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Two From China Are Charged in 2014 Anthem Data Breach

来源:纽约时报    2019-05-10 11:42

        SAN FRANCISCO — The Justice Department unsealed an indictment of two Chinese nationals on Thursday, charging them with the 2014 hack of the insurance company Anthem and attacks on three other, unnamed American businesses the next year.        旧金山——周四,美国司法部公布了一份针对两名中国公民的起诉书,指控他们在2014年侵入了安塞姆健康保险公司(Anthem)的计算机系统,并于次年攻击了另外三家未透露名字的美国企业。
        The charges were the latest in a string of aggressive moves by American officials who say they are trying to crack down on theft of trade secrets and personal data by China.        美国官员表示,他们正在努力打击中国窃取商业机密和个人数据的行为,这些指控是一系列积极行动的最新一步。
        A federal grand jury in Indianapolis, where Anthem is based, charged Fujie Wang, 32, of Shenzhen, China, and an individual indicted as John Doe with conspiring to commit fraud, wire fraud and intentional damage to a protected computer.        安塞姆总部所在地印第安纳波利斯的一个联邦大陪审团指控32岁的中国深圳人王福杰(音)和另外一名未透露姓名的人合谋诈骗、电信诈骗和蓄意损坏一台受保护的电脑。
        The indictment says the two targeted employees of an Anthem subsidiary and at least three other companies with so-called spear-phishing emails beginning on Feb. 18, 2014. Less than a month later, the indictment says, the hackers got inside Anthem’s network and searched through troves of personal data.        起诉书称,两人从2014年2月8日开始,以所谓的鱼叉式网络钓鱼邮件攻击安塞姆旗下一家公司和另外至少三家企业的员工。起诉书还说,不到一个月后,黑客就闯入安塞姆的网络,并在大量个人数据里进行搜索。
        By January 2015, the indictment says, the hackers had obtained nearly 80 million records, including Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, email, and employment and income information for Anthem customers and employees, including Anthem’s chief executive.        起诉书称,截至2015年1月,黑客获取了近8000万份记录,包括安塞姆首席执行官在内的员工和客户的社保号码、出生日期、地址、电子邮件、就业和收入信息。
        The attack, which the company disclosed in February 2015, and a hack of the federal Office of Personnel Management, which disclosed a significant breach four months later, marked a turning point in Chinese cyberespionage.        该公司于2015年2月披露的这起黑客袭击事件,与四个月后对联邦人事管理局(Office of Personnel Management)一次造成重大资料外泄的黑客攻击,标志着中国网络间谍活动的一个转折点。
        Previously, Chinese hackers had been largely focused on stealing American trade secrets — everything from Benjamin Moore’s formula for paint to blueprints of stealth bombers. But with the attacks on Anthem and the Office of Personnel Management, Chinese hackers demonstrated new interest in the personal data of Americans, particularly government employees.        此前,中国黑客把重点放在窃取美国的商业机密上——从本杰明摩尔(Benjamin Moore)的涂料配方,到隐形轰炸机的图纸。但对安塞姆和人事管理局的攻击表明,中国黑客对美国人的个人数据表现出了新的兴趣,尤其是政府雇员。
        After those two breaches, other American businesses that hold large collections of personal data began reporting that they had been targeted. The list included other major insurers; Equifax, the giant credit reporting bureau; hospitality companies like Marriott; and airlines.        在这两次黑客入侵之后,其他持有大量个人数据的美国企业开始报告,它们成为了攻击目标。包括其他主要的保险公司;大型信用报告机构伊奎法克斯(Equifax);像万豪(Marriott)这样的款待企业;以及各航空公司。
        The stolen data never appeared on the so-called dark web, where criminals trade it for identity theft and other schemes — suggesting that the attackers had a motive other than profit.        那些遭窃取的数据从未出现在所谓的暗网上,犯罪分子会去那里购买这些数据用于身份盗窃和其他犯罪计划;这表明这些攻击者的动机并非为了钱。
        Security researchers and government officials said they believed that the stolen data was being stockpiled. It could be used for a number of purposes, including rooting out spies and their collaborators.        安全研究人员和政府官员表示,他们认为被盗数据是被储存起来。它可以用于许多目的,包括清除间谍和他们的同谋。
        The Chinese authorities could, for example, look at hotel reservations to see if people they suspected of espionage stayed in the same city at the same time. They could also use sensitive health and financial data for blackmail.        例如,中国当局可以查看酒店预订情况,看看他们怀疑在从事间谍活动的人是否同时待在同一座城市。他们还可以利用敏感的健康和财务数据进行敲诈。
        The hacks, security researchers said, were an extension of China’s evolving algorithmic surveillance system, which has greatly expanded over the past few years.        安全研究人员说,黑客攻击是中国不断取得进展的算法监控系统的延伸,过去几年里,这个系统得到大幅扩展。
        The Justice Department’s indictment said Mr. Wang and the John Doe — who goes by the online handles Deniel Jack, Kim Young and Zhou Zhihong — were members of “a brazen China-based computer hacking group that committed one of the worst data breaches in history.”        美国司法部的起诉书中说,王福杰和另一名原告(后者的网名包括Deniel Jack、Kim Young和Zhou Zhihong)是“一个肆无忌惮的中国黑客组织的成员,该组织导致了历史上最严重的数据泄漏事件之一”。
        The indictment did not directly link the hackers to a Chinese state sponsor. Security firms hired to investigate the breach at Anthem also were unable to connect the hackers directly to a state agency or a military unit inside China.        起诉书没有直接说明这两名黑客有中国政府出资背景。被雇来调查安塞姆安全漏洞的安全公司,也无法将黑客直接与中国国内的政府机构或军事单位联系起来。
        “The cyberattack of Anthem not only caused harm to Anthem but also impacted tens of millions of Americans,” said Josh Minkler, the United States attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, in a statement.        印第安纳州南区联邦检察官乔希·明克勒(Josh Minkler)在一份声明中说,“安塞姆的网络攻击不仅对这家企业造成了伤害,还影响到了数千万美国人。”

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