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Five films to watch this May

来源:中国日报    2019-05-06 08:57

        Pokémon Detective Pikachu         《大侦探皮卡丘》
        The first Japanese ‘pocket monsters’ video game came out in 1996, and since then Pokémon has grown into a vast multi-media franchise, encompassing games, cartoons and more. But the phenomenon might just be getting started: when the trailer for the first ever live-action Pokémon film debuted in November, it clocked up 100 million views within 24 hours.        第一部关于口袋妖怪(精灵宝可梦)的日本电子游戏发布于1996年,自那以后口袋妖怪就发展成了庞大的跨媒体连锁产业,包括游戏、动画片,等等。但“口袋妖怪热”也许才刚刚开始:第一部口袋妖怪真人电影的预告片于去年11月首发时,24小时内浏览量就突破了1亿次。
        Directed by Rob Letterman, Detective Pikachu is a comedy about a furry yellow squirrel-ish creature (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) who teams up with Tim Goodman (Justice Smith), the son of a missing private eye. Admittedly, some of us are still baffled, but, bearing in mind that the film is a noir pastiche that pairs real people with animated characters, it could turn out to be a 21st-Century Who Framed Roger Rabbit.        喜剧电影《大侦探皮卡丘》由罗伯·莱特曼导演,讲述的是一个长得像松鼠的毛绒绒的黄色萌物(瑞安·雷诺兹配音)和一个失踪的私家侦探的儿子蒂姆·古德曼(贾斯提斯·史密斯饰演)组成了团队。无可否认,这一组合会让有些人感到困惑,不过要记住的是,这部电影将会是真人和动画人物的混搭,结果可能是21世纪版的《谁陷害了兔子罗杰》。
        Aladdin         《阿拉丁》
        Directed by Guy Ritchie, Aladdin is a live-action remake of the 1992 Disney cartoon, so you’ll probably know the plot and the songs before you see it. Not that that should do its box-office prospects any harm: Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast was almost identical to the original cartoon, and it was the second highest grossing film of 2017. Besides, there is one novel element in this version of Aladdin, and that’s the almost entirely non-white cast, including Mena Massoud in the title role, and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine. The big question is whether Will Smith’s genie can possibly be as magical as the one voiced by Robin Williams.        由盖·里奇执导的《阿拉丁》是1992年迪士尼动画的真人翻拍版,所以你很可能在观影前就已经熟知情节和歌曲。不过,这并不会有损票房收入。迪士尼真人版《美女与野兽》和原动画几乎完全一样,结果成了2017年票房收入第二高的电影。另外,这版《阿拉丁》还有一个新元素,那就是主创都不是白人,包括阿拉丁的饰演者梅纳·马苏德和茉莉公主的饰演者娜奥米·斯科特。主要的问题是,威尔·史密斯饰演的精灵能否和罗宾·威廉姆斯配音的精灵一样神奇。
        Tolkien         《托尔金》
        The estate of JRR Tolkien isn’t too happy with this biopic of the great fantasy author: Tolkien’s relatives announced that they don’t “approve of... or endorse it in any way”. But that shouldn’t put off devotees of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings – or, for that matter, devotees of Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins.        托尔金基金会对这部传奇作家托尔金的传记电影并不高兴,托尔金的亲属宣布他们“根本不赞成也不认可”这部传记电影。不过这应该不会阻止《霍比特人》和《指环王》以及尼古拉斯·霍尔特和莉莉·柯林斯的粉丝去看这部电影。
        Hoult plays the orphaned John Ronald Reuel during his schooldays in Birmingham, his stint at Oxford University and his time in the trenches at the Battle of the Somme. Collins plays Edith, the fellow orphan whom his legal guardian forbids him to see.        霍尔特将演绎孤儿约翰·罗纳德·瑞尔·托尔金在伯明翰的学生时代、在牛津大学的日子和索姆河战役期间在战壕中度过的岁月。柯林斯饰演托尔金的伙伴——同为孤儿的伊迪丝,托尔金的法定监护人禁止他和伊迪丝见面。
        Richard Trenholm in CNET praises Tolkien as a “poignant tale of fellowship”, promising that “fans will enjoy spotting the references and inspirations to the Middle-earth books, but the real story is about a generation scythed down by war”.        CNET新闻网站的理查德·特伦霍姆称赞《托尔金》是一部“关于友谊的辛酸故事”,并承诺说“粉丝们将能欣喜地发现和托尔金笔下的中土世界有关的情节和灵感,但真实故事则是关于被战争洗劫的一代”。
        The Hustle         《偷心女盗》
        In 1988, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels starred Michael Caine and Steve Martin as two confidence tricksters – a sophisticated Englishman and his loud-mouthed pupil/rival – who scam an heiress on the French Riviera. Three decades on, that film (itself based on Bedtime Story from 1964) gets a gender-swapped makeover: it’s now Anne Hathaway who is English and Rebel Wilson who is loud-mouthed, while the heiress has become a Zuckerberg-like tech billionaire. The Hustle looks promising, not least because it is directed by Chris Addison, the British star of The Thick of It who went on to make several episodes of Veep.        1988年的电影《偷心大少》中,迈克尔·凯恩和史蒂夫·马丁饰演久经世故的英国佬及其高谈阔论的学生和对手,他们是两名骗子,两人诈骗的目标是法国里维耶拉的一名女继承人。三十年后,这部基于1964年《闺中趣事》的电影又被翻拍了,主角换成了女性:这次饰演英国人的是安妮·海瑟薇,高谈阔论的人是瑞贝尔·威尔森,而诈骗的对象则是扎克伯格般的科技亿万富翁。考虑到该片由克里斯·艾迪生执导,这位英国明星主演过《幕后危机》,还导演过几集《副总统》,《偷心女盗》应该错不了。
        Brightburn        《亮光》
        Most of us know Superman’s origin myth: an alien baby crash-lands on Earth – the American Midwest, to be precise – where he is raised by a kindly childless couple. The killer questions asked by Brightburn are: what if that didn’t work out too well? What if the boy didn’t grow up to be kind and gentle, but resentful and unstable? And how exactly are you supposed to discipline a brat with godlike strength and speed? Produced by James ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Gunn, and written by Gunn’s brother and cousin, Brightburn stars Elizabeth Banks and David Denman as the adoptive parents who think they are in a superhero movie, but who are actually in a gut-wrenching horror film.        大多数人都知道关于超人来历的传说:一个外星宝宝紧急降落到地球上,更准确地说,是美国中西部,在那里一对膝下无子的好心夫妇将他抚养长大。《亮光》提出的致命问题则是:万一这一切进展得不顺利呢?万一这个男孩长大后不是善良温和而是怨恨善变呢?你要如何才能驯化一个拥有天神力量和速度的顽童呢?这部电影由《银河护卫队》系列导演詹姆斯·古恩担任制片人,古恩的弟弟和堂弟担任编剧,伊丽莎白·班克斯和大卫·丹曼分别饰演这个超人小孩的养母和养父,这对夫妇以为自己的故事是一部超级英雄片,但实际上是一部撕心裂肺的恐怖片。

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