound because he didn’t realize that the agency’s office in Palm Beach didn’t have that capability.        在张玉静被捕后对她进行问话的特勤局特工塞缪尔·伊万诺维奇(Samuel Ivanovich)在听证会上称,她没有携带任何开锁或窃听设备。伊万诺维奇称,他对张玉静四个半小时的审问被录成了视频,但却没有声音,因为他当时没意识到特勤局在棕榈滩的办公室没法录音。
        Mr. Ivanovich testified that the computer analyst who reviewed Ms. Zhang’s devices said that the thumb drive she was carrying had immediately begun installing malware.        伊万诺维奇作证称,审查过张玉静设备的计算机分析师表示,她所携带的U盘会立即开始安装恶意软件。
        “He stated that he had to immediately stop the analysis and shut off his computer to halt the corruption,” Mr. Ivanovich said.        “他说,他不得不立即停止分析,关掉电脑以防被感染,”伊万诺维奇称。
        At her initial court appearance last week, Ms. Zhang told a judge that she was an investor and a consultant for a company called Shanghai Zhirong Asset Management, according to a recording of the court hearing obtained by CNN, and had a home in China worth $1.3 million and a BMW. No one at the company could be reached to confirm her employment.        据CNN所获得的法庭听证录音,张玉静在上周首次出庭时告诉法官,她是名投资人,兼为“上海智融资产管理”公司的顾问。她在中国拥有一处价值130万美元的住所、一辆宝马车。暂时无法联系到该公司任何人对她的雇佣情况予以确认。
        When she was questioned by the authorities, Ms. Zhang told them she had been invited to an event at Mar-a-Lago by a friend named Charles whom she knew from an instant-messaging app. The information she gave appears to match a man named Charles Lee, who runs a group called the United Nations Chinese Friendship Association.        在被当局问话时,张玉静告诉他们,她是受邀参加马阿拉歌的一场活动,邀请人是她从某即时消息应用上认识的朋友查尔斯。她所提供的信息似乎与一个名叫查尔斯·李(Charles Lee)的男子相吻合,他掌管着一个叫作“联合国华人友好协会”(United Nations Chinese Friendship Association)的组织。
        Mr. Lee appears to have been promoting a charity event at Mar-a-Lago, advertising it as a business event for Chinese investors. The real event, a “safari night” to benefit a local youth group, had been canceled weeks earlier. Mr. Lee did not return repeated messages seeking comment.        查尔斯·李似乎一直在推广马阿拉歌的一场慈善活动,将之宣传为面向中国投资人的一场商务活动。而真正的活动——旨在为当地一个青年团体募捐的“狩猎游之夜”(Safari Night)——几周之前便已取消。查尔斯·李未回复反复发送的置评请求信息。
        Mr. Adler said his client had wired $20,000 to what he believes is Mr. Lee’s organization in order to visit Florida and have access to Mr. Trump’s family. He provided the court with a receipt, printed in Chinese, and said he plans to subpoena Mr. Lee to support his client’s story.        阿德勒称,他的客户汇了2万美元到他相信是查尔斯·李所在组织的账户,以便访问佛罗里达,接近特朗普的家人。他向法庭出示了打印出来的中文收据,并表示他计划传唤查尔斯·李以支持客户的证词。
        “What did she do that was wrong?Mr. Adler said. “What she did was the equivalent of saying, ‘My name is Smith, I’d like to use the pool.’”        “她哪里做得不对?”阿德勒说。“她所做的相当于在说,‘我叫史密斯,我想要用一下泳池。’”
        The judge postponed a decision on whether to release Ms. Zhang on bond until next Monday. Prosecutors said a more detailed indictment would be filed before then.        法官推迟到下周一再决定是否让张玉静保释。检察官称,届时将提交更详细的起诉书。

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